Chris Gibbs

Emoticon autocomplete has landed on iOS

By Chris Gibbs | 1 day ago | 0 Comments

HipChat iOS version 3.0.2 is now available on the App Store, just in time for the holidays. It’s packed with new features, improvements, and straight-up fixes that will significantly improve your mobile experience when communicating via HipChat.

Up first (and most important), emoticons! We’ve brought autocomplete to iOS because let’s face it, who can remember how to spell (daenerys)? So no more (rageguy), just plenty of (yey)!.

Emoticon autocomplete on HipChat for iOS 3.0.2

Next up, the chat input field. We’ve heard your pains (and experienced them ourselves) with this area of the app. So we started from scratch and completely re-built this control for a smoother and less buggy experience. Pasting text now correctly sizes the input and attach file / Send buttons stay at the bottom – within reach of your fingers.

Chat input on HipChat for iOS 3.0.2

Finding rooms and people search is now smarter and sorts your exact matches above the fuzzy search matches. So searching “Marketing” will put rooms starting with Marketing above rooms with the word Marketing in the middle of the name.

Some people may have experienced problems when trying to share files from their Dropbox app – these have been resolved. Share away! We’ve also made many other fixes and improvements under the hood as well.

Get version 3.0.2 on the App Store.

Elena Gorman

Emoticon autocomplete now at your fingertips with Android 2.4.2

By Elena Gorman | 4 days ago | 0 Comments

Get your point across with 68%* fewer keystrokes than ever before

See how emoticon autocomplete works on Android

Emoticon autocomplete on HipChat for Android 2.4.2

We’ve all been there. Your team rapport doesn’t change just because you’re out of the office. But typing canonical strings on a tiny keyboard is a thankless task. Most of us lose momentum halfway through an emoticon command on mobile.

We’re happy to report that lazy days are here again. So download the latest native Android app and start using emoticon autocomplete to share all the new emoticons we recently released – now in retina.

Get HipChat for Android 2.4.2 in the Play Store.

*Not a fact.

Will DeHaan

HipChat Server Adds Directory Integrations

By Will DeHaan | 1 week ago | 0 Comments

We’ve just released HipChat Server version 1.1.4 that includes directory support for Active Directory, LDAP, Crowd and JIRA.

HipChat Server directory integration

If you’re new to HipChat Server you should check it out now. We’d love your feedback on how this works with your directory servers. You can sign up at today. Last call for the beta!

Thanks to everyone who’s contributing to the beta!


Elena Gorman

Guest Post: TrackDuck integrates with HipChat

By Elena Gorman | 2 weeks ago | 1 Comment

This is a guest post by Dainius Runkevičius. He is a marketer at TrackDuck, a visual feedback tool for web developers and designers. You can email him on or follow @dainiusrun.

Web development is a challenging process. I mean, really. If you happened to manage or develop web projects, you know what it takes to fix hundreds of bugs every day, communicate with freelancers and, of course, make everything work properly on Internet Explorer.

If you’re working remotely, providing or receiving feedback can be really painful. You need to make screenshots, highlight the areas you aren’t happy with, gather details about the software you use and send all this information to your colleagues or clients. It takes a lot of time.

TrackDuck+ HipChat to simplify feedback processing

One of the main reasons we’re focusing on integrating TrackDuck with other collaboration tools is the value we can add to an end user. HipChat is a great collaboration tool with an extremely intuitive and simple UI.

The integration basically automates the painful feedback process I wrote about. You can highlight the areas you aren’t happy with directly on a website or mock-up uploaded to the system with only a few clicks.

Then TrackDuck generates a bug report with a screenshot of the marked place and all technical information, including details about a browser, resolution and operating system, attached to your project’s dashboard.

You will also get a notification in your selected HipChat room when bug reports are created, closed or someone adds comments to them. The notification includes a screenshot, comment and technical information.

LionsMouth is one customer that is successfully integrating TrackDuck with HipChat. LionsMouth is a Dallas-based agency providing digital branding solutions to a variety of clients all over the world.

LionsMouth is built on a distributed workforce. They have people in Dallas, Kansas City, Washington and other states. As a result, 100% of their team communication takes place online. It’s critical for their web developers to communicate effectively amongst one another and clients.

James Blair, the CEO of LionsMouth, explains that internal team communication isn’t a problem, but getting feedback from clients is.

“I was getting emails that say something like: I’m seeing this, can you fix it? too often and half of my time was spent replicating the problem so that we could figure out how to fix it.”, explained James Blair.

With Trackduck and HipChat, the LionsMouth team has reduced the time spent on communication by 40%.

Take 25% off any TrackDuck plans with the promo code: pCU58S

Matt McDaniel

(goodnews) New and improved emoticons

By Matt McDaniel | 2 weeks ago | 15 Comments

Here on the HipChat team, we take emoticons seriously. It’s really weird to spend a healthy portion of your work day discussing the finer points on tiny pictures from the internet. But when we see how happy those tiny pictures make everyone, it’s all worth it. Today, we want to tell you about a few ways we’ve improved emoticons in HipChat.

Emoticons for (allthescreens)

All of our global emoticons are now built to support hi-res displays, like Apple Retina displays and the higher end of the Android pixel density spectrum. This change resolved the much voted-on UserVoice ticket that we’ve had on our list for a while.

For every new image, we created hi-res sizes up to 4x (because you never know what the future will bring), so they’ll look good on both your fancy high-res displays and that old monitor your work won’t upgrade for you.  We’ve been rolling out these Retina emoticons over the last few weeks, and we’ll continue to tweak them every so often. Check out the big changelog below for details.

