HipChat’s new & improved features: another reason to fall in love with Fall

| October 20, 2016

The air is getting chilly here at HipChat headquarters…okay, we’re in San Francisco, so it’s getting chillier. But we’ve been keeping ourselves warm with pumpkin spice lattes, long sleeves, and a lot of hard work creating new and improved features like group video chat and screen sharing, as well as new integrations with your favorite tools.

New group video chat & screen sharing

Introducing the new HipChat Video platform with group video chat and screen sharing for up to twenty people, available now to HipChat Plus users.
HipChat group video
Now you can see all your teammates’ smiling faces, as well as their screens, no matter where in the world you’re collaborating. HipChat group screen sharing
The new HipChat Video platform puts group video chat and screen sharing in the same rooms where your team is already chatting, eliminating the need to sign into a bunch of different services or download random browser extensions. Learn more.

For HipChat Server users: Group video chat and screen sharing are in beta. No need to download anything extra—just make sure you’re running HipChat Server version 2.0.6 and desktop apps version 4.2.6 or higher. Learn more.

New & enhanced integrations

Herding cats files, projects, and teammates is now easier than ever with new and enhanced integrations for JIRA, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and StatusPage.

JIRA has more signal, less noise

The new JIRA integration brings your tickets and issues into the right sidebar so you can monitor the progress of projects at all times.
JIRA for HipChat integration
You can customize them by the project, issue type, priority, and more, making it possible to resolve issues in record time. Both HipChat Cloud and HipChat Server users can benefit from this powerful integration. Learn more.

Search for and share Google Drive files in HipChat

The Google Drive integration, courtesy of our friends at TOPDOX, lives in your sidebar, making accessing and sharing files a breeze. (Never worry about getting those fliers for the office Oktoberfest party out on time again!) Google Drive integration for HipChat
The Google Drive integration eliminates the need to spend precious minutes opening new windows, signing into different apps, scrolling like mad to find your files, downloading them, uploading them to your chat room…instead, that whole process is streamlined right in your HipChat sidebar.

Bring your Google Calendar into HipChat

With the new Google Calendar integration, seeing and sharing calendars is effortless. Your own calendar and those of your teammates can be seen with a glance, and you can choose which types of events you want to see (birthdays, holidays, seasonal beer tastings, you name it).
Google Calendar integration for HipChat
Your full schedule on any given day is just a click away, too, and you can set different calendars to different rooms. Learn more.

StatusPage keeps you in the know

StatusPage is used by thousands of companies, including several leading cloud providers, to communicate service performance to users. The new StatusPage Dashboard integration allows you to get notifications in HipChat for all the cloud tools you use and monitor.
StatusPage dashboard for HipChat
You’ll know immediately whenever your tools undergo maintenance or are experiencing an incident and can gather more information about the report right from HipChat.

HipChat Data Center beta is coming soon!

Atlassian’s Data Center deployment option for enterprise is about to be available for HipChat! If you know and love HipChat Server, you’ll find HipChat Data Center to be an even more powered-up version.

Cluster multiple active servers to ensure uninterrupted access even when hardware goes haywire. Use any kind of load-balancing technology, be it hardware or software. Scale performance and maintain high availability with multiple nodes—and don’t even worry about downtime.

Sign up to be among the first to experience the HipChat Data Center!

Improvements & fixes

We’ve also made some of our existing features better, as well as cleared out the cobwebs and gotten rid of a lot of bugs.

Chat input field

Now when you are in the search field and hit ESC, the search text will clear, and focus will be brought back to the chat input field so you can get back to chatting faster. Also, drag highlighted links or chunks of text into HipChat, and they’ll paste into your chat input field. Easy as apple pie! (Mmm, pie…)

Saving preferences

A lot of preferences weren’t being saved across various platforms—they were switching themselves back or otherwise not behaving the way they were supposed to. (There’s an idea for a horror movie, or at least a horror parody. The ChatOps app that developed a mind of its own…)

Now, when you switch your preferences, they’ll stay where you put them and do what they’re designed to do—no cursing or actual witchcraft required.

Making things disappear

Things like notifications and room topics were sticking around and continuing to haunt users who tried to delete them. Deleting now actually deletes.


Sidebars or chat histories wouldn’t scroll automatically or stay scrolled to where you wanted them. We fixed all of that weirdness.

Freezing and crashing

Things that no longer cause HipChat to freeze or crash: sharing a link to a very large image, disconnecting an external monitor, starting the Windows or Linux client, and a lot of other random things.

Stay tuned for more!

But of course, we’re never finished making HipChat the easiest, sleekest, most powerful, best-performing it can be. We’ve got more updates coming your way soon, and more after that, on and on into the singularity—so keep checking in with us to see what’s new. Stay cozy, and happy chatting!