Windows Users: We Need Your Help!

| August 07, 2013

Update: We’ve released HipChat for Windows 2.0. Check it out!

Since our initial release of HipChat for Mac beta back in February, we’ve been building clients for every major operating system to create a seamless cross-platform chat experience. We’re happy to announce that HipChat for Windows is in its final stages before its worldwide release, but in order to get to the finish line, we need your help!

Download the beta version of HipChat for Windows, and help us test it out. If you have anything you want to say about the app, we want to hear it.

If you are already on the beta, go ahead and give it another try. We’ve added the files/link tab and polished up the UI to provide a smoother experience for the end user.

How can I help?

Thanks for volunteering! To get started, click the download button and follow the onscreen instructions to install HipChat for Windows Beta.

Tell us what you think!

We want to make sure that HipChat for Windows is a terrific chat experience on Windows. So, let us know of any bugs or feedback that you encounter along the way!

  • Mihaita Bamburic

    Any word on a Windows Phone client? My job requires me to be on HipChat, and I can’t do that from my WP without using the poorly optimized website.

    • Ron


    • Ash McConnell

      Also This!

    • Sarah Pressler

      I also had to dump my WP for work stuff b/c I needed to be accessible via HC and there wasn’t an app. Although, for a while I was just utilizing the text feature and that was working swimmingly!

      • magus424

        FYI you can connect to HipChat with any Jabber/XMPP client. 🙂

    • magus424

      FYI you can connect to HipChat with any Jabber/XMPP client.

      • Mihaita Bamburic

        True, but you don’t know Windows Phone apps. There isn’t a single Windows Phone app as far as I know that lets people use Jabber to connect to rooms.
        So what you are saying there is purely hypothetical.

        • Ben

          This is not true. You can definitely connect to Hipchat using Jabber through IM+ on Windows phones and I imagine any of the other clients that support it. Here’s a link to the info you will need to set it up:

          • Mihaita Bamburic

            Have you managed to connect to HipChat ROOMS using IM+? If so, how did you do it?

            I think that’s impossible, as the functionality does not exist in IM+ as far as I know and saw. You can connect to the HC buddy list and talk via one to one chats, but not to rooms based on the settings that I saw in IM+. And it’s the rooms that I care about, not individual chats.

            But, please, do walk me through. Maybe there’s something I’ve missed in my attempts. A step by step guide would be fine, in relation to IM+.

            PS: please see this forum post from the IM+ developers. A couple of replies down, after the OP shot his questions.

            PS2: I know that’s not the WP app, but it’s consistent with what I found with the WP8 app (only settings for one to one chats, no room connections).


          •!/Topperfalkon Topperfalkon

            That forum thread is 3 years old…

    • Darren

      Confirmed working on Jabber on W8 via IM+ 🙂 !! Chuffed!

      • Mihaita Bamburic

        Can you connect and talk to people in rooms? On Windows Phone there is no such option.

        • Darren

          Unfortunately not which would be handy. Though I see Jabber_IDs for rooms within the administration of my hipchat account.. Just no way of getting them to display. But being half way there is better than nothing i guess..

          • Mihaita Bamburic

            Ah, got it now. Sadly, that it is how it has always been with IM+: you can speak with others via PMs but cannot connect to rooms. I thought that perhaps IM+ was updated to include this functionality.

            This just shows to prove that HipChat needs a Windows Phone client. This could change a lot as far as me and most of my colleagues are concerned.

  • kevin_wlg

    I also would like a HipChat app for Windows phone.

  • PittaMan

    +1 for Windows Phone client!

  • Doug

    so…just tried this out…while attempting to open a chat room that has a youtube video….it causes the app to crash….other rooms without video open fine….so…seems to be the video content causing issues…I’m excited for this though!!! can’t wait for it to make it through beta…

    • Doug

      yep…definitely seems to be the video content 🙂

      • jameswagoner

        I couldn’t reproduce your issue. You pasting a youtube link into a chatroom and it crashes or join a room where someone posted a youtube link?

        • Doug

          I am trying to open a room where video content has previously been posted (that’s the only thing that appears different about that room…but…somewhat hard to tell has the app crashes so fast 🙂 )

        • C R

          I cannot reproduce this either. I tried all 6 scenarios. 1) In a 1-1 chat I send a YT video link. 2) In a 1-1 chat my friend sends me a YT video link. 3) In a private room I sent a YT video link. 4) In a private room my friend sends a YT video link 4) In a public room I send a YT video link. 6) In a public room my friend sends a YT video link.

