Puppet Enterprise integration: monitor & collaborate on operations in HipChat

, Product Marketing | May 23, 2016

If you’re a systems administrators or application admin, you probably spend much of your day in the command line interfacing with version control systems, initiating infrastructure jobs, and monitoring (allthethings). You probably also spend your day in HipChat communicating with your team. The new Puppet Enterprise for HipChat integration bridges the gap between conversation and action so you can run operations within chat, initiating a ChatOps collaboration model.

Taking advantage of our new integrations platform, the Puppet Enterprise integration lets you know immediately in HipChat when change is being delivered to your infrastructure. You can also monitor and collaborate on change in flight and push change – all from your HipChat right side panel (called the Glance).

The Puppet integration uses the Glance view to show you all the jobs run by the Puppet orchestrator. No need to scroll through your conversation to see what you’ve missed while you were away.

You can also browse past Puppet orchestrator jobs and view the event logs of each job. Monitor jobs as they’re running. And yes, keep on chatting with your team at the same time.


Having all this relevant information in your right side panel keeps your chat window focused on conversation. When you want to create a conversation around a specific change, simply push the “Share with Room” button to create a card in the chat window with a link to the same information you’re seeing.

The integration uses Puppet Enterprise’s RBAC token system to securely map HipChat users to Puppet Enterprise users in order to fully respect RBAC rules in Puppet Enterprise. This means you only see information you’re allowed to see and you only get control of things you’re allowed to control.

More and more, we see teams taking advantage of ChatOps by integrating their most important tools into chat. ChatOps eliminates the friction between conversation and action so that operations becomes a seamless part of your team communication.