Zapier brings all your tools into HipChat, plus some

| June 22, 2017

Integrations are the lifeblood of ChatOps. They are what makes it ChatOps and not merely chat, making it possible to put all your tools in one place and turn your team’s chat client into its central command center. HipChat has a number of them available for many of your most vital tools, but we could never claim to have them all. That’s where Zapier comes in.

With the Zapier for HipChat integration, you’ll be able to feed information from any other web app into your HipChat rooms, and vice versa—without writing any code or automating a thing. It’s an integration that can create more integrations. Cool, right?Zapier for HipChat integrationBut it’s not just sending data from app A to app B. You also have the ability to fully automate the workflow through all your apps with Multi-Step Zaps. With a single trigger, you can automate multiple tasks at once, and you can add as many steps as you want at any time.

Say you’ve set up a Zap that sends your HipChat room a message whenever your favorite New York Times section is updated. You can add a step to that Zap so that it also sends those updates to your Gmail account. The Zap will now do both actions at once, based on the same trigger.

Setting it up is easy. Just log in to Zapier, create a Zap, and select HipChat as the Trigger or Action app.Connect Zapier to HipChat

Then log in to HipChat, go to your API page, and create an API code. Back in Zapier, press the “Connect a new account” button…

Connect HipChat to Zapier

…and paste the HipChat API token into the account connection pop-up.

Zapier integration

Now you’re ready to choose the apps you want to connect with HipChat and use the Zapier editor to create your Zaps. Or browse some Zap templates that have been created by others:

Some Zaps to try:

With Zapier for HipChat, what you can do through HipChat is limited only by your imagination. Try it out for yourself and see how much you can up your ChatOps game.