          For all scenarios, I closed the rooms and reopened them fine. We need exact steps, and be sure it happens with multiple video links, not specific ones (wouldn’t make sense, but it’s a quick test to rule that out).

  • Brad Roldan

    Windows Phone App! The HTML version, while good, just isn’t enough on a mobile device.

  • jameswagoner

    Line spacing is too tight. Feels a lot more cramped over the Air App. Other features are working as expected.

    • Migzy

      I actually like the tighter/smaller text, but then again I always set the font small for programming to accommodate for my 19″ monitors 🙂

      • LucidCX


  • Steffen

    If connections through HTTP proxy is supported, I’ll be very keen (and only then able) to test.

  • craig

    Seems likes a lot of bugs:
    1) I clicked into a private chat now cant get back out by clicking Lobby
    2) X out button not working in left side
    3) Only can get to other users by using the tray icon Join Chat option (CTRL +N does nothing)
    4) Was able to join a chat with myself (fun!)

    • Jannik Zschiesche

      4) is not a bug per se, but a feature. It’s an easy way to share texts and links between computers (I use it all the time)

    •!/Topperfalkon Topperfalkon

      The AIR client does this too. I’m pretty sure it’s intentional. It also allows you to try out some of the advanced commands without looking foolish

  • Eric Chan

    Thanks for the vertical tabs. <3

  • BabyMaple

    Hi I using Chinese word . It show me like this .

  • Migzy

    The lobby is missing last activity time/date, which is useful if you are gone for a day to see which rooms were updated in that time that need catching up on.

    Also I hope there is a mechanism that limit the size of the room buffer so if the app is open for multiple days that it won’t eat lots of RAM as I noticed RAM use jumps if I scroll back in the history.

    That said everything else seems to work like the air version, and it seems snappier.

    • Migzy

      One other thing I noticed is there is no option to turn off the toaster notifications – blinking/highlighting taskbar icon is more than sufficient and less distracting

  • Ronan

    I’m color-blind so i can’t tell which users are currently available or not. in the air client, i can tell because the time since last activity is posted. this makes the windows client less useful to me. however the air-based client has become practically unusable due to the proliferation of “revocation information for the security certificate for this site is not available” alert boxes.

    so, not exactly delighted either way…

    •!/Topperfalkon Topperfalkon

      In the latest beta, away users now show the time since they were last active, but only those in the same room as you (it doesn’t seem to work in the lobby).
      Maybe that solves your problem?

      • Ronan

        Thanks! It does. I hadn’t moved to the latest beta (as the security cert issue seemed to die away) but will start using it now.


  • Murdoc Trammell

    Is that @all function new? Because it is awesome.

    Is there a way to notify all users, including those not in the specific room?

    • Guest

      Also, date headers. Wat r u doing? Stahp.

      • Murdoc Trammell


    • Murdoc Trammell

      Also, what’s up with the date headers?

  • Jaime

    What about the super-buggy Linux client???

  • Roger A.

    Just downloaded and installed. Liking what I see. Definitely need the date / time last updated. Also appears the “Away timer” is not there as well. I found that usefull as do others i work with. Definitely need a Win Mobile 8 Client. My boss showed me the app on his iPhone and would really like an app like that for Mobile 8.

  • JC

    I think we missed the feature sort by status/name in the new beta app.

  • Jannik Zschiesche

    All date formats are not localized. The actual words are localized (friday = “Freitag” – yes I’m german), but the format of the date itself is not:

    “Freitag August 09, 2013” should be “Freitag, 09. August 2013”

  • Gopal – From CBE India

    Slash commands not working… 🙁

    • eean

      upgrade 🙂

      • C R

        Still not working. I am on 1.98.754

        • Eric Gustafson

          +1 Slash commands not working. All in all, very happy with the beta — Thanks HipChat!

          • C R

            Looks like they work in 1:1 chats but not in rooms. I’ve made a fool of myself in a few public rooms now ;-|

          • Jon Baker

            Dont you need the trailing slash on the end of the s/find/replace/ statement?

          • C R

            No, it works without it in the Air client and in 1:1 chats in this beta. Don’t see any reason the syntax would change for rooms.

  • JC
  • Tom

    It seems like the client needs some better garbage collection. Right now, Hipchat.exe eats nearly half a gig of ram on startup. That’s far from usable in a dev environment.

