Meet Karma Bot

, Product Marketing | May 02, 2016

Karma Bot

It’s an age-old lesson, and it continues in HipChat: do good, and good will come to you. Karma Bot makes sure this is so.

Karma Bot enhances camaraderie and teamwork in any HipChat room by giving your team a fun, easy way to celebrate and encourage teammates. Using this bot, you’ll be able to give (and take away) karma points to teammates in your HipChat rooms, and this wise bot will keep tally.

Karma Bot

Here’s how Karma Bot works

Once installed, @mention any user in the room and add “++” to give karma or “–” to take it away (hey, not every teammate interaction is a good one). The more pluses or minuses you give, the more points they receive or lose.

Karma Bot makes sure you’re not too hard on yourself…Karma Bot

…but also keeps you honest.

Karma Bot

And it never forgets a good (or bad) deed. Watch your score climb as you do more and more awesome work with your team.

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Learn more about Karma Bot here or install it now by clicking the button below. Before installing, you’ll be prompted to log into your HipChat account.