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Meekan and Convergely will elevate your chat game

| November 11, 2015

HipChat add-ons Meekan and Convergely

Last week we announced our all-new integrations framework, HipChat Connect. Integrations powered by HipChat Connect are the most sophisticated on the market with abilities far beyond the “normal” integration experience.



Is HipChat Server right for your company?

| October 29, 2015


In January, we introduced HipChat Server, offering a packaged version of HipChat that runs behind your own firewall. That means it’s your HipChat, your way. All your team’s data stays safely behind your firewall, at the hands of your own IT team.


Boost work productivity with keyboard shortcuts

| September 29, 2015

HipChat keyboard shortcuts for productivity

If you’ve been using HipChat, you already know how much faster work gets done when using chat. But let’s amp up your work productivity another notch.

If you’re not using all of HipChat’s productivity-enhancing features like keyboard shortcuts, you’re wasting precious time. And that just drives us crazy!


Looking for a Skype alternative? We got you.

| September 17, 2015

HipChat as a Skype alternative

On the HipChat team, we often get approached at conferences by people looking for alternatives to Skype. Attendees want to know, “What is HipChat?” and “Why should I use HipChat instead of Skype?”

So here it is – the full enchilada. We’re breaking down the differences between Skype and HipChat so you can find the communication solution that best fits your team.


Do more good: 6 reasons HipChat is a great tool for non-profits

| September 15, 2015

HipChat for nonprofits

Atlassian believes in supporting teams who are doing great things around the world. Over the past 13 years we’ve donated 30,000 community licenses to non-profit organizations, a total value of $58 million. And we want to give more.


The complete guide to using HipChat as an agile team

| August 25, 2015

HipChat resources for agile teams

Taking root in the Agile Manifesto, the agile methodology emphasizes a fast, iterative process. A divergence from traditional project management, agile teams work in “sprints” (usually between 1-2 weeks) and rely on rapid delivery and continuous testing.


Meet Standup Bot

| August 20, 2015

HipChat standup bot

Standup Bot is the friend of remote, agile teams everywhere.

Out of the office? Working from home? Taking a “sick” day? No worries. Standup Bot records everyone’s standup and reports it on command.


HipChat is EU and US-Swiss Safe Harbor certified

| August 10, 2015
HipChat Safe Harbor TRUSTe certified

We’ve got good news. Atlassian’s HipChat is U.S. – EU and U.S. – Swiss Safe Harbor certified! EU HipChat users can now use either HipChat Server or HipChat Cloud knowing that their personal data is protected under EU standards. This voluntary certification demonstrates HipChat’s commitment to privacy.


Thanks to you, emoticon limit is raised to 500!

| August 05, 2015

Just last month we gave emoticon-creating powers to everyone (not just admins), and it was the dawn of a new era: HipChat custom emoticons


Four HipChat secrets for remote teams using agile

| July 30, 2015

HipChat for agile remote teams Agile development was created with the idea that teams would work in close proximity with one another in order to operate faster as a team. But, let’s be honest, working remotely today is as ubiquitous as Elvis in Vegas. Most businesses now have a few – or several – distributed teams. And for good reason. Strong talent can be found in less competitive markets, and teams can work around the clock.