  • JiriNovotny

    Files links from the Files tab don’t work. They have https:/// at the beginning (three slashes)

  • 김강훈

    now im backing it up to my Box account

  • 김강훈

    im just a kid i think my dad needs it

  •!/Topperfalkon Topperfalkon

    The icon for triggering the availability menu in lobby is an up arrow, rather than a down arrow or other menu indicator.

    • C R

      That’s because in full screen mode the menu pops up, not down, as there is no screen space to do so. Do you think this should change based on the available space? It probably should just be a generic icon, not up or down.

      •!/Topperfalkon Topperfalkon

        Sure, that’d be the ideal solution. The “three-dot” and gear icons would work just as well I think, and can be directionally ambiguous

        • C R

          The Three dots idea sounds good to me. The gear icon would be confusing since that’s already reserved for a sub-menu item, Settings. If they did use a gear, then they’d need to change ‘Settings’ to a wrench or something else.

  • stephenkamenar

    HipChat runs on Adobe Air, right? Isn’t that cross-platform?

    • Glenn R. Martin

      Yes, but Air has plenty of issues including high resource use, and quite frankly, its a lowest common denominator experience on any platform.

  • mancze

    MSI installer of beta is served with Content-Type: application/msword header.

  •!/Topperfalkon Topperfalkon

    I’ve noticed that room administrators names aren’t emboldened in the participants list. Also, room owners aren’t displayed in the lobby list

  • Ken

    Is it possible to optionally choose to have the room tabs vertical on the left or horizontal on the right? The layout looks terrible when the tabs are vertical on the left when I have the app in a 24″ monitor in profile.

    • C R

      What looks “terrible” about it? I have about a 23 or 24 inch screen and run it full-screen. It ‘looks’ ok to me.

    • droctopu5

      Yeah, sadly, being forced into the vertical column isn’t great for me. I keep my email client and HipChat side-by-side (1/2 and 1/2) on a second smaller monitor, and now HipChat refuses to scrunch. I don’t change rooms that much, so it’s a major waste of screen real estate.

      I would really like to: 1) Show rooms tab as horizontal on top or bottom, 2) Be able to resize some of these columns much more narrowly, or 3) Turn off rooms tab entirely as a last resort

      HipChat is a supplement to my daily work… it’s not my daily work. It shouldn’t take up that much space.

  • C R

    My System: Windows 7 Ent x64 w/SP1, on a Domain environment, running HipChat Beta v1.98.754. Here are the issues I have encountered in the Beta version (some of these also occur in old one too). Let HC = HipChat:

    1. If a protected asset, like a link to an image on a secured resource (i.e. Intranet site that requires our Domain login), then HC prompts for the credentials every time that room/private chat is opened, even if you have already told it to remember credentials.

    2. Hiding Settings/Logout in the Status flyout is not intuitive. I would expect. They are very different functions so grouping seems odd.

    3. A lot of the old commands are not implemented. Like immediate word replacement in the last message typed within a given time range. For example, if I spelled a word wrong, I could quickly type s/(incorrect word)/(correct word) and it would correct it. That is not working now.

    4. Settings: “Show room join and leave messages” does not work if re-enabled within the same session. For example, if I join a room at 8:05am and Bob joins the same room at 8:10am, I can see his join message. If I disable it, that goes away (as it should). If I re-enable it within that same session, it does not reappear. I have not signed out, nor have I left the room during the entire process, so the data should still be there for join/leave messages since 8:05am.

    5. HC still malforms text into courier/text only when typing more than two lines (or using a carriage return) within a message. This is frustrating, because it would be nice to copy/paste rich content from Word or a website for example, and have it retain the formatting in HC.

    6. Add option to put tabs back on top. Some people do not like the side-tabs, so this should be optional. Users should be allowed to have the classic view. For example, right now HC is my only tabbed application that uses tabs on the side. It is more intuitive and natural for me to physically move the mouse sideways to move between tabs. I find that sometimes moving vertically between tabs is cumbersome. Vertical layout thought is nice in that I never accidentally click an X like I do when horizontal.

    7. ‘Remembered Rooms’ are still a problem when I have HC running on 2 devices. Let’s say I have HC running on my smartphone and desktop, with Rooms A, B, C open on the phone and Rooms D, E, F open on the Desktop. I kill the app/log out on my phone, then log out on my desktop. Later that night, I login on my phone and I have all 6 rooms open, or sometimes just D, E, F since I logged off the desktop second, so those rooms take priority in memory. Other times I have logged out of both, logged back in and gotten more than I have recently opened. Maybe add a Settings option to disallow ‘room sync’, so the open list can be remembered device-dependent.

