TOPDOX integration brings the cloud into HipChat

, Product Marketing | May 10, 2016

TOPDOX integration with HipChat

The cloud is a large, infinite place. Or so it may seem. With the new TOPDOX integration, the cloud feels accessible from chat in the simplest way.

TOPDOX connects cloud services Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive to HipChat. Rather than searching each cloud service individually to share or find a file, this integration consolidates the search process right inside of HipChat.

No need to remember in which app you stored your files – just search by keyword and your entire cloud will flow instantly into HipChat.

TOPDOX integration in HipChat

Once integrated, just click the TOPDOX glance in the right side bar. Click “My Drives” and search by keyword. You can also see all the files you’ve shared to the room through TOPDOX under “Shared to room.”

We believe team collaboration should be simple. Just because you use tons of different services doesn’t mean you should be alt-tabbing all day long. That’s why integrations like this, plus over 100 more, make us so excited! More than ever, your work is centralized in HipChat, helping you and your team stay focused and productive throughout the day.