StatusPage Dashboard brings all your service alerts into HipChat

, Product Marketing | November 10, 2016

If you use cloud services for work, you know that the skies are not alway clear. When a storm hits a service you rely on, you need to know immediately so your customers don’t get rained on, too. Thanks to StatusPage, you can subscribe to the status pages of your tools to get alerts via email, SMS, RSS…and now right where you’re collaborating, HipChat!

Whether it’s one or dozens of services, you can subscribe to them all in HipChat. In your right sidebar, you have access to every alert from thousands of cloud services. hipchat_statuspage_dashboard

With just one click, you’ll know the most important details you need to stay dry and ride out the storm.

Alerts where you work

StatusPage is used by thousands of companies like BlueJeans and Dropbox, including many leading cloud providers, to communicate service performance to users. This means we know a lot about how the cloud is performing, and we can keep you and your team up-to-date when one of the services you use goes pear-shaped.

The new StatusPage integration lets you subscribe to thousands of services from your HipChat app (the kind of deluge we actually like!).
StatusPage Dashboard for HipChat

The integration will notify you every time a service encounters a performance issue or undergoes maintenance. Sitting neatly together in your right sidebar, you’ll be able to monitor every important cloud service you use.

Get StatusPage Dashboard

Simply install this integration in your team’s HipChat room, and presto! You’re set to subscribe to your cloud services, and even internal services from your company—VPN, email servers, HR systems—if you use a private StatusPage.

The integration supports public status pages, as well as any private status pages where your team has access. You don’t even need to create a StatusPage account to use it! Click-click-done—easier than opening an umbrella.