    8. Add GUI option in settings to show more lines in recent history. It would be nice to do this by date, rather than number of lines. For example, I always want to see the last 30 days of chat history readily available.

    9. Search functionality: Make default search local (i.e. search recent/cached history for the given room). You could have a small link under the search bar that says “See more results online” or “Search online for more history” or something like that. Right now there is only the online search. For those of us that need to clear our web cache often (work for a web software company), it is a minor frustration to have to login every time just to grab a quick bit of information.

    10. Closing a chat: Make clickable area over ‘x’ larger. Right now you have to get your mouse directly on the little ‘x’. Even the background blue immediately surrounding the ‘x’ is not clickable. I’d personally like to see a squared off button, invisible area, around the ‘x’ that only showed up when hovered, but the hot mouse area would be larger.

    11. Hide links when users paste image links into chats. HC knows it is an image link, and shows a thumbnail, but also shows the original link above it. There’s no need to show the public bucket link or even the source URL. The user can already right-click on the image to get that. Not sure why image URLs are exposed. This also happens with pasted images, so “upload.png” and the file-size will display. I’d say make this a toggle-able client option, but it’s really for the benefit of the sender and you cannot rely on them having this option toggled correctly. The same happens with YouTube videos, the link is unnecessarily exposed. This would also allow users to paste their own 16×16 emoticons without adding bulk to the line in the chat, even if they were not in the official “(word)” emoticon database.

    12. User content tabs: Allow users to cleanup File and Link DB. Sometimes links go dead or images are no longer relevant to a conversation. Searching back through the history for a given product question can confuse users at a later date, as something was discussed, and irrelevant screenshots or design plans are thrown back into the discussion. This is one of those ‘take away the sharp stick so the user can’t poke himself in the eye’ sort of things. At least, admin users at minimum should be able to delete old links/images from their own tabs on the right (Profile, Files, Links).

    13. Status feature needs to be bulked-up. Taking ideas from other chat clients…Invisibility setting (by user), block (by user), etc. These should be implemented for both in-room and on 1-1 communications. For example, I could ignore Bob in Room A because his posts are not relevant to me in that room, but still talk with him over 1-1 chat where nothing is block. Also, the inverse should be available; I should be able to block people on a 1-1 level, but see their messages in a shared room. This has nothing to do with passive-aggressively avoiding corporate drama, but rather training people on how to chat efficiently. Many times a work channel fills up with non-work junk, so subsequently people leave the room due to the annoyance of all the popup notifications. Right now, they may miss other stuff unless someone types @all which will notify them to come back. That reminds me of the next one…

    14. The @ commands only work for 1-1 and private rooms. @all for example, should work even for notifying users that have left a public room. So, if I am in a private room, and I leave it, and someone uses @all, then I get notified now, but if it is a public room, @all does not have that power. I do not know what this implementation would look like – a time threshold perhaps? Perhaps anyone who was in the room within the past 24 hours gets notified of @all messages? I dunno.

    15. Themes: Give the user the option to change their background colors, fonts, alternating band colors in 1-1 chats. Per user, per room. For example, Room A could be Blue, Room B could be red, etc.

    16. Scheduled messages: It’d be nice to have the ability to send a message at a set time, almost like a reminder. For example, on Friday at 3pm, a scheduled message could go out reminding everyone to do something before they left for the weekend. This would have to be server-based of course, in case your client is offline when the scheduled event arrives.

    17. Profile/Account changes: allow profile settings and account option changes from within the app. Do not require the user go to the website to change their password, or update their profile picture/avatar, etc.

    18. Right-click on a user: There should be options here, in a flyout menu that allows things like promoting a user to an admin, transferring ownership/founder status, etc.

    19. Allow audio/video conferences in a shared room, both public and private. This can be used as a quick way to facilitate Facetime/Hangout functionality.

    20. Popup confirm dialog on Log Out, to prevent accidental log outs. Give option (checkbox) for ‘Never ask me again’ (User could turn this off in Settings at any time).

    21. Do not force HC window to Monitor 1 after login. In the old client, when I move the login window over to Monitor 2, and then click login, it stays on that screen. Now, in HC beta, when I move the login window over to screen 2 and click login, it opens the main interface back over on screen 1. I always have to drag it over to the right again, since I keep HC on my second monitor.

    • Garret Heaton

      Thanks for the detailed feedback! Our help/suggestions site at would be a better place to make feature suggestions so that others can vote on them. Many of yours here are already present. 🙂

      Many of these other issues are things we’re already tracking as well.