Sharing our favorites

Included in this latest release are a few of our favorite emoticons. Many, like (whoa) Keanu, were added because of your feedback. Others, like (disappear) and (salute), are ones we use so much around Atlassian that it didn’t feel right to keep them for ourselves.


Don’t forget that you can upload your very own custom emoticons just for your team. So next time you don’t have to wait for us to update the global set with (whoa) and can BYOK (Bring Your Own Keanu).

One size fits most

In addition to Retina-fying our global set, we improved our emoticon uploader. Now, admins can upload new, hi-res emoticons. And even better, we’ll automatically scale them for you. We suggest starting with an image around 120px (the new maximum). After the image goes through some emoticon uploader magic, you’ll end up with an effective 30px image after scaling.

We debated how to handle retina images. We chose this auto-scaling method because it’s far easier to upload new emoticons, or update an existing one, when you only have to create and maintain one size.

Protip: Keep in mind that whatever you upload is going to be scaled down 4 times, so a 1px stroke is going to be hard to see on a low-res monitor. We learned the hard way how much that can really effect line-drawing emoticons. That’s why you’ll see “beefed up stroke width” on a lot of the changelog below. It also helps if your image starts with dimensions that are multiples of 4 on both sides. For example: 116 px wide is great (116/4=29), but 115 px wide isn’t (115/4=28.75). 

And now that you can’t stand to look at your old custom emoticons on your Retina monitor, you can re-upload any of your existing custom emoticons by deleting old ones and uploading a new, larger versions. We’ll continue to refine and add to our global emoticon set.

The other “emoticons”

We also updated our set of little faces. Similar to the situation with the Retina emoticons above, we needed higher resolution images than the current assets allowed. We also wanted a new set of our own.

We started looking at emoji sets for inspiration and pulled in little touches from our HipChat brand, like using the logo smile shape as often as possible, and we ended up with a set that we really like. As with everything else, we’ll be iterating on them here and there, and someday may bring full emoji support.

Oh, and the icy blue corpse thumb thing we did is dead and buried. Dig it out if you want: (corpsethumb). We’re replacing the re-colored Apple emoji thumbs-up and thumbs-down with a new pair of icons that don’t look at all like Facebook. (badpokerface)

Check out to see all the new emoticons and try them out with your team! And keep the feedback coming at


Changes made to global emoticons

  • (awyeah): beefed up stroke width
  • (badass): beefed up stroke width
  • (badjokeeel): added contrast and adjusted size
  • (bumble): added contrast
  • (caruso): adjusted size
  • (challengeaccepted): beefed up stroke width
  • (chewie): added contrast, brightened
  • (chucknorris): brightened up to bring out the Chuck Norris
  • (clarence): added contrast, brightened
  • (derp): beefed up stroke width
  • (dumb): enlarged to show face better
  • (facepalm): added contrast, tightened crop to improve chest to face and palm ratio
  • (fonzie): added contrast
  • (freddie): beefed up stroke width
  • (gangnamstyle): cleaned up gif
  • (gates): adjusted a little to match (jobs)
  • (goodnews): scaled up a little
  • (haveaseat): added contrast
  • (heart): updated to match smilies, adjusted crop
  • (ilied): lightened up to bring out details
  • (indeed): cropped to just face and highlighted monocle
  • (itsatrap): added contrast, brightened up to bring out detail
  • (jackie): beefed up stroke width
  • (jobs): adjusted to match (gates), added contrast and brightened
  • (joffrey): new image, fewer spoilers, more like the others (not shown above)
  • (kennypowers): added contrast and brightened
  • (krang): beefed up stroke width, reduced contrast between colors
  • (lincoln): brightened to blow out noise
  • (lolwut): added contrast and brightened, scaled up
  • (notbad): beefed up stroke width
  • (notsureif): replaced with (fry) to match
  • (philosoraptor): brightened to bring out detail
  • (present): added contrast and brightened
  • (reddit): removed white fill from antenna shape
  • (romney): added contrast and brightened
  • (sadpanda): using a sadder, more forward-facing panda
  • (samuel): added contrast and levels adjusted to stand out more on white
  • (skyrim): added contrast and brightened
  • (sweetjesus): crammed into (iseewhatyoudidthere)’s head shape to resolve weird corners
  • (taft): cropped closer to face, mustache volume increased, mustache/face contrast increased
  • (twss): added contrast and brightened
  • (wtf): enlarged to show face better
  • (yodawg): added contrast and brightened
  • (yuno): resized because he was too small
  • (zoidberg): resized because he was too small

New global emoticons

  • (awesome)
  • (aww)
  • (awwyiss)
  • (badtime)
  • (bicepleft)
  • (bicepright)
  • (borat)
  • (carl)
  • (catchemall)
  • (chef)
  • (cookie)
  • (corpsethumb)
  • (disappear)
  • (doh)
  • (donotwant)
  • (downvote)
  • (drool)
  • (evilburns)
  • (excellent)
  • (feelsbadman)
  • (feelsgoodman)
  • (finn)
  • (ftfy)
  • (giggity)
  • (goldstar)
  • (haha)
  • (huehue)
  • (hugefan)
  • (jake)
  • (meh)
  • (motherofgod)
  • (nice)
  • (noidea)
  • (notit)
  • (ohmy)
  • (paddlin)
  • (rockon)
  • (salute)
  • (sap)
  • (standup)
  • (taco)
  • (tayne)
  • (thatthing)
  • (theyregreat)
  • (toodamnhigh)
  • (unacceptable)
  • (upvote)
  • (waiting)
  • (whoa)
  • (yeah)
  • (youdontsay)