Engage your community with new HipChat Connect add-ons

, Product Marketing | November 18, 2015

HipChat Connect add-ons

HipChat Connect add-ons for business teams just got a whole lot cooler.

Traditionally HipChat has been used to communicate with teammates internally, but with the dawn of HipChat Connect, HipChat lets you bring the outside world in. The new class of add-ons let you do some pretty incredible things, including engage with your community in a way that makes sense for your business.

Built with business teams in mind, we’re happy to share add-ons from Notify, Wittified, and Smooch to help you connect with your most important asset – your customers and partners. Sales, marketing, and customer support teams – this one’s for you! Explore HipChat Connect

Make HipChat your social command center

Notify for HipChat ConnectNotify does just what it sounds like: notifies you. Want to know what people are saying about your brand? Notify is just the thing you need.

With this integration, you will know instantly in HipChat when your business is mentioned on social media, blogs, and search engines.

Marketing teams will love Notify. Our HipChat team relies on this add-on to track mentions of our brand across ProductHunt, HackerNews, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (see right).

Once you install Notify, your team can take actions in Twitter, Buffer, and Trello from within HipChat.

See an awesome mention of your brand? Send it straight to Buffer. Need to follow up on something you saw? Create a Trello card from any mention. Want to respond to a tweet? Reply, retweet, and favorite any Twitter mention.

Long-live the call center – in HipChat

Your users and partners are your lifeline. When they reach out, you want to know immediately and be able to coordinate with your team about next steps.

With Wittified CallCenter, you can turn HipChat into your very own team call center.


In HipChat, you’ll receive phone calls and voicemail. With a click, answer, join, and listen to calls and voicemail. This isn’t a prank call, it’s really that simple.
HipChat Connect Wittified Call Center

Wittified is one of our top add-on vendors in the Atlassian Marketplace. They’ve built killer add-ons for JIRA, BitBucket, and Confluence, and we’re thrilled to add HipChat to the Wittified squad.

Customer engagement from your team room

smooch_1Smooch is an appropriate name for this service as it lets you get up close and personal and share some lovin’ with your favorite peeps – your users and customers.

Send traditional customer service out the door. smooch_2Using Smooch in HipChat, you’ll be able to communicate with your users right from HipChat, never leaving your home base for a moment.

Customer requests are shared in your team room, and Smooch uses HipChat Connect’s glance view to show the customer profile – with order history and their photo. Questions and support tickets will flow into HipChat, where you can instantly share with your team and directly respond to the user.

And by directly respond to the user, we mean you can compose a message in HipChat that Smooch delivers in-app to your customer.

Enable HipChat Connect for your team

By integrating these apps into HipChat, we’re bringing your user base cohesively into your team’s workflow. Now the voice of your user is a part of your HipChat experience, and they are a part of yours.

Note: All new HipChat groups have HipChat Connect already enabled. For an existing HipChat group, just install one HipChat Connect add-on and it will be enabled for your entire group.

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