Chris Rivers

Mac Client v3.0.4 – Fixes abound

By Chris Rivers | 21 hours ago | 0 Comments

Good news everyone! (goodnews)  We just released version 3.0.4 of our OS X client, fixing a whole bunch of things that came in through user feedback in response to our 3.0 redesign:

  • Fixed – Audio now works with USB headsets
  • Fixed – /quote and /code no longer replace emoticons and links with HTML
  • Fixed – Private rooms will properly show a gray dot for users not currently in the room
  • Fixed – Image toggle icons are once again visible to those without super vision
  • Fixed – No troll “X”s – the close “X” will properly display on the next tab after closing a tab with your mouse
  • Fixed – 1-1 messages won’t cause duplicate messages at the bottom of the chat when triggering a tab to open
  • Fixed – Resolved an issue where sometimes the chat view and selected tab would become mismatched (mostly 1-1s)
  • Fixed – Tabs will no longer jump to the bottom of their section after opening a new chat
  • Fixed – Lots of crashes (awyeah)
  • Improved – Better contrast for messages with colored backgrounds
  • Improved – Reduced input field to a single line instead of that weird 1.8 lines it used to be
  • Improved – Guest access isn’t so in-your-face anymore – it has found a new home in the top level menu and as part of the “room options” button
  • Improved – Reduced height of top “profile” bar in rooms and 1-1s

Update today and give it a try! We appreciate any and all feedback and suggestions.

We have plenty more fixes, improvements, and new features in the pipeline. Better yet, we’re hoping to keep a steady pace of releases going forward, so stay tuned for the next round of changes.

Michael Benner

Windows and Linux version 2.2.1196 released

By Michael Benner | 1 day ago | 1 Comment

Our latest client release for Windows and Linux includes the re-activation of spell checking.  We inadvertently lost this a few versions ago (sorry!).







We’ve also built upon the reconnection improvements from our last release and made our client more resilient to lost connections or flaky internet service.  We still have a few more improvements to make on this front, but we feel the client is significantly more solid with this release.  We hope you do too.

You can download this release at

Jeff Park

Get to know the new HipChat

By Jeff Park | 2 weeks ago | 90 Comments

Starting today, we’ll be rolling out a HipChat that looks a whole lot different. At first you’ll notice it’s lighter and cleaner, but there’s a lot more going on (and sets us up for more big changes to come). We’re starting with the Mac app first, then we’ll be rolling out the changes to the rest of the apps.

HipChat for Mac 3.0

The new HipChat for Mac 3.0

Over the past few years, the Atlassian design team created the Atlassian Design Guidelines. ADG is a public guide of the best practices when designing Atlassian products, services, and add-ons. We followed the spirit of these guidelines in the new Mac app, so some of it may feel familiar if you currently use existing Atlassian products.

More than a coat of paint

Along with a new design, you’ll also find the app has some new features and fixes mixed in.

Emoticon autocomplete

Does your team have more emoticons than you can remember? It may sound like a (firstworldproblem) but once you use emoticon autocomplete, you’ll wonder how you lived without it. Simply type the open parentheses, and the autocomplete window will pop up.

Say things faster with Emoticon autocomplete.

Local time in 1-to-1 chats

Now when you’re in a chat with someone, you’ll see the local date and time of where they are. As a company that’s spread across a dozen time zones, we’ve been wanting this for a long time. Now I’ll know if I’m about to message someone in the middle of the night. I’m still going to do it, but at least I’ll know.

To make sure you don’t get woken up, you can set your timezone in your account settings.

The local time of your colleague is listed here.

Unread message counts

We recently added unread message counts to our Android app. Our Android users loved it, so we’re releasing it on all of our desktop apps (starting with Mac). HipChat will also indicate when you have new messages for tabs hidden off of your screen. You won’t miss a message again.

Never miss an unread message with unread (and hidden) message counts.

New presence icons

Our old icons were the classic red, orange, and green orbs that made it somewhat difficult to tell them apart (nearly impossible for colorblind folks). We’ve kept the color scheme, but changed the shapes to make it easier for everyone to know whether someone is available.

Updated status icons make it easier for all people to use HipChat.

One last change: search.

As HipChat has grown, our search took on the brunt of the growing pains. We’ve made a lot of infrastructure changes and now search speed should be noticeably faster. There’s also a search bar in the header now so you can search from anywhere. Best yet, since version 2.6, search results now show up within the app.

A much improved search is in the new HipChat for Mac 3.0.

There’s a lot more in this latest version, so update your Mac app and check it out. If you don’t have the app yet, download it for free at

As always, we want to hear your unfiltered feedback. If you have questions or got something to say, please let us know.

Michael Benner

Windows version 2.2.1172 released

By Michael Benner | 3 weeks ago | 15 Comments

We’ve just released an update to our Windows client (version 2.2.1172) focused on better and more seamless reconnection behavior. This fix was requested by our Windows user community.

Now, when a connection is lost and re-established (e.g., waking your computer from hibernate), the client will more effectively detect the presence of a connection and auto reconnect you to the HipChat server.

In addition, we’ve updated the system tray icon to display when the client has lost connectivity.

As always, if you see any issues, please visit our Help Desk.

Note: HipChat for Windows supports Windows Vista, 7, and 8.  HipChat is no longer supported on Windows XP (hey, Microsoft doesn’t support it either!)

Pete Curley

End of an AIR-a (we’re killing the AIR app)

By Pete Curley | 2 months ago | 15 Comments

What’s happening?

Today we’re putting our old friend, the Adobe AIR app, into maintenance mode. This means that the AIR version of HipChat won’t receive any features or updates. In 90 days all AIR app users will be required to update to one of the new, native applications.

But don’t worry, we’re not actually killing the AIR app. We’re sending it to a big farm in the country where he’ll have lots of room to run and play.


This is a bittersweet moment for us. When we started HipChat five years ago, we made a big bet that chat services needed to have desktop apps. There weren’t many resources available to help our small team to write apps on all three major operating systems. We took a chance on Adobe AIR, and for the most part it was great for us. We wrote the app once and it ran (relatively) well on Windows, OS X, and Linux. Sure there were some quirks and we did a lot of work to make our Air app feel native. But Adobe AIR gave our users a solid desktop experience.

Unfortunately, AIR became less and less of a priority for Adobe over the years. When they stopped supporting Linux, we saw the writing on the wall. We began building native apps from scratch for all three platforms. We launched them in the summer and fall of 2013.

Since then we’ve added a lot of new functionality to our native apps: new layout with vertical tabs, 1-1 video and screen sharing, and greatly improved performance. So if you’re still using the AIR app, it’s time to say hello to the awesome new native apps.

What do I have to do?

If your HipChat looks like this:












You need to download the new app here:

If your HipChat looks like this (with tabs on the left side):













You’re on one of the new apps and don’t need to do anything.

We hope you enjoy the new apps, and we look forward to the cool new stuff we have planned for them coming up.

RIP AIR app (I apologize for the inclusion of Chris Brown, no Air Supply songs worked as well)