Boost work productivity with keyboard shortcuts

, Product Marketing | September 29, 2015

HipChat slash commands

If you’ve been using HipChat, you already know how much faster work gets done when using chat. But let’s amp up your work productivity another notch.

If you’re not using all of HipChat’s productivity-enhancing features like keyboard shortcuts, you’re wasting precious time. And that just drives us crazy!

Ok, we’ll calm down. But really, keyboard shortcuts – use them.

Keyboard shortcuts let you to navigate HipChat without touching your mouse. Quickly  join, create, or close rooms, invite people to rooms, and search room and chat history.

For a list of keyboard shortcuts on the web app while using Windows or Linux, type Ctrl + /. On a Mac, use ⌘ + /. Here is the full list of keyboard shortcuts:

HipChat Keyboard Shortcuts

If you’re digging this boost in productivity, you’ll also love slash commands, which help you format your text in HipChat, among other nifty actions.