Quick HipTip: Be your best self with animated gif avatars

, Product Marketing | January 06, 2016


Hold up, folks! The time is now for your short, little, tiny tip of the day that makes for a big, grand, and boisterous effect. That, my friends, is animated avatars. As in, use them.

HipChat avatars animated

You only need to look above to see how fun it makes the chat experience.

It’s super easy to change it up. First go to your Account Settings. If you use Web or Windows, click your avatar in the top right corner and click your name. On Mac or Linux, click your avatar in the top right corner, click Settings, then click “Manage account” in the top right.

From there, you can change your photo in a hot minute.

HipChat animated gif avatars

Feeling frustrated? Let your avatar do the speaking for you, like my dinosaur choice above. Or keep it light and fun like my first example. Whatever you choose, it will be a hoot hollerin’ good time. For inspiration: giphy.com.

What is the best animated avatar you’ve used on HipChat?