Adobe Image Editor: Edit, enhance & meme-ify images in HipChat

, Product Marketing | April 20, 2016

Adobe Image Editor integration in HipChatDesigners, marketers, engineers, and meme-lovers alike will fawn over the new Adobe Image Editor in HipChat. Instead of uploading and downloading images all day, you can now edit and create beautiful images right inside of HipChat using the power of Adobe. And that is some serious muscle.

The integration uses the Adobe Creative SDK API to access the Adobe Creative Cloud platform directly in HipChat. Using HipChat’s new integrations platform, this is one of the most powerful integrations on the market, and yet also one of the simplest to use.

Once added to HipChat, use the Image Editor to edit and enhance any image shared in any room. Click the ellipses to the right of the image, then “Edit this image.” A full-functioning image editor will pop up. When you’re done editing, share it back into the room with one click.

Within the Image Editor, your options are many. Do everything from crop to add lighting and color to inserting stickers and text on the image. Here are all your choices:
HipChat Adobe Image Editor integration
The power of Adobe Creative Cloud now lives within HipChat. Whereas we once relied on MS Paint to make subtle changes, you can now create a fully designed and annotated images right in chat.

Whether you’re using this integration to show design feedback, annotate marketing notes, or create a well-made image—the Adobe Image Editor is your new go-to.

And have some fun with it! MOAR memes, anyone? And yes, my dog needed sunglasses to describe the great weekend we had together.

Image of dog in HipChat with Adobe Image Editor  →  Edited image of dog in HipChat using Adobe Image Editor

Learn more about the Adobe Image Editor and 34 other new integrations using the power of HipChat’s new integrations platform here. Click the button below to connect the Image Editor to HipChat.