      • C R

        Ha, no thanks. Not going to spend a whole day breaking this down again and then copy pasting everything into a new site. It is here if you want to use it. Pass it on to QA or don’t, up to you guys. 🙂

  • Dean Turner

    popup notifications just say the name of the person rather than name and room, so I have to check the app to see if it’s a private message to me or to a room

  • C R

    CTRL+Shift+T doesn’t reopen previously closed tabs

  • Bobby

    Left-hand tabs are amazing.

    My initial criticism is that if I double-click a name in the left hand column, I should be able to start typing immediately. 2 clicks to start chatting with someone in a chat client = no good (imo).

  • Kathy Applebaum

    Clicking on the notifications that pop up on my screen no longer makes the app in focus. I miss that a lot

  • Jay Kershner

    word doc is unreadable?

  • yougottheguy

    Good job! But should be better..

    Bugs are something that ‘you failed/its not possible for you’ to notice during the development process… But this beta version here seems rather incomplete!
    Make it perfect from your end->then launch beta version->ask for bugs then! users can help you find them.. And guess what you’ll still find bugs.

    But. This here is an utter waste of time for the users.! Sorry if I sounded offending.


  • Sean M.

    1.98.75 issues noted:

    1. Filter dropdown at top left has no ‘x’ to clear typed in, and Esc key doesn’t clear it either. Padding also seems way too little – the magnifying glass is almost touching the top, left, bottom borders

    2. Click area to open status drop-up is too small. Clicking anywhere in the area below the divider should work.

    3. Setting status to ‘Away’, the text box that comes up overlaps the ‘up’ chevron

    4. Padding in context popup when click status area is much to low to see clearly

    5. In Lobby, the down chevron to take actions on a room is not vertically centered with room text.. doesn’t look aligned correctly

    6. Trying to click a file upload (picture) from the Files history list in a room gives an SSL error “You attempted to reach, but instead you actually reached a server identifying itself as*”

    7. Search mag glass at top of app when in a room opens up a search box, but the ‘Esc’ key doesn’t close it. ‘Esc’ should close it and focus text input back in the room text entry box.

    8. Resizing the app window vertically causes tearing artifacts to appear near the bottom quarter of the window while it is being dragged.

    9. Lobby screen missing ‘last active’ metadata per room that is in AIR app — very useful to have.

    10. Anywhere you can click a down chevron to edit something, you should also be able to right click it to change its properties – that’s a very standard Windows paradigm. Please enable that for room list in Lobby – right click should show actions to archive, delete, rename, etc.

    11. Fonts, gradients, etc. need polish. Looks much less nice than the AIR app.

    12. Can’t find the Create Room action.. shouldn’t it be in the Lobby?

  • arist

    Please add the option to insert line break instead of sending message when pressing Enter

  • Matthew Mark Miller

    AIR client on Windows: 265MB
    Windows client: 109MB

    Some graphics glitches, but I’ll take buggy over bloated. Thanks guys.

  • James

    Amazing difference! This version is sooo much better. HipChat client (latest install version as of today) was lagging when typing, scrolling through history and got worse with more open chat rooms. CPU was between 15-25% average. New install tests have yet to creep above 3% CPU and timely chat sessions and posting jpg’s.

  • C R

    Using the s/ command to replace words in a message will unlink URLs for any link within that message, even if you are replacing a word that is not in the link. For example, if I say “Chek this out” then use s/Chek/Check, it will make the Google NOT clickable anymore.

  • Jason

    I just downloaded it and tried to run it, but I must say: it’s not very pretty. The spacing is weird, and the polish overall is just not there. Obviously, this is a beta so I’m sure it’s all heavily disclaimed. But, at this point the Air app is still nicer, IMHO.

  • Kirsten Seeto

    I couldn’t find the guest access button for a room?

  • Adam Lounds

    Room topics with urls don’t work in native client :-), I have seen raw HTML or a truncated blue “http:/”. Air app shows url in blue/underline/clickable and non-url text as black.

    •!/Topperfalkon Topperfalkon

      looks like this might have been fixed.

  •!/Topperfalkon Topperfalkon

    Don’t know if this has already been mentioned, but…

    :O and 😛 should be mapped to the 😮 and :p emotes respectively.

  •!/Topperfalkon Topperfalkon

    I’ve noticed also that If I close a room tab and then the conversation continues, that room is automatically re-opened in a tab. There seems to be no way to actually permanently leave a room.

