HipTip: Go to the dark side & do your best work

, Product Marketing | February 03, 2016


Our recent app updates are packed with new features, from per-room notifications to avatars to quick search. In fact, there are so many new features that it’s easy to pass one by. That’s why we’ll be highlighting some of our favorite new features in our “HipTip” series, sharing with you the very newest and best of HipChat.

For today, follow me to the dark side

When the new dark mode feature first came into HipChat, many of my teammates cooed over the aesthetics, loving the nice, bright blues for @mentions and the way images pop out so clearly.

I like all that, too. But, for me, it provides the most luxurious respite from the bright computer screen I stare at most of my days.

In the mornings, increasing the brightness of my screen is as essential as coffee, giving me that extra boost to engage in work. My eyes open wide, awakening me to the day before me. But without fail, within a few hours, my eyes begin to tingle, then sting. I rub them, and look away from the computer in need of relief.

But now I can find solace. Now I can change my HipChat theme from light to dark. The intensity of the screen fades away, and I’m left in a peaceful, calm place. HipChat themes aren’t static, they can be adjusted to give me daily relief from the bright lights and then an extra energy boost, again, when needed.

Toggling between light and dark mode is easy:

1. Click your avatar in the top right corner, and click “Settings.”

2. Click “Appearance” on the left, and change your theme.


To keep up with all our new features, check back here on our blog regularly. We’ll be giving you all the insider tips that make HipChat living a breeze. We’ve also got tons of new features brewing right now, which we’ll be serving up in the coming months.

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