Thanks to you, emoticon limit is raised to 500!

, Product Marketing | August 05, 2015

Just last month we gave emoticon-creating powers to everyone (not just admins), and it was the dawn of a new era: HipChat custom emoticons But there was one, big problem: the emoticon limit. HipChat custom emoticons So, we turned to you. On Twitter, we asked for your retweets in return for upping the emoticon limit. HipChat custom emoticons And man, did you come through. You raised the emoticon limit from 100 to a whopping 500! Mathematically, that’s 5 times the fun. We’re stoked, and we hope you are, too. In the emoticon spirit, we pulled this oldie but goodie video out to give you a good laugh (or maybe an idea or two on how to use emoticons for…everything). Enjoy! Ready to create your own emoticons? Learn more!