Game on! A guide to games & bots in HipChat

| October 26, 2016

As a kid, I couldn’t get enough of games and science fiction. Yet as imaginative as I was, the idea of playing with games and robots in my professional life would have seemed like science fiction. But we live in the future now… and the future does indeed have games and robots where you work!

Using HipChat’s new integrations platform, our community builds all sorts of awesome things, and we always want to share what they’re creating with you. Read on to see what developers from around the world have been imagining into reality! Learn how to make your own game or bot here.

Note: After installed, you can access most of these games and bots in the right sidebar. To open the sidebar, click the “Show sidebar” button in the top right corner (to the left of the ellipses button). If you still don’t see the integrations, make sure you are clicked out of the Members, Files, or Links tab (as well as any other integration).

Get your game on

If you love games like I do, you know they’re much more than mindless entertainment: they teach us to solve problems, play as a team, and let ourselves take a break from all the serious business that’s constantly coming at us.

Now you and your team can blow off steam and have some fun anytime with games that connect right to your HipChat rooms!


Remember this game from when you were a kid? You got a piece of paper and some pens, added a grid of dots, and then competed with your friends to see who could complete the most boxes.

Now you can play it in HipChat!

hipchat boxy integration

Play against your teammates or the computer. Just click between the dots you want to connect, and your line will be drawn. Whoever completes a box gets a point added to their score, and the player with the most points wins.

Simple, but it requires more strategy than you might expect. That’s why the simplest games are often the most fun!


Before you could download thousands of games from your app store, many of us played Snake on our Nokia phones. We’ve come a long way since then, but this game has withstood the test of time and is now in HipChat.


You can invite your teammates to join you with a couple of clicks. Not only are you vying for that delicious piece of fruit, but you can also steal from the other players, like a sneaky… well, snake.

Whether you’re old enough to remember the first Snake games, or the game is older than you are, the good old days are back again in HipChat!

ROSHAMBO! (Rock-Paper-Scissors)

Play just for fun or to make decisions—where to go for lunch, who gets the last donut, who gets to watch the dog while his human goes to a meeting.

hipchat roshambo

Just type /rps and mention the teammate you want to challenge. Or if you want to add up to 10 rounds, type /rps, mention the teammate you want to challenge, and type a number between 1 and 10. However many rounds you’ve selected will show up in your right sidebar, and you just click on the action you want to take.

In addition, there are ways to make it even more interesting…

hipchat rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock

Invite bots to the team

No matter their age, pretty much everyone is at least a little bit wowed by robots. Well, HipChat has bots, too! Our HipBots are friendly creatures, here to make your life easier and/or more amusing.

Alias Bot

Alias Bot makes it simple to mention groups of people in a room, like people on a certain team or project (see an alias for the “iOS team” below).

hipchat alias bot

Alias makes sure you don’t have to type out all the names in a certain group every time you need to call them out. To create and manage an Alias, either click on the plus sign next to the chat box…


…or type /alias set, create a name for the group mention by typing @ + (group name), and mention all the teammates you want to include. Learn more.

Karma Bot

Everyone deserves a pat on the back when they do something awesome. Your teammates are awesome, so let them know that by giving them karma points.

hipchat karma bot

To give a teammate karma points, mention them with ++ after their name. Karma Bot will keep track of all the karma given (and taken away). Learn more.

Sassy Bot

Want to know what the weather’s like? Need a map? Looking for random lulz? Sassy and its limitless repository of Internet knowledge has you covered.

hipchat sassy bot

Just type /sassy plus a command to send a gif, image, video, weather, map, and so much more into a room. Learn more.

Standup Bot

Standup reports are the agile way to keep your team updated on everything you’ve accomplished during the day, and Standup Bot makes doing so with teammates across the globe a cinch.

hipchat standup bot

Type /standup, then your standup report, and boom—one and done. You’ll be able to see all your teammates’ standup report in the right sidebar, so you can review their work at your own convenience. Learn more.


Need a bot to do something that all these other bots don’t do? Create your own with Botler!


Once installed, you’ll be able to make your own commands and responses. It’s Botler at your service!

Extra treats

O RLY Cover Generator

When you just need to make something silly a parody O’Reilly book cover will do the trick. If you don’t know what an O’Reilly book is, don’t worry—your dev team does.

hipchat o rly covers

(See also: my own attempts at writing code.)

It’s just like any meme generator: fill in the fields in your right sidebar, select your animal and color preference, click Create Cover, and click Share in Room to show your teammates.

Adobe Image Editor

Editing and meme-ifying images can now be done right in HipChat!

image editor integration for hipchat

Edit any image shared in HipChat with Adobe Creative Cloud tools, then share the edited image with your team—all without ever leaving HipChat. Learn more.


Bring Kaomoji into HipChat, and express yourself in a whole new way!

kaomoji integration for hipchat

Kaomoji is a popular Japanese emoticon style using grammar punctuation to create myriad emoticons. Search by sentiment or popular characters in the right sidebar. We won’t tell your teammates that you didn’t type them out yourself.

For the developers out there, our API, HipChat Connect, enables anyone to create integrations for HipChat, and they can be as wacky and fun as you want them to be.

Look, adulting is kind of stressful and weird sometimes, and we all have moments where we’d love to go back to being a kid for just a little bit. A sweet dose of game nostalgia or a cool bot to brighten your day might be just the thing you need to reset your brain and make your team collaboration the best it can be.