Meet Polly Bot: Add polls to your rooms

| March 14, 2017

Where should your team meet after work for drinks? What color should your T-shirts be? Who should be your team’s mascot? You’ve all got opinions, and Polly Bot keeps tally of them so your team can make a decision. Create the poll, monitor it, and shut it down—all within your HipChat room.

To see a list of all running polls, simply type the /poll slash command. If there are no running polls, it’ll show you how to create one.Polly Bot

Pro tip: You can set a time limit on how long the poll may stay open, or specify no time and leave it open until you feel like it’s a good time to close it. Closed polls are automatically deleted one week after closing.

Polly Bot

You can click on the poll’s name, and it’ll take you to Polly’s UI, where you can both cast your vote and watch your teammates’ votes come through in real time.Polly BotOnce the poll closes (either because its set run time is out or because you clicked the Stop voting! button), Polly will show the results.Polly Bot

And there you have a consensus! Head on over to our Integrations page to give it a try and make decisions faster.