5 New tricks to get more done & have more fun in HipChat

, Product Marketing | January 21, 2016

Last year, we introduced tons of new features that make HipChat even slicker, smoother, and more fun to use. Up your HipChat game with these 5 new tips and tricks, making you the pro we always knew you were. If you like these, you’ll also dig our tips and tricks for power users.

 1. Connect (allthethings) to HipChat

One of the most exciting additions to HipChat is our new API called HipChat Connect, which allows developers to build full-functioning add-ons in HipChat.

What does that mean for you? That means that you’ll spend considerably less time bouncing around between apps. Instead, the information you need will come straight to you in HipChat, neatly organized in your side bar, where you then take important actions straight away.

HipChat add-ons include Uber, Zendesk, StatusPage, Facebook, and Sentry, to name just a few. New add-ons are being created every week, so make sure to check hipchat.com/connect for all the new updates!

Note: All new HipChat groups have HipChat Connect already enabled. For an existing HipChat group, just install one HipChat Connect add-on and it will be enabled for your entire group.

2. Unleash emoticon frenzy

HipChat custom emoticons

In HipChat’s history, emoticons have played a special role. Basically, we love them. And we know you do, too. That’s exactly why we gave emoticon-creating powers to every user, not just admins. Anyone (yes, you!) can create emoticons easily with our emoticon shrink ray.

Since everyone needs to use their creative juices, we upped the custom emoticon limit from 100 to 500! Now there is enough room for every person’s dogs, babies, and favorite memes.

3. Bring your teams together…but not too close

HipChat multiple accounts

You’re very popular, we know that. And maybe that means you’re a part of more than one HipChat group. This used to be difficult to maneuver, but no more.

Now, you can connect multiple accounts to your HipChat app and easily go back and forth between groups without a hiccup.

4. Personalize HipChat for your every mood

HipChat dark mode

We created HipChat, but it’s all yours. And we want you feel perfectly at home when you’re there. To do that, we’ve added more settings that let you personalize the app to your liking (available in Web and Windows).

You have the controls to set your theme from dark to light mode, adjust text density, add or remove avatars, and show either names or mentions.

Take another step further by adding an animated gif avatar. It’s pretty rad.

5. Treat all rooms differently (per-room notifications)


If you’re anything like us, you’re a part of a lot of rooms. But that doesn’t mean you need to treat them all equally. With new per-room notifications (available in Web and Windows), you can turn the volume on any room up or down, based on priority.

And change it around at anytime, just as your priorities and projects change.


We hope you enjoy these new goodies. There’s a lot more on the horizon for all of our HipChat apps, so make sure to stay tuned on our blog or follow us on Twitter.


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