New iOS app features get you to & through chats faster

| November 12, 2016

When you’re on mobile, it likely means you’re on the go or just straight busy. While it may not be time for a full discussion, you need quick ways to communicate with your team. New features on our iOS app—like the ability to reply from notifications and swipe through unread messages—help you connect with your team faster, so you can keep on keepin’ on.

Quick reply from your iPhone or Apple Watch

Mobile apps should be all about efficiency (hey, you have places to go). That’s why we’ve added a quick reply feature that lets you respond right from a notification. Get a notification, force touch to reply or send a thumbs-up or thumbs-down emoji, and communicate with your team without ever entering the app.

Quick reply HipChat

Whether you’re on the train, grabbing coffee, or even going for a quick morning jog, we’ve got you covered so you always know what’s happening faster.

(By the way, you’ll notice the Watch app is gone from your Watch—but fear not! You’ll still be able to get notifications, and now you can respond even faster with quick reply!)

Put your chats in the Spotlight

Another way we’ve expedited your workflow is by making rooms and chats accessible through Spotlight search. Simply pull down on the home screen to bring up Spotlight, search the name of any room or user in the lobby, and launch directly into that chat.Spotlight search HipChatMuch easier than scrolling through your whole list of chats in-app, isn’t it? We’re smooth like that.

Swipe through unread messages

Swiping left isn’t just for dating apps anymore. Now, swiping from the right edge within a chat will take you to the next chat that has unread messages, saving you time going back and forth between your chats and your chat list.Swipe right HipChatIt’s a quick and easy to way to catch up on everything going on.

Force touch reveals more options

We’ve also made it easy to see your most recent unread chats. When you apply a force touch to the home screen HipChat icon, it’ll show your three most recent chats, as well as a direct launch to find rooms and people.Force touch HipChat

It’s little details like that which make a huge difference in having an efficient workflow.

What’s improved

We’ve made a ton of fixes, but two big ones to note are: launching the app from a push notification now takes you to the correct chat, and our larger teams will now notice a significant improvement in performance (and fewer crashes).

This update was all about saving you precious time in your day and being efficient while on the go. Of course, this is only the latest goodness we have to offer you, and we’re not stopping anytime soon!