It’s summertime, so make the livin’ easy. How to use HipChat (or not) this summer

| July 18, 2017

Summer is upon us—which means trips to the beach, the mountains, other countries…or maybe just your backyard. No matter the destination, we all need time away from the daily grind. But in a world that depends on staying connected, how do you disconnect, even if only for a day?

HipChat can go with you anywhere you want it to—and for that reason, we also made it easy to fade into the background for a while. (Because nobody likes getting woken up at 3 AM if they don’t have to be.) Whether you want to disconnect for the duration of a lazy Sunday or a backpacking trip in Peru, these three steps will make it happen fast and easy.

1. Set your status to “away”

Remember the days when you still relied on email, and you had to set up an out-of-office email response? You can do this in HipChat, too—and in fact, it’s even easier.

Just click on your avatar in the top right corner, click Away, and enter an OOO message for your teammates to see.

OOO message HipChat

Anyone who messages you will see this message and know immediately that you’re gone and when they can expect you back.

2. Add out-of-office info to your name

After you’ve set your OOO message as your status, log in to HipChat, click on Edit Profile, and add your OOO dates to your name.

HipChat OOO settings

Your teammates will be able to see you’re gone just by glancing at their chat lists.

HipChat out of office

3. Turn off your notification settings

Now that your teammates know you’re going to be away for a bit, make sure HipChat knows that, too. Go to your settings in either the desktop or browser app, and click Notifications on the left. Choose a noise level—loud, normal, or quiet—whether you still want to get alerts for 1:1 chats, and how you want to get them.

HipChat notifications settings

You can also set preferences for each room. Say you don’t want to get alerts from your team’s rooms, but do want to keep up with the one dedicated to baby goat pictures. So click the Room actions icon in the top left corner of your HipChat app…

HipChat room notifications

… set that room’s notifications to “loud” and all the rest to “quiet”, and continue getting your baby goat fix while you’re sipping your piña colada on the beach.

HipChat per room notifications

That’s it! Now you’re all set to get away for a little while and relaaaaaax. Go on—you’ve earned it.