Meet HipChat for Mac (Beta) – Fast. Fluid. Native.

| February 14, 2013

We’re happy to announce that our new Mac app is open for beta testing. We’ve completely re-written and redesigned HipChat from the ground up. Written natively for Mac, it’s faster, lighter, and integrates deeply with OS X.

What’s new in the native app?

Built for speed and performance.

Everything is faster in the new app — signing in, loading conversations, sending messages, scrolling, even typing. Best of all, your Mac isn’t working harder. The new client uses almost 5x less CPU than the legacy AIR client.

HipChat Mac Pwnage

Vertical tabs

A new left sidebar organizes your chats vertically so you can have more than 3x as many chats open at once. Every tab has the same amount of horizontal space so you can view the full names of all your open rooms and quickly see exactly which rooms require your attention.

HipChat Mac Beta

OS X ready

A native Mac client opens the door to many awesome OS X features: fullscreen mode, stay updated with your teammates through Apple’s notification center, and enjoy crystal clear display with Retina support.

HipChat Mac Notifications

Download and give us your feedback


But seriously, the app is still in beta and there are some features coming but we wanted to get you the beta as quickly as we could. We’d greatly appreciate if you report any feedback or bugs.

Dear Linux and Windows Users, we haven’t forgotten about you.

Native apps for Windows and Linux are on their way. So leave us your email address, and we’ll let you know as soon as they’re ready for beta testing.

  • David Celis

    I’d “enjoy crystal clear display with Retina support” a bit more if your icons and images actually DID have Retina support.

    • Matt Hodges

      @davidcelis:disqus , today’s latest release added full support for icons and images on retina displays.

      • David Celis

        Ahh. So much better. Thanks guys!

  • Dingus

    Hopes for a 32bit version?

  • Matthew

    haha, +1 David. But at least the text is no longer blurry. That part drove me NUTS!

  • aleksj

    Crashes on OSX 10.6.8

    • endel


      • Joe

         Me 2

        • Judah Anthony

          Me 3

          • Adam

            Me 4

    • macro


      • Brian Sierakowski

        OSX 10.6.8? What century is this?!

    • DH

      Same problem

    • MIchelle

      Also using 10.6.8. Can’t even open it.

      • Matt Hodges

        Hey Michelle! We are aware of a possible bug during installation, but we wanted to get you the beta as quickly as we could. So if you run into a problem installing HipChat, please reference this page for an easy workaround.

    • Jussi7

      Time to upgrade the OS?

    • Nicki

      I’m using 10.8.2, I get “random error message” when I try to get support and another error when I try to login

    • Garret Heaton

      We’re aware of the 10.6 issues. Please keep an eye on this suggestion for updates:

  • bir

    Any chance of a new Android app?  The mobile experience I find more unreliable than useful currently.

  • JP

    +1 – “100% less Air” (Love it.)

  • Jay Shirley

    First thing immediately apparent is to not send notifications if I’m active in the application. That’s a bit bonkers.

    So far, very happy to see this! Thanks!

    • Roy Fox

      +1 for no notifications if you’re active. I’ll often have HipChat open but actually be concentrating on something else. 

      • Matt Hodges

        This has been fixed in today’s latest release. You can upgrade via the app.

  • Antonin Hildebrand

    I luv you, guys.

  • Bruce Ackerman

    Looks awesome, nice work

  • Mwheeler

    Don’t remember the last time something came out first for Mac. Oh yeah it was Excel in the 80s!

    • Matt Wheeler

      my name is matt wheeler and you post as mwheeler. this is weird. 

  • fuziontech
  • Jp

    Same here.

  • Christian Bullock

    Am I crazy or can’t I attach any files?

  • Warren Gutierrez

    Great job guys! Adobe AIR certainly eats up too much resources! About time… kodus!

  • Amir H. Hajizamani

    Immediately noticed one short coming: I can’t resize the font any more for my eye-sight/screen distance. In the AIR version Cmd/Ctrl+Plus/Minus just worked (perhaps as a result of the AIR implementation, not a product decision?), but in this native version it doesn’t and there are no preferences for it, either.

    Please consider it as feature for an update soon?

  • PeacePirate

    Slightly faster to join, but but seems slower at fetching chat history. Can’t seem to be able to edit the room’s title anymore, and the extra space taking sidebars UI is slightly more annoying than the original tabs based room UI. 

  • Jim Tinsky

    How can I change the font size? All of the options under the format menu are grayed out.

  • Jhidalgo

    Not working very well for me on OS X 10.7.5 – incredibly slow. Outgoing messages to the next cube take over a minute (incoming messages are instant).  All my colleagues but one are listed as “off-line” even though they are on line and even after they send me messages.

  • Jussi7

    Awesome, thankies!

  • Jdominguez

    Is searching gone?

    • Matt Hodges

      To search for a chat room use CMD+N. Searching chat room history is something we will add in a future release.

  • Sabih Mir

    So glad for this (and thank you!!) but I think you should have pointed out what’s missing from this:
    – can’t update room status
    – no emoticons
    – no file/links list
    – no search (!?)

  • Chris Massoud

    Enjoying the speed so far, would love the search bar to be in the lobby though 😀

  • Chris Alfano

    Drag-and-drop tab reordering stops working after the first tab is moved, and the new position doesn’t seem to be remembered

    • Chris Massoud

       Same experience.

  • clark

    Does this support other protocols like aim, jabber, fbook, google, etc?

