Group video chat & screen sharing arrive in HipChat

, Product Marketing | August 18, 2016

HipChat Video: Group Video Chat & Screen Sharing

So often the best ideas happen outside of the meeting room. Inspiration doesn’t care about your schedule—it strikes when you’re refilling your coffee, taking a lunch break, or chatting in a room. But as the workforce becomes more distributed, teams are losing these casual opportunities to connect.

The new HipChat Video platform solves this problem, putting group video chat and screen sharing right where your team is already collaborating – your rooms. Completely rebuilt, the new HipChat Video platform rivals the most stable, reliable services on the market.
HipChat Video: Group Video Chat & Screen SharingThe brand new HipChat Video platform is now available to all HipChat Plus customers.

Group video chat right from your chat rooms

You can get every person on your team face-to-face in an instant by starting a group video chat from any HipChat room.

Update to the most recent version of our Mac, Windows, or Linux apps, and you’ll find a handy new camera icon right above the member list in every room. Click that ?  and everyone in your room gets invited to a group video chat.

HipChat Video: Group Video Chat & Screen Sharing

No need to sign into another service, download a random browser extension, or lose the context of the conversation that inspired the video chat. It’s the virtual version of spinning your chair around to flesh out an idea with colleagues.

It’s fast, simple, and available at no extra cost to HipChat Plus customers.

Get on the same page with screen sharing

It’s also easy to share your screen in a video chat. Anyone on the call can share a live view of documents or browser windows on their desktop.

HipChat Video: Group Video Chat & Screen SharingThe HipChat team depends on group screen sharing to update agile boards during daily stand-ups, spar on wireframes, and build out roadmaps.

You decide which window to share, and HipChat will broadcast it to the room.

Of course, if you’re camera-shy (or *ahem* just stepped out of the shower), it’s easy to disable your own camera or mute yourself at any point in a call (highfive).

1-to-1 video chat made more dynamic

There are always times you need to pull other people into a discussion, and the new invite feature makes that simple.

HipChat still supports 1-to-1 video chat in your private chats but with the added ability to invite other people using an invite URL. HipChat Video: Group Video Chat & Screen Sharing

To invite teammates, click the person icon, copy the invite URL, and share it with anyone in your group. Just like that your 1-to-1 video turns into a group video chat.

Smoother, faster & ready to scale

Of course, a great user experience goes beyond what’s on the surface (although we do hope you’ll like the new ringtone).

HipChat Video is now powered by the latest WebRTC technology, which delivers the video quality and speed you expect in 2016. And we’ve dedicated servers throughout the globe for better reliability in every corner of the world.

We’ve also accelerated the speed at which it takes to connect to a video chat. Thanks to improvements in HipChat video’s NAT traversal, your calls will connect faster and more reliably than ever – especially for enterprise-scale customers.

Get your group video chat on

Group video chat and screen sharing is now available to all HipChat Plus customers. Just make sure you’re running the latest desktop apps. The new HipChat Video is coming to HipChat Server customers soon.