Hosted Graphite integration is the ChatOps solution for DevOps

, Product Marketing | June 08, 2016

The new Hosted Graphite integration is a simply beautiful fusion of two key aspects of software development – monitoring and communication – allowing DevOps teams to run ChatOps in its best form.

Hosted Graphite, a monitoring service for development teams running applications at scale, uses its new alerting feature to pipe alerts into your HipChat rooms.

When an alert goes off, Hosted Graphite immediately posts a notification in your HipChat room. This gives your team a graph, the metric name for your alert, and the conditions that caused it to fire.

hosted_graphite_notificationBut that’s just the beginning. Hosted Graphite understands that context switching it expensive, costing your team precious time during incidents. This integration uses the Glance view (right side bar) to give you important information at a glance. You’ll know at any moment if there are new alerts.

You can also see a full list of alerts, showing which ones are unhealthy and what the alert conditions are.


When an alert comes into HipChat, you’ll likely want to check a dashboard to look for correlations and see the magnitude of the problem. Just click the link to the alert to be taken straight to that Hosted Graphite dashboard.

If you have a lot of dashboards, you can easily find the one you’re looking for with the search feature.


Using HipChat’s new integrations platform, Hosted Graphite has built a rich experience embedded right into the HipChat interface, allowing dev teams to run ChatOps at a whole new level.