Meet Sassy Bot: Sassy knows (allthethings)

, Product Marketing | July 11, 2016

HipChat bot Sassy

Fun-loving and wise, Sassy Bot has the Internet at its disposal and isn’t afraid to use it. With a simple slash command, Sassy will retrieve images, .gifs, maps, videos, weather, and more.

Armed with knowledge and a sense of humor, your team will be sure to have a laugh with this witty character.

After installing, type any of these commands plus text to get this bot talking:
HipChat Sassy Bot

The /meme command has many options to choose from! Just type /meme into a room to get a list of all its many meme-creating abilities. Some of our favorites are:

  • /meme {image url or search}|{top text}|{bottom text}
  • /meme y u no {text}
  • /meme brace yourself {text}
  • /meme {text} all the {things}
  • /meme not sure if {something} or {something else}
  • /meme one does not simply {text}
  • /meme what if I told you {text}

See Sassy Bot at work

hipchat-bots-sassy-gifs2 HipChat-sassy_weatherHipChat Sassy bot

Note: You can disable Sassy Bot from any room with /sassy disable.

The best part about Sassy (true to its name) is you never know what it’s going to share. Start by typing “/anim panda” and see what appears!

And don’t expect to get the same results twice—this bot searches far and wide for a mixture of top results. Learn more or install now.

Bots are a great way to add resources and fun to your HipChat rooms. Sassy is just one of many friendly bots you can invite into HipChat. Get to know them all!
HipChat Sassy Bot