xMatters integration puts ChatOps into incident management

, Product Marketing | February 27, 2017

When there’s an incident, teams need two things: communication and urgency. The right players must be notified and brought up to speed—fast. xMatters provides a powerful solution that connects both the tools and people needed to resolve an issue. And it only gets more powerful with the new xMatters for HipChat integration that brings the right people together to discuss, make decisions, and resolve issues faster.

xMatters is there with your team all the way through an incident, from the initial alert, to assigning an incident manager, to creating a JIRA ticket and updating your StatusPage. The new HipChat integration amplifies the process by bringing together stakeholders in a HipChat room for quick discussions and decision-making. Using the principles of ChatOps, teams can flow through incidents swiftly, working as a team.

Creating a HipChat room within the context of the incident helps the people involved understand the situation and stay focused on its resolution. Bringing your tools and operations into chat (known as ChatOps) accelerates the process and gives each player clear understanding of the situation.

Once the room is created, easily invite people by clicking the “+” button, then “xMatters Invite to Room.”

Then simply choose who to invite, and send a message along with it.

Even more, after your team is done discussing, you’ll get a full transcript in your JIRA ticket for reference in the future.

While updating JIRA tickets and StatusPage are extremely important steps, we’re thrilled to bring HipChat into the flow so that teams can collaborate on a human level and make decisions swiftly.

HipChat is all about saving you time and effort by bringing your work, alerts, and tools into one central location. So xMatters is a kindred spirit, and together, we’re reshaping DevOps—making it faster, smoother, and functional within a human context—chat.