HipChat apps are sun-kissed with new features

, Product Marketing | July 14, 2016


Summer is upon us, bringing with it the sweet smell of BBQ, a warm breeze at night, and tons of fresh updates to all our HipChat apps. Whether in the office or globe trotting, improvements and new features across desktop and mobile apps will make your working life more relaxing from anywhere.

We’ve been laser-focused on bringing you new features and improvements that make HipChat more reliable, organized, and powerful. There is no vacation for HipChat, and we’ll be continuing to churn out updates that make your experience better throughout the summer and into the future.

Here’s a summary of what’s new over the past few weeks, but keep checking back for more updates to come!

Desktop delights

HipChat on the desktop and web is better organized and more personable than ever, with extra attention given to making a better experience for big teams.

Make sure you’re on our latest apps to get the best features and performance.

Mac: v4.24.0
Windows: v4.0.1648

To check your version number, click “HipChat” in to top menu of your screen, then”About HipChat.” Or just click “Check for updates.” Download all the latest apps at hipchat.com/download.

Fresh features

Avatars in your Members list

HipChat avatars

We brought avatars into the room Members list so you can now easily identify room members at a glance. It’s super helpful when you’ve got six Michaels on your team.

Pro-tip: you can always find your room admin because their name is bolded in the member list.

Alphabetical Members list for large groups

We know big groups have some rooms with over 100 members. While the Members list is normally sorted by presence status (available, away, offline), that’s not very useful for large rooms. To make it easier to find people in a Members list of over 100 users, we now sort alphabetically by first name.


Finding who you need in a large room is as simple as A, B, C.

Important improvements

New color schemes for /code

We improved our color schemes for /code messages in both light and dark themes to make your code crisper and easier to read.

HipChat code slash commandHipChat code slash commandNo matter if you’re feeling light or dark, your code will be crystal clear.

Faster reconnections

We’ve goosed up our reconnection speeds. Get back to chatting faster after a lost connection or after waking up your computer from sleep mode.

Improvements to how we handle presence also means better indication of your reconnection status to teammates.

Bug fixes

We fixed some pesky bugs related to video calls, room sorting, and maintaining consistent status across desktop and mobile devices.

Mobile magnificence

Our mobile teams have been hard at work to bring smoother all-around experiences to you on the go. Make sure you’re on the latest versions:

Android: v3.13.008
iOS: v3.12.0

Android afresh


The new FileViewer lets you preview files shared in a room without downloading them to your device. Check out files in your app and keep on moving.

Zoom into code snippets

Squint no further. You can now view /code snippets in full screen or double tap to zoom in even further.

Attach photos in-app

You can now attach a photo in-app, no file-picker needed. You’ll see previews of your photos right in the app and choose to your liking.

Improvements and bug fixes

Our room and user search went to summer school and it’s smarter than ever. Just type a few characters in the search box and we’ll find what you’re looking for.

We also fixed some bugs related to messages that would bounce (literally) in chat view, slow emoticon loading, catching up chats and formatting bugs.

iOS in shape

Message queuing

You’ll love the new message queuing feature that will make sure all your messages get sent regardless of your internet connection status! That means you can send messages while connecting or offline and HipChat will store them until you’re back online.

Once you’re reconnected, decide whether to send the messages or cancel. Never lose a great idea or follow up idea because of shoddy WiFi.

Copy and paste images

You can also copy and paste an image into chat now – Huzzah for trending memes!

Improvements and bug fixes

We juiced up scrolling speed so you can catch up on team conversations between meetings. We also fixed some bugs that caused crashing.

Check back for more updates throughout the year! We’ve got lots of awesome things coming down the pipeline that we know you’ll love. Until next time, happy chatting!