Amazon’s Alexa-powered bot brings ChatOps into the future

| October 31, 2016

VoiceMyBot Amazon Alexa

Here at HipChat, we love us some bots. Not only are they fun, but they also unleash a world of possibilities to solve different problems and make our lives easier. To unlock the full potential of automation in HipChat, we invested early on in a powerful integrations framework, HipChat Connect, that empowers developers to solve problems and build whatever they can imagine in HipChat.

But it’s not about tech for tech’s sake—it’s about incorporating this new technology into our daily routines to make work and collaboration easier and more powerful. By integrating the voice interface technology of Amazon Alexa with HipChat, SoftServe’s VoiceMyBot is making chat bots more accessible than ever before.

Chat, humanized

VoiceMyBot for Alexa is the first of its kind that allows Alexa to utilize the easiest and most efficient form of communication: human speech. By harnessing the power of our most natural form of communication, we can take the idea of ChatOps to an unprecedented level.

Studies have shown that voice recognition has the ability to recognize speech up to three times faster than we can type. What does this mean for you? Better, faster communication to help you get things done at hyper-speed.

Make it so

With VoiceMyBot’s innovative technology, you can access all of HipChat’s integrations using just two things: your voice and Amazon Echo. Upon connecting Alexa to your HipChat room, you can teach it commands to perform simple work tasks—for example, checking your website’s status and deploying a previous version in case it’s down.

This “speak to do” framework streamlines communication to its fastest and most basic form. Don’t see a command you want? Thanks to Alexa’s open API, you can easily add custom integrations. The opportunities are nearly as limitless as Captain Picard’s badassery.Amazon Alexa for HipChat

Never miss another important update

With VoiceMyBot, you not only can receive instant notifications from HipChat rooms, but also interact directly with a room to get things done in a flash.

You choose the alerts you want to hear and interact with. Say, “Alexa, ask HipChat for notification feed,” and you’ll hear the messages from the integrations you choose in the settings menu, such as broken builds or new tickets.

Best of all, you don’t even have to set down your coffee! It’s efficient, fast, and great on the go.

Here are just a few cool things that VoiceMyBot can do:

  • Provide voice notifications from all Atlassian HipChat Marketplace listings (without code integrations!)
  • Build and deploy your source code from your voice command
  • Ping your website or web service
  • ƒƒSend fast responses to messages on your behalf
  • Give you a brief summary of all new messages and site status updates

Deploy VoiceMyBot!

We’re constantly looking for ways to bring exciting, new technology to HipChat to make your work life easier—which is why we’re so excited about VoiceMyBot. It shows the potential of bots and HipChat working together to help you get things done! Ready for lift off? Visit the Atlassian Marketplace for step-by-step instructions.