HipChat is about to get weird(er): custom emoticons for all!

| July 09, 2015

HipChat Custom Emoticons

Hold on to your butts. Starting today, you have the power to create custom emoticons for your group. Our emoticon shrink-ray will optimally size the images you want. Presto.

Go ahead, shrink the kids.

We are laser-focused on bringing you features that help you communicate faster, and while emoticons are super fun, they also play a meaningful role in how teams work together. They convey the most important elements of communication – tone and intention. They are the feature we just can’t get enough of (and we don’t think we’re alone).

With our emoticon shrink-ray, you can upload images (png, gif, jpg) up to 2MB of any resolution, with a minimum 30px on a side. We’ll resize the image size down to the appropriate scale for 4x, 3x, 2x, 1x resolution for all your current and future retina needs.

And don’t forget to upload some animated gifs because, shoot, those things are awesome.

If you’re an admin, don’t worry, you’ve still got the controls. Non-admins can upload images by default, but admins can disable this at anytime. Non-admins can only delete their emoticons, however, admins can delete any.

Check out some of our (and your) favorite HipChat emoticons.

Or, head to HipChat now to start creating emoticons. Just click on your avatar in the top right corner, click Settings, then “Manage account…”. In the new browser, click “Emoticons”, and enjoy!