Better Python Testing: How to Mock AWS [video]

, HipChat DevOps Engineer | March 08, 2017

At Atlassian, my fellow engineers and I often find ourselves creating tools that rapidly become crucial to our own workflows. Because of this, the practice of writing tests to ensure consistent behavior is almost second nature for us.

We’re aware that this is not the case for everyone.

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Rest assured with Bitbucket Pipelines build notifications in HipChat

, Product Marketing Manager, Bitbucket | March 06, 2017

Every time you trigger a build in Bitbucket Pipelines, you remain glued to your desk, constantly checking to see if the build has passed. With the new Bitbucket Pipeline integration, there’s no need to wait around. Now, when your build fails, HipChat will send you an instant notification. You’ve got plenty to do, so let the information come to you, not the other way around.

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New Confluence integration elevates the power of the Atlassian suite

, Product Marketing | March 01, 2017

The Atlassian suite is stacked with tools that help teams work better together. These tools are all powerful in themselves, but when united, an evermore powerful workflow is created. Our new Confluence for HipChat integration shows just this.

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Putting the “me” in “team”: how to personalize your HipChat apps

| February 28, 2017

You’re a team player, and you put the team first. But to be a great team player, you first have to look out for yourself. We’ve designed HipChat for individuals who build out a team—which means you should be setting up your HipChat integrations and workflow so it works best for you.

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xMatters integration puts ChatOps into incident management

, Product Marketing | February 27, 2017

When there’s an incident, teams need two things: communication and urgency. The right players must be notified and brought up to speed—fast. xMatters provides a powerful solution that connects both the tools and people needed to resolve an issue. And it only gets more powerful with the new xMatters for HipChat integration that brings the right people together to discuss, make decisions, and resolve issues faster.

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Built-in SAML 2.0 for HipChat Server 2.2 provides simplified user management

, Product Marketing | February 24, 2017

We’re excited to announce that SAML 2.0 support is now available out of the box with HipChat Server 2.2, giving teams a more secure and painless way to sign in. We want to make the lives of both admins and users easier, especially when it comes to accessing HipChat Server.

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Don’t go down the rabbit hole: Use room READMEs

| February 16, 2017

If Alice had had a README to reference down in Wonderland, she wouldn’t have had to figure out what “Eat me” and “Drink me” would lead to via trial and error. Same goes in HipChat. Ever entered a room and not known its purpose? Or not known if you’re meant to be there? Room READMEs solve this.

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All aboard! How to create a HipChat team & get rolling 🚂

| February 10, 2017

So you just got your team to hop on HipChat (awyeah), and now you’re in charge of making sure everyone is riding the train. Congratulations—you’re a HipChat owner! So…what now? How exactly do you get things started? Follow us along.

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More signal, less noise: how to avoid information overload in HipChat

, Product Marketing | January 27, 2017

ChatOps is a wonderful way to bring all your team’s work into one central location. But the greatest strength of work chat clients can also be their greatest weakness. With everything in one place, it can be difficult to figure out what you really need to pay attention to, what can wait, or what is someone else’s issue entirely.

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Jump on the (partytrain)! 30 of our favorite custom emoticons, round 2

, Product Marketing | January 24, 2017

custom_emoticon_newThe last time we talked about emoticons, we made 30 of our favorite custom emoticons available as a downloadable pack. Thing is, there’s just too much awesome in our internal custom emoticon list to keep to ourselves, so we’re going to need you to help us out by taking a look at 30 more of them. You’re up to the task, right?

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