Be gone, browser! Welcome Cloudo in HipChat

, Product Marketing | February 11, 2016

HipChat for Cloudo add-on

The cloud’s ability to store infinite amounts of information has given us so much – but it also creates “cloud clutter.” At first you used just a few cloud services, say Gmail, Dropbox, and Trello. But fast forward a few years, and you’re probably using tens of services in the cloud to get your work done. And that means all the files that are most important to you are scattered and difficult to find.

Cloudo changes that.

And now by bringing Cloudo into HipChat, chat is one step further in replacing the browser at work.

Cloudo is a search tool that lets you search all your cloud apps at once. That means all your various cloud services have a common thread, pulled neatly together through Cloudo. It doesn’t matter where your documents are stored, they’re always available in a snap.

This is the new landscape of the cloud in chat – not a wide, open, unsearchable place, but a tightly knit web of all your favorite apps. Not a browser with tons of tabs, but one central place to access the cloud. Simple, inviting, easy.

With the Cloudo integration, your docs, contracts, code repos, and calendar attachments are closer to hand than ever before than ever.

Before today, we all spent far too much time searching for files in the place we stored them. Wait, where did I put that again? Was it in Dropbox? Google Drive? No, I think maybe Gmail.

Now it doesn’t matter where your docs are stored. They’re all a click away in HipChat, eliminating countless tabs and apps to open.

HipChat for Cloudo add-on
Alt-tab meets its match

Every team works with documents and assets, whether it’s design mockups or budget reports. And depending on the asset, we all save them in different places – design assets in Dropbox, budgets in Google Spreadsheets, reminders in Evernote, and boards of every kind in Asana and Trello. In one way, we love all these services, but in another, it’s taxing to keep track of them all.

Teams now have a simple way to search their entire cloud with the Cloudo integration. And it’s personal for each teammate. Connect all your cloud apps in less than 5 minutes (really!).

More than a new utility

The Cloudo integration is the next logical step in ChatOps for every team. Cloudo removes the friction between you and finding your work. HipChat has nailed sharing with your team, Cloudo has nailed finding. Together, we’re bringing the underlying value of ChatOps to every team by making it easier than ever to run your business in HipChat.

Cloudo represents a new class of integrations for HipChat. It’s a utility that benefits the team by making individuals faster.

Cloudo is configured per-room and per-user. This means as a HipChat user and Cloudo user, each person can only search the files and cloud services they’ve enabled in Cloudo. Your teammates will never see your files. They only see what I want to share with them.