HipChat Server: group video chat & screen sharing now in beta

, Product Marketing | October 10, 2016

HipChat Server group video chat and screen sharingAs teams get larger and globally distributed, we often need to connect over video at the drop of a hat. You might think in today’s world, it would be easy. But we debate over which video service to use and get bogged down with plugins to download.

We’ve solved that problem, putting group video chat and screen sharing where your team is already collaborating – your rooms. Available recently to HipChat Plus users, today we’re thrilled to announce group video chat in beta for HipChat Server.

The completely rebuild video chat platform rivals the most stable, reliable services on the market. Even more, there’s no need to download anything extra. With this update, your whole team will have access to group video chat and screen sharing.

Get more face time with group video chat

To access HipChat Video in beta, make sure you are running HipChat Server version 2.0.5 and desktop apps version 4.2.6 or higher. If you’re the group admin, get your team started by turning on the beta version in your server admin video settings.

To start a video chat, click the camera icon in any room and everyone in your room gets invited. No need to sign into another service or download yet another browser extension. It’s easier than ever to flesh out an idea with your colleagues.

Share your screen in a pinch

HipChat Server group screen sharing and video chatThe new video platform now gives you screen sharing. Anyone on the video chat can share a live view of documents or browser windows on their desktop. You decide which window to share, and HipChat will broadcast it to the room.

Of course, if you’re camera-shy, it’s easy to disable your own camera or mute yourself at any point.

Invite others to your video chats

HipChat Server group video chat and screen sharingThere are always times you need to pull other people into a discussion, and the new invite feature makes that simple. HipChat still supports 1-to-1 video chat in your private chats but with the added ability to invite other people using an invite URL.

To invite teammates, click the person icon, copy the invite URL, and share it with anyone in your group. Just like that your 1-to-1 video turns into a group video chat.

Video chat that’s ready to scale

HipChat Video is now powered by the latest WebRTC technology, meaning enterprise customers can get the performance and speed they expect, at scale. With dedicated servers throughout the globe, faster connections and better reliability reaches every corner of the world.

Get early access to the new HipChat Video

To access HipChat Video beta, you’ll need to have HipChat Server version 2.0.5 and clients version 4.2.6 or higher. Go to your server admin video settings, and turn on the beta version today.