Android – Request for Testers Part Deux

| April 10, 2012

UPDATE: This beta version has been released to Google Play. We are not currently actively looking for beta testers, but if you’re interested in future beta testing, feel free to let us know at

A while back, we sent out a request for Android beta testers. That was for the very first release of the app. Since then, we’ve had a couple minor updates and lots of feedback. Now, we’re in the process of developing another update and we’d like to create a more official beta testing community (previously, we just linked to an APK and let users have at it).

If you’d like to help us beta test the Android app, please drop us an email at I’ll send you an invite and a link to download the latest version.

Since none of us here at HipChat are regular Android users, we depend on you guys to help us get all the real-world testing we can. If you’re beta testing, please send us any and all feedback. We can’t promise to get everything into a single update, but we’ll definitely record it for the future.

  • Edward Oaks

    Hi there! I’m also very interested in getting some results on testing, I’m very curious all about it. Where I can find information? Any ideas?

     how to screen capture

  • HueyTheG

    I just wanted to give you some quick advice to help improve your site. I am hitting you here, because you contact form wanted me to have a user voice password or wanted me to sign in with facebook or gmail. I figured this would be easier. Feel free to delete it from your post once you read it and give guys like me an easier way just to “old school” email you 🙂


    I sat through your video off of the homepage. Very self explanatory and well done 😉

    However, at the end of the video I was presented with all kinds of RELATED videos cluttering the space. I thought I might let you in on a simple fix to get rid of those and tighten things up (and not promote a competitor).

    If you look on this page look for the REL code:

    By default YouTube shows related videos but if you add &rel=0 to your video it will not show the related videos. It will just show a replay link.


    • Garret Heaton

      Thanks for the tip! You can always email us at (as shown at the end of the demo video) or use the ‘Contact support’ link on the help site which allows you to send a message without signing in to anything.

  • Jungly Mano

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