  • Keriger

    It would be really awesome if when you type a ticket name/number in the chat-window, it turned it into a link to Jira.  Seems like something fairly straightforward to do 

    • Adam Wride

      And show the resolved (strikethrough)/unresolved status!

  • Adam Lieb

    Awesome. Our team is grabbing it now!

  • Jacques

    I really love hipchat, and use it literally every day; speed and resources have never been a place where the client really suffered. Why bother to split up your headcount to work on platform-specific clients instead of maturing and growing your core product? Seems like a bit of a waste of your time when there are so many other cool things you could be doing instead of maintaining multiple code bases.

    • Matt Hodges

      Ultimately we’re listening to what our customers want – native apps for Mac, Windows, and Linux are amongst the highest voted for feature requests on our forums:

      In short, Adobe AIR was holding us back from delivering a better experience for our users both in terms of performance and features. 
      We’re growing the team aggressively so we can continue to deliver even more to our customers over the coming years.

  • Mark

    what happened to searching within conversations?

  • Cory

    No go on install :

  • Gargantuan

    Memo to the dude in the video: It’s pronounced “OS TEN”, not “OS EX”.

  • Philipp Sprecher

    Just installed it. I love it – finally a serious client.

  • Rob Robinson

    why did you bite apple’s Messages icon?

    • Garret Heaton

      We used the design first, but still plan on updating the OS X logo to something different;

  • Philipp Berner

    Does the app update itself?

    • Garret Heaton

      Sure does – it checks in every few hours for updates and will pop up a window if one is available.

  • David Lee

    nice. shift-enter doesn’t seem to work.

  • Chain-Q

    I love the new About box… 🙂 But it’s a good first step otherwise too.

  • Annie

    As we all become more tablet based I’m surprised you didn’t take the opportunity to update the iPad app so that it better resembles the desktop. I would love to see multiple conversations on the iPad similar to the desktop

  • Barry

    Would love 24 hour format times, as per AIR version (e.g. 17:22, rather than 5:22 PM)

  • Red Russak

    How does one leave feedback directly to you from within the app instead of posting it to this wall for the whole world to see? cc: @powdahound:disqus 

    • Matt Hodges

      Use the feedback button in the app which will take you to our forums.

  • Harsha

    No Search , i mean cant search for users online

    • Matt Hodges

      Press CMD + N to search for people / rooms.

  • Paul Rosanoski

    Love HipChat, and have used it for quite some time now. There is only one annoyance (and I’m not talking about the beta, I mean in general) – I love it so much I use it in 4 different organisations, but you still do not support multiple sign-on – please tell me this is at the top of your priority list – please?

    • Matt Hodges

      Hi @google-203cb90170bca0daba08cf443a53a11e:disqus  it’s definitely something that’s under consideration which we are tracking here:

  • Micah Silverman

    Liking being able to size fonts in the new version. Thanks! However, the font switched to a Time New York sort of thing with no way to change it. Next release?

  • Micah Silverman

    Liking being able to size fonts in the new version. Thanks! However, the font switched to a Time New York sort of thing with no way to change it. Next release?

  • Craig_Thatcher

    App works good but….. Biggest gripe is the sound level the audio makes for notifications, really need to be able to turn that down so end-users don’t go deaf….

  • Paul Schoenmakers

    I can’t find the option to disable the “user is typing ….” message in a chat ?

  • Paul Schoenmakers

    I can’t find the option to disable the “user is typing ….” message in a chat ?

  • Noel Paguio

    Downloading updates works fine until it tries to install it. Then it just poos itself.

  • Noel Paguio

    Also, when you’re Away, the status changes automatically after inactivity, but when you’re back and chatting, the status doesn’t change automatically back to Available.

  • Jim Strickland

    I would love it if HipChat could remember my password, for login. I know some might consider that insecure, but I have so many levels of security before getting to the HipChat login that it is most assuredly me logging in at that point.

    • Matt Hodges

      Hey @58032a8400fb2ace0f80ecdd6bbcee6e:disqus have you tried checking ‘Remember me’ on the login dialog?

  • Jim Strickland

    I do love the vertical tabs. That is sooooo much more user freindly.

  • Ali

    How can I stop Hipchat opening each time on startup? I have unchecked the ‘open on startup’ box in preferences but it still keeps opening. Any ideas?

    • Matt Hodges

      @11a5f033bda5d5cce3d62be61b161167:disqus , perhaps try removing it from System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items

  • Masdf

    Still crashes all the time.  I have no idea how you guys are in business.  It is by far the worst chat app I have ever used.

  • Aditya

    Hey guys, firstly congratulations on the new client. It’s very slick and a HUGE step up from the AIR stuff. I do miss one thing though, in the old client CMD + Up / CMD + Down would cycle through my previously typed messages. It was nice to give repeated commands to my bot. Would be great if that was added in again.

  • Claire Pillarelli

    Will the functionality to add images as attachments be added back in?

  • Casey Strouse

    Just too bad it closes and says I failed to auth even though the lobby shows up and you guys aren’t responding to my requests to support.

  • singingwolfboy

    I would love to be able to control notifications by room: this room notifies me of every message, but that room only notifies me if I’m mentioned, and this other room never notifies me at all.

  • rachellemadrigal

    be back again to read more. thanks for sharing this with us.

  • Luke

    6 months on… how about adding chat as a feature.

  • Katrina

    how do I get out of full screen mode on my mac in hipchat – what is the command? driving me crazy….