Emoticon throwdown – HipChat sticker packs are here

| August 18, 2015

Earlier this month, we unleashed emoticon anarchy when we made it possible for anyone to add a custom emoticon to their HipChat group. Thanks for keeping things SFW. Now we’re going to make your emoticon game even more awesome – HipChat now supports emoticon packs.

The packs are just zip files of images, so create your own, and then share them with the world.

Meet your first pack, brought to you by Major League Gaming

Our first pack comes from the incredible team at Major League Gaming – the global leader in eSports. They’ve graciously shared 13 of their custom HipChat emoticons with all of us.

HipChat's Major League Gaming emoticon pack

To get the MLG pack, just download this zip file, and add it to your group’s emoticon list.

On our team, we’ve had a good time using (letsgo) to get meetings started, and (jason) when an idea is about to get murdered. Share with us how you’ve used them in the comments, or link us to your packs so we can try them out.