7 super fresh ways to use HipChat

, Product Marketing | January 04, 2017

It’s a new year, and it’s the perfect time for a fresh start at work. New work habits can go a long way in making you feel more productive and accomplished throughout 2017. Here are 7 ways to use HipChat to get more from chat and yourself at work.

HipChat has lots of new features for your team to use, like group video chat and screen sharing from any room or chat. We’ve also got tons of new integrations and bots that help you work better every day. Read on to learn about 7 of these newbies that we think you’ll (heart).

Room READMEs tell you what it’s all about

Ever gone into a room and had no idea what it was for, or how to comport yourself in it? Room READMEs are just the thing to cut the confusion.

A README is a file containing information about other files in an archive, directory, or website. Our twist on READMEs gives you the perfect place to explain what the purpose of any given room is.HipChat READMEAdd a README to any or every room. Put anything you want in it—information about the room, contact information, links, and any other pertinent information. And it even supports emoticons! Then any room member can access it from the right sidebar.

Botler at your service

Ever wanted a robotic butler that could announce when people or messages enter your rooms? Or did you just not know until now that you wanted one? Well, now you can create your very own Botler!

Once you’ve installed your Botler, click New Service in Botler (located in your right sidebar), and it will take you to a simple interface to create a chat command. Choose which events and terms you want Botler to watch for…

HipChat Botler integration

… and type what you want Botler to say when they occur.


Users with more advanced programming skills can use regular expression for more precise phrase detection.

Then, just sit back and watch it work!


Dictionary makes you just a little bit smarter

One of the most beautiful things about HipChat is how you don’t have to leave it for even the smallest things.

Dictionary allows you to search for the definition of a word right in HipChat. It couldn’t be easier—once installed, just type /dict followed by the word you want to look up, and Dictionary delivers:

HipChat Dictionary integration

This nifty bots gives you not just the definition, but synonyms and antonyms of the word, as well. No need to switch to your browser to Google it.

Translate for HipChat speaks your language

Maybe it’s not just your own language you need help with. These days, many teams are dispersed all across the world, and many rely on services hosted in other countries. It’s easier to communicate when everyone speaks the same language, of course, but that’s not always possible.

That’s where Translate for HipChat can help. Once installed, all you have to do is type /translate :<language abbreviation>-<language abbreviation><text>, like so:

HipChat Translate integration

Or like so:

HipChat Translate integration

(Who doesn’t love being told nice things in their own language?)

Yes, you need to know the language abbreviations for the languages you want to translate, but that’s easy—just type /translate :langs to get the full list of supported languages. There are over 60 of them!hipchat_translateEt voilà! Now you can understand each other perfectly, perfettamente, kikamilifu, өте жақсы… you get the idea.

“How Do I” answers your coding questions

There’s a lot to know about programming, and even the most knowledgeable programmers need to Google the answer to a coding dilemma sometimes.

How Do I for HipChat is a bot that answers your questions by pulling from Stack Overflow, the largest online knowledge-sharing community for programmers. Get the answer you need, without having to search through several pages of search results.HipChat How Do I integration

Well, that’s (awesome) for programmers—but not all of us know even a single thing about code (“JSON? Did they misspell ‘Jason’? Is that some new singer?”). Never fear, for How Do I still has end users (that’s what people who use a product are called, programmer or non-programmer) covered!

HipChat How Do I integration

Just type /howdoi and your question, and the answer is there at your command.

Analytics Bot tracks all the metrics

How’s your SEO game? How on point is your digital marketing? Analytics Bot can tell you. All you have to do is connect HipChat to your Google Analytics account, and you can keep on top of all your Analytics data without ever leaving HipChat.

HipChat analytics bot

Check out which event actions are occurring most often, and query them by source to see how many actions are coming from organic searches.

Even see which landing pages are performing well, which need more time in the spotlight, and which social networks are generating the biggest returns.

VoiceMyBot listens to you—really listens


The ability to speak to your computer—and have it respond to your voice—is no longer just science fiction. With SoftServe’s VoiceMyBot integration, you can access all of your HipChat integrations using Amazon Echo, just by connecting Alexa to your HipChat rooms. No extra tricks of programming required, although you can use Alexa’s open API to add custom integrations.

Receive instant notifications from your rooms. Directly interact with your rooms. Send responses to messages. Build and deploy source code. All using nothing but your own voice. How incredible is that?


With these integrations, you can take your ChatOps to a new level. Give them a shot—and check out our other integrations to see the hundreds of ways you can make HipChat your own.

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