HipChat video integrations now include BlueJeans & HYFY

, Product Marketing | April 05, 2016

Modern team communication is all about freedom—freedom to work where, when, and how you want. While only a few years ago it was a challenge to work remotely, today the idea of working on a beach in Bali doesn’t raise an eyebrow. HipChat makes this possible.

For remote teams or workers, the power of face-to-face communication can often be what’s needed to keep everyone in sync. For these times, HipChat video and video integrations are there to help.

HipChat provides a native video feature for HipChat Plus users, but for Basic users (or those who prefer other options), we also have a robust lineup of free video integrations.

Today we’re excited to announce two additions to this lineup, BlueJeans and HYFY. With other video integrations on HipChat like Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, and appear.in, the freedom to choose is yours.

Each of these integrations holds different advantages for your team, whether you need group video, screen sharing, or screen recording. Get the full scope on all our video integrations below.


BlueJeans is a video conferencing service that offers group video and screen sharing across a wide range of devices. Their new HipChat integration is the perfect example of team communication made simple. Using our new integrations platform, this integration does not require slash commands to use and is actually a part of the HipChat user interface.

HipChat video integration with BlueJeans

Once you’ve integrated BlueJeans, simply click the “+” button, then “Meet now on BlueJeans.”

HipChat video integration with BlueJeans

A link will be placed in your room so teammates can hop right on the video conference.

To set up this integration, you’ll need a personal BlueJeans account. Sign up for a free BlueJeans account here.


HYFY is an awesome chrome extension that lets you record your screen along with audio narration and quickly share it with teammates. HYFY is perfect for any scenario when showing is easier than explaining. Need to explain a bug in your product? Show it. Want to demonstrate the new flow of your website? Show it. You get the idea.

In the .gif below, see internal IT support helping a teammate set up their dashboard using the power of HYFY in HipChat:

HYFY for HipChat video integration

This new integration uses the power of our new integrations platform to make video recording and sharing a seamless part of the HipChat experience.

Once you’ve recorded a video, you’ll be immediately prompted to share in HipChat. And with one click, it’s in your room. Better yet, videos are playable right in HipChat so your entire team can watch and discuss without switching apps.

HYFY for HipChat video integration

All your HYFY videos will be neatly organized in the right side panel. Discuss, play, or open the video in HYFY. Click “Discuss” to add it to your chat feed and generate discussion. Or just play it right in HipChat.

Google Hangouts

If your team is already using Google, Hangouts is just the fit for your video needs. Hangouts provides free voice and video calls with screen sharing for up to 10 people. And it’s super easy to use.

Google Hangouts integration for HipChat

Once integrated with HipChat, just type “/hangout” into any room and a link to join will be added. Teammates just need to click the link to join.


GoToMeeting in HipChat is another fabulous choice for team video conferencing. No need to sign up or pay for anything—the GoToMeeting integration on HipChat is completely free and provides your team with group video chat and screen sharing.

GoToMeeting video integration for HipChat

Once integrated, just type “/g2m” and a link to join the meeting will be posted in your room. Then meet away without any strings attached to a service.


Last but certainly not least, appear.in is a group video and screen sharing tool. As with GoToMeeting, there is no need to sign up or pay a thing. It’s really that simple.

appear.in video integration on HipChat

Once integrated, just type “/appear” and a link to a video conference will be posted. Teammates in that room can join and discuss as needed.


The power of integrations make HipChat so much more than chat. Thanks to amazing partners like BlueJeans and HYFY making new integrations, teams continue to be able to do more and more in HipChat.

What is your favorite of these video integrations? Let us know below!