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HipChat is about to get weird(er): custom emoticons for all!

| July 09, 2015

HipChat Custom Emoticons

Hold on to your butts. Starting today, you have the power to create custom emoticons for your group. Our emoticon shrink-ray will optimally size the images you want. Presto.

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Why IT teams (heart) chat

| July 07, 2015

HipChat helps great teams communicate, and it’s no different for IT teams. With some help from our friends at JIRA Service Desk, we went directly to the IT community to find out how chat helps their teams.

We surveyed agents, managers, and directors and asked them about how chat makes their work life awesome. Here’s what they said (click for full-size):

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IT saves the day, thanks to HipChat

, Product Marketing | June 23, 2015

The demo server has crashed and there’s only 2 minutes until the company’s most important client demo. Can HipChat and JIRA Service Desk help IT save the day?

Watch our latest video and find out:

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Emoticons: saying nothing, but also everything

, Product Marketing | June 22, 2015

HipChat Emoticons

Let’s just be honest, emoticons are awesome. They’re probably one of the best parts about working with a variety of personalities.

Emoticons say so much without a word, but convey attitude, emotion, or frame of mind with a photo. Around here at HipChat HQ, we’re guilty of having entire conversations with emoticons. If aliens discovered how the HipChat team messaged one another, they’d think we use modern day hieroglyphics.

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Award Winner Phil Simon talks jargon, email and how to change offices forever

| May 15, 2015

Around here at HipChat HQ, we love discovering and sharing the newest and the coolest stuff on the Internet. We love pop culture randomness, hilarious YouTube videos, funny Tweets, and of course, news about what’s happening in tech.

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HipChat for Apple Watch – A match made in team communication heaven

| April 15, 2015

We’ve been at this team communication thing for a while and …and we’ve built HipChat for the Apple Watch.

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SXSW 2015 Recap

| March 23, 2015

We came, we saw and we SXSWed HARD. Not to pat ourselves on the back, but if you weren’t in Austin for SXSW’s Tech Week, you missed out. The HipChat party was an epic success. People lined up out the door to get into our offices. We had gigantic Jenga, classic arcade games, free tacos, Frito pie, there were even cut out’s of Bill Lumbergh for the ever – important photo op.


Lots of folks looked around and saw all of the Atlassian’s enjoying their teammates, people laughing and having a great time together, so naturally, they wanted to know how they could work for us. Since, we’re always hiring the best and the brightest, we were stoked to tell them all about what we do.  

People clamored to talk to our staff decked out in their sweet black and gold HipChat shirts. We answered questions about what HipChat does for teams, as well as talk to people who’ve never heard of Atlassian. For our second year in town, we made a lot of new friends, and hopefully, some of those friends will check out our products.


What we enjoyed the most about the HipChat party was the overwhelming sense of camaraderie from everyone involved. No drama, no one harshing the buzz, just a lot of great folks chatting, dancing like fools, while perfect strangers embodied the connectivity that HipChat champions. It was a great night to meet new people, learn about new technology and have a cold drink in the great city of Austin, TX.

What time is it! Daylight saving time!

| March 06, 2015

It’s Daylight savings time in North America and for colleagues around the world, the time change could get confusing. Daylight saving time begins while we’re asleep Saturday into Sunday, as our clocks springing ahead an hour at 2 a.m. on March 8.

We’ll lose an hour of sleep, but gain an hour of daylight, so it evens out when summer’s here.

Fortunately, HipChat helps keep track of what time something was said, or when they missed the conversation entirely. When you have a 1:1 conversation, it’s easy to know what time it is for the person you’re talking with.

If you look at the top of the screen, your chat partner’s local time is right there.



It’s simple, but when you’re collaborating with folks from around the globe, it’s an easy trick.

Win a Red Stapler Signed by Gary Cole (Bill Lumbergh)

| February 25, 2015

In honor of HipChat’s new #workinthenow campaign starring Gary Cole as the iconic Bill Lumbergh, we’ve got a cool contest to share: we’re giving away two signed red staplers.



How do you get one of these staplers you ask?


Take a photo of your “Office Space” and tweet it with our hashtag #WorkInTheNow and that’s it. (Although retweets are welcome.)

We’ll pick two folks. One at random, and the other will be based on who’s got the coolest workspace. There are some creative workspaces out there, and we’d love to see yours. Does your cubicle look like a castle? Maybe, you’ve got the nap zone where there are pillows aplenty. What if your space is Nintendo themed?

We want to see them all. The winner will get their very own Gary Cole signed red stapler.

Even if yours isn’t exciting, snap a photo, and you’re in the running, too! You can enter as many times as you want. Teams are invited to participate, too.

The red stapler contest ends March 5th

The holy grail of office culture could be yours. Just snap a picture and show us how you #WorkInTheNow.


If you haven’t already, go to and see all 5 of the Bill Lumbergh videos. Just keep hitting the refresh button to catch them all. (Videos only available in the US)

Ummm…yeah…that’d be great

| February 24, 2015

Bill - That'd be great

HipChat loves the movie Office Space. It’s a classic; it’s before its time, and it’s just so true. We know all the jokes about staplers, and we’ve even talked about having an Atlassian flair day. We’re that serious.

Last week Office Space turned 16 and it feels as relevant today as it did in 1999. It’s crazy how little office culture has evolved since then. We still fight fax/printer/copier machines, cubicle farms cover swaths of corporate America, while information is locked away in people’s desktops or mailboxes. Sound familiar?

You don’t have to live your office lives like this anymore. Times have changed! HipChat can solve these problems. (Well, maybe not fax/printer/copier machines and cubicle farms.)

I’m going to need you to come in on Saturday

HipChat’s biggest hurdle is convincing folks why it’s important to break the habits they didn’t know they had. It’s easy to describe what HipChat does – team chat, video, file sharing, searchable, emoticons, etc., etc. But the challenge is showing the benefits that materialize when your team adopts it.

That got us thinking.

What would Bill Lumbergh do? 

We needed someone to show the world that TPS reports don’t need a cover sheet. We needed the one guy to help explain that office culture has changed; we needed Bill Lumbergh to come back.

For the seven folks who’ve never seen Office Space, Bill Lumbergh is the boss. He’s an office cruiser, enforcing mundane policies and ruining people’s days with weekend assignments.

What would it be like to work for Bill today?

There was only one way to find out: we called him.

And, something weird happened – something borderline… magical. He agreed to get back on camera.

That’s right – Lumbergh is back!*

You’ll see more of him on over the next few weeks. We hope you enjoy watching all the videos as much as we enjoyed filming them. More is on the way so hold on to your red staplers!

*Unfortunately, we could only get him to come back in the US only. Apologies to all of our international fans.