Elena Gorman

How to use HipChat to collaborate and build culture

By Elena Gorman | 2 weeks ago | 0 Comments

Last October, Atlassian put on Summit 2014. Summit is our annual gathering where we announce big product news for the coming year and provide training and networking opportunities for our community. Summit brings together 3,000 customers and 180 speakers to share how Atlassians tools empower teams across the globe.

One such talk focused squarely on HipChat.

This is SO MUCH better than Skype! – Vector Media group engineer

Learn how Vector Media Group got 99% of team communication on HipChat.Getting work done with a healthy dose of fun has never been simpler.

Get the slide deck here and help convince your team to give HipChat a shot. It’s totally free.

Seth Gholson

HipChat 2.4.1 for Android released

By Seth Gholson | 2 weeks ago | 0 Comments

A maintenance update for HipChat on Android (2.4.1) is rolling out today on Google Play. This update will resolve a few errors that cropped up in our 2.4 release, namely:

  • Errors loading history for rooms with non-ASCII characters.
  • Crashes on a small number of international devices.
  • Crash fixes around emoticon autocomplete.
  • Misc stability improvements.

As always, please contact us at support@hipchat.com with any feedback or problems. Thanks for using HipChat!

Ian Monroe

HipChat 2.2.1270 for Windows & Linux released

By Ian Monroe | 2 weeks ago | 7 Comments
We’ve made a new bug fix release for Windows and Linux: 2.2.1270.
  • It has improvements for the spellchecker which now indicates misspelled words only after the word has been completed, as well as an issue that prevented the client from going idle.
  • The system tray icon now opens the client on click or double click, and a problem some users had with copying urls or texts got solved. We made general stability improvements and the installer opens up HipChat after installation if desired.
  • Additionally we fixed a startup issue for users on new Linux distributions using Radeon drivers.
The Windows application will notify you of the option to update; on Linux perform a system update. Alternatively head on over to the Downloads page and pick up the new build yourself.
Edit: 2.2.1271 was just released for Linux. On Linux 2.2.1270 was installing some test-related files under /home/ian. (badpokerface). So be assured a mysterious Ian did not take up residence on your computer, just upgrade to 2.2.1271.
Chris Gibbs

iOS Update 3.0.1 Available

By Chris Gibbs | 3 weeks ago | 1 Comment

Over the weekend the HipChat iOS app version 3.0.1 hit the App Store, here’s what’s new.

We listened to your feedback on version 3.0 and have implemented a way for you to browse all the rooms and people in your organization. People with smaller organizations should find this particularly helpful, and large room/people lists can still be filtered down using the search bar.

This version also includes increased fault tolerance when fetching new messages as well as various enhancements and bug fixes. Check out the full release notes below.

Find rooms and people

Release Notes

  • New: View all the people and rooms in your organization from the home screen
  • Improved: Sharing to HipChat now works from more apps
  • Improved: Better fallback for fetching messages when you enter a room
  • Improved: Links can now be opened in Safari
  • Improved: In-app notification layout on iPad
  • Fixed: Connect to servers with self-signed certs
  • Fixed: Unread counts incrementing for an open room
Chris Rivers

Mac Client v.3.0.13 – Frozen no more

By Chris Rivers | 3 weeks ago | 3 Comments

Today’s OS X client update solves a troublesome issue noticed by many users after upgrading to Yosemite: random app freezes. We’ve also included lots of other fixes for problems reported over the past few weeks – thanks to everyone who contacted our support and helped debug the issues. Check for updates while in the client or download it directly and let us know how it works! Full release notes below:

  • Fixed: Added checks to prevent an issue that could cause the app to freeze up (particularly on OS X Yosemite)
  • Fixed: Rooms will now properly populate in the Lobby during initial sign in instead of being limited to just your open tabs
  • Fixed: XSS security issue related to unsafe schemes
  • Fixed: Popup notifications will now properly show when the app is focused and you receive a message in another tab
  • Fixed: Resolved several issues around history not loading in rooms containing API notifications
  • Fixed: Resolved a crashing issue prevalent on 10.7
  • Fixed: Cycling through sent message history should now behave properly when editing or re-sending old messages
  • Fixed: Whitespace in HTML system messages should now display properly between HTML tags
  • Improved: HipChat now compresses .app and .key “files” before uploading

As always, please contact us at support@hipchat.com with any feedback or problems. Thanks for using HipChat!