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“Yes, and…”: Applying the principles of improvisation to teamwork

| May 26, 2017

I’ve been involved in some form of improvisational theatre for a lot of my life. The ability to come up with something fresh and exciting on the fly in partnership with other people? To me, there’s nothing more thrilling. What I’ve found is that learning the rules of improvisation has helped me in many other aspects of my life—like my work.

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Separating fact from fiction: 8 workplace myths debunked

, Product Marketing | May 10, 2017

“Truth” can be a game of smoke and mirrors, the difference between fact and fiction fuzzier now more than ever. But when working with our teams, it’s extremely important to understand our own biases and predispositions in order to collaborate at our best.

Teaming up with our friends at Trello and, we surveyed 1,000 people about 8 workplace “myths.” Based in fact, these results give you the power to flush out processes that don’t work and build the ones that do.

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Jump on the (partytrain)! 30 of our favorite custom emoticons, round 2

, Product Marketing | January 24, 2017

custom_emoticon_newThe last time we talked about emoticons, we made 30 of our favorite custom emoticons available as a downloadable pack. Thing is, there’s just too much awesome in our internal custom emoticon list to keep to ourselves, so we’re going to need you to help us out by taking a look at 30 more of them. You’re up to the task, right?

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New Year’s resolutions: 5 habits to stick & kick in HipChat

| January 03, 2017

Not all New Year’s resolutions have to be as hard to tackle as cutting out sugar or getting “swoll” at the gym. Some can simply be about forming new, smaller habits that make your day-to-day life easier—and let’s be honest, there are probably some habits in HipChat we all could stand to adopt (or kick).

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HipChat’s 30 favorite custom emoticons can be yours, too (highfive)

| December 17, 2016

hipchat_custom_emoticons_main2Here at Atlassian HipChat, we take full advantage of the ability to create custom emoticons within HipChat. Our rooms and private chats are full of them, and they go a long way toward making work feel less like work. Some of our most-loved and most-used emoticons are ones that haven’t been shared publicly…until now, that is!

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Emoticons used by 95% of knowledge workers, study finds (truestory)

| November 21, 2016

hipchat_emoticonsAt HipChat, we heart-14177525862x us some emoticons. We use them all the time in our team chats and conversations, and they’re a big part of our company culture. We love them so much, we conducted a study to see how people are using emoticons in the workplace.

Our results show that people are not only using emoticons and emojis in their workplace communications but also feel that they positively influence the way they work with their teams. For instance, 95% of people said they’re likely to send an emoticon to a coworker.

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Game on! A guide to games & bots in HipChat

| October 26, 2016

As a kid, I couldn’t get enough of games and science fiction. Yet as imaginative as I was, the idea of playing with games and robots in my professional life would have seemed like science fiction. But we live in the future now… and the future does indeed have games and robots where you work!

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HipTip: Go to the dark side & do your best work

, Product Marketing | February 03, 2016


Our recent app updates are packed with new features, from per-room notifications to avatars to quick search. In fact, there are so many new features that it’s easy to pass one by. That’s why we’ll be highlighting some of our favorite new features in our “HipTip” series, sharing with you the very newest and best of HipChat.

For today, follow me to the dark side

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Quick HipTip: Be your best self with animated gif avatars

, Product Marketing | January 06, 2016


Hold up, folks! The time is now for your short, little, tiny tip of the day that makes for a big, grand, and boisterous effect. That, my friends, is animated avatars. As in, use them.

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Emoticon throwdown – HipChat sticker packs are here

| August 18, 2015

Earlier this month, we unleashed emoticon anarchy when we made it possible for anyone to add a custom emoticon to their HipChat group. Thanks for keeping things SFW. Now we’re going to make your emoticon game even more awesome – HipChat now supports emoticon packs.

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