  • Sam Scholfield

    – The slash command /code no longer works within the client.
    – leaving a room with /part then returning to the room will keep the old /part message in the textarea
    – clicking a notification button when in the client won’t change the tab to the appropriate one

    All minor, overall it’s a nice client.
    – Sam

  • Philip

    When do we see the next release of the Windows Beta version?

  • Henry

    Weird: I can login normally to the AIR client but I just downloaded the Windows Desktop client and I get a “user name invalid” message… I need to put the user in a different format?

  • Sarah Pressler

    I’ve been using it (on windows 8) since July and didn’t know it was a brand new platform! It’s already really awesome – can’t wait to see any/all changes! 🙂

  • Levi Freeman

    Windows phone then Windows Modern Ui. Would like my surface and PC with this. Dont think I would be using desktop much, Would like to use hip chat permanently snapped.


    pretty useful chat app on adobe air.happy that you have an windows app for pc users given the android and iphone exclusive app trends these days.

  • Andy Davis

    Are you considering the expansion of the video chat functionality to enable groups of people to video chat?

  • marius

    I can’t install it. It says that I must install it on my local drive (and I did that but no success).

  • Mitch

    So much better than the previous version! I agree that line spacing is a little tight. Any way you could enable the option for users to select from a few different spacing options? Also, when you’re searching for people, the search field is REALLY small. That being said, thanks for the improvements!

  •!/Topperfalkon Topperfalkon

    I’ve noticed in the recent release (1.99.873), that if someone posts a “/me message” after someone elses comment, then a comment underneath, their name isn’t displayed against their comment


    Foo | Ponies ftw! –Foo’s comment
    ___ | Bar facepalms –Bar’s /me
    ___ | I don’t like ponies –Bar’s comment

  •!/Topperfalkon Topperfalkon

    The alt text for the :'( emote shows only a colon.

    This probably means that the alt text is not properly escaping characters and could potentially be a vulnerability. Maybe

  • Eric Bonjour

    Chat does not show upload.png images when copy and pasting images. Http links work fine, tested jpg and png links.

  • Brandon_Whitehead

    Loving the Beta so far! Looks great in Windows 8. I did come across a strange issue today though. I was scrolling through a chat history in a room and the chat history ended up repeating itself (as shown in the picture). Sorry about the slightly blank screenshot, had to remove all the chat info.

  • Keegan Jacobson

    I’d like to report a problem I noticed with the beta, when I dragged a screenshot from my desktop into hipchat and then sent it, it appears to have sent successfully – but later tried to delete the screenshot from my desktop and wasn’t able to because it was in use by HipChat. Expected functionality should be that the file is no longer in use after the screenshot has been uploaded. Thanks!

  • Irmo

    The proxy settings don’t really work. Also the selection of http proxy in the GUI always flips to Socks. In the registry it seems the correct value is still stored.

  • John Bryntze

    Hi, the application reached 2.0.920, will it always stay in Beta phase?

  • Greg Gauthier

    How does one change app settings with the native windows client (Things like whether to show or hide linked images)?

    • Greg Gauthier

      Derp. nevermind. I found it.

  • Sue T

    1. Customization (themes/skins) is paramount for those of us who have vision issues. The ability to not only change the overall color, font type/color/weight, etc. is a necessity.
    2. Ability to change font or apply a custom sound file for certain messages.
    3. Ability for an admin to play music within a room.
    4. Play youtube videos natively. In other words, not just a link/preview where it opens a browser interface, but actually plays the video within the client.
    5. Ability to change the font of the room names differently from the chat messages.
    6. Ability to apply sound notification files to certain events.
    7. Ability to add a note or something to another profile…like I can change the Displayed Name of my contacts on Skype and various other communication software. They do not see it, but it is far better for me to know the person is “Dave from Accounting” than “David Colcolough”.

  • Wizaurad

    where are the hipchat configuration settings on w 8.1 I can find them in users roaming app data in w7 but w 8.1 is different. Can anyone please help me?

  • petervk

    Hipchat is a joke, they say they run on anything, but they don’t. They now have a PERFECT opportunity to create a universal Windows app, but they’re just not focused on serving all of their customers. I’ve contacted HipChat customer support a number of times and all they say: please vote for the issue (which I did). I now recommend Slack! They’ve recently released a Windows Phone app and it’s pretty good. My company has totally switched from Hipchat to Slack.

  • Martin Taylor

    I agree on some level with the fact that Hipchat says it run on anything, but doesn’t. I also recommend Slack!