HipChat Bots: A guide for the humans

, Product Marketing | February 24, 2016

HipChat bots, HipBotsHipChat bots, or “HipBots” as we call them, have long been a HipChatter’s best friend: loyal, dutiful, and, if we do say so ourselves, adorable. Each bot is gifted with its own unique skill, helping your team stay organized and do its best work. Better yet, they’re easy to install and happy to work 24/7. Explore all our bots here. Learn about four of our favorites below.

Sassy is a great friend, always sharing its knowledge and quick-thinking with us. Karma keeps us honest, and we all need that. Standup makes sure we stick to our tasks. And Alias makes group mentions a breeze.
HipChat bots, HipBots

Today, we’re happy to announce that two of our favorite HipChat bots, Alias and Standup, have returned from the shop and are shinier and smarter than ever. These bots are now extra human-friendly—easier to set up and use and designed for the best human experience.

Get to know these helpful HipChat Bots, and see how they can help your team work do its best.

Alias Bot: Knows your name

alias_bot_mainAlias Bot is one of the most useful of the bunch. When you’re in a room with many teammates, you may want to @mention a specific group of people, say the marketing team or the team that works in New York.

Sure, you could @mention each individual person, but that’s pretty exhausting. Instead, Alias Bot lets you set up @mentions for any group of people.


This is great for company-wide rooms or rooms with very large teams. There are always segments within teams, and being able to call them out specifically (and easily) is a great benefit of Alias.

The new Alias Bot make is easier to use than ever. Once you’ve installed Alias, you’ll notice “Find an alias” added to your “+” button in the input box.HipChat bots, HipBots

You can then add as many aliases as you want…

HipChat bots, HipBots

And also peruse the current ones.

HipChat bots, HipBotsIn your chat room, just @mention the name of the alias and all people assigned to that alias will be notified.

Don’t worry—you can still do all this through slash commands, should you wish. To create a new alias just type “/alias set” + “@mention” desired for new alias + “@mentions” of users. You can also list, remove, and show aliases.

HipChat Alias Bot

Standup Bot: Report for dutyHipChat bot Standup

Standup Bot is any agile team’s go-to bot. But, truth be told, this bot is helpful for any team.

Standup is an agile ceremony in which each teammate shares what they worked on the day before and what they’ll work on today. This process keeps team members in sync and boosts transparency as a whole.

While some teams do this in person, many others use their HipChat rooms. That’s where Standup Bot comes in. Anytime someone submits a standup report prefixed with the command “/standup”, Standup Bot records it.HipChat_standup_1

The new Standup Bot neatly organizes all your teammates’ reports in your right side panel. When (and if) you want to see the reports, they’re all there for you, separate from the hustle and bustle in your chat room.HipChat bots, HipBots

Whether you want to see what everyone is working on in the morning, noon, or night—the information is there for you.HipChat Standup Bot

Sassy Bot: Sassy knows (allthethings)

HipChat bot Sassy

Sassy is fun, but also an intellect. Basically, Sassy has the Internet at its disposal and isn’t afraid to use it. With a simple command, Sassy will retrieve images, .gifs, maps, videos, weather, and more.hipchat-bots-sassy-gifs2

After installing, simply type any of these commands to get this bot talking: /anim, /face, /giphy, /img, /info, /lmgtfy, /map, /meme, /sticker, /video, /weather


The best part about Sassy (true to its name) is you never know what it’s going to share. Start by typing “/anim panda” and see what appears!HipChat Sassy Bot

Karma Bot: What goes around, comes around

HipChat bot Karma

It’s the age-old lesson, and it continues in HipChat. Do good, and good will come to you. Karma Bot makes sure that’s so.

Karma Bot is a great way to congratulate, celebrate, and encourage teammates. Once installed, simply @mention any user in the room and add “++” to give karma and “- -” to take it away (hey, not every teammate interaction is a good one).


Then Karma keeps the tally! Watch your score climb as you do more and more awesome work with your team.

HipChat Karma Bot

Now, more than ever before, these HipChat Bots play a fundamental role in team communication. Using simple commands in your rooms, bots perform tasks that make collaboration easier and keep your team in sync.

They are your friends in ChatOps—a collaboration model that puts people, tools, and automation together into one easy-to-read workflow. Starting with these HipChat Bots is a logical and fun first step.

Not using ChatOps yet? Learn more here. Not on HipChat? Sign your team up for free!