HipChat Integrates with Telzio, Business VoIP Provider

, Product Marketing | June 10, 2015

Telzio integrates with HipChat

VoIP technology connects small business teams with the outside world. By integrating with HipChat, Telzio brings the outside world into HipChat. No need to check your emails from Telzio throughout the day for new voicemails or worry about missing an important text.

The new Telzio integration alerts you in HipChat rooms when you’ve missed a phone call, SMS message, or voicemail. Customer support teams can use this to assign customer responses among the team in minutes. Now, more than ever, your various forms of work communication fit snuggly within HipChat, keeping your team in sync across all your apps.

Integrate Telzio with HipChat

Setting up your Telzio integration is easy and takes just minutes:

Room admins can set up the Telzio integration by going to any HipChat room and clicking Settings (button with three dots in the top right corner), then click Integrations. From here, simply authorize with Telzio, and you’re good to go!

Telzio Integration in HipChat, chat for teams.

Now, when new voicemails, text messages, or missed calls come into Telzio, your team will know immediately in the selected HipChat rooms.  Also, you can elect to set up transcription on your voicemails, so now you can quickly read messages wherever you happen to be, and they are completely searchable in HipChat.


HipChat integrations help your team stay focused on work by receiving all your notifications one place. Check out HipChat integrations here. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Request a new integration!