HipChat video and screen sharing are here

| May 06, 2014

Blog Update: HipChat now offers group video chat and screen sharing! Learn more.


HipChat 1-to-1 video chat and screen sharing are now available on all of our apps. Start a video chat and share your screen with anyone on your team.

HipChat Video

Here’s what we’ve got waiting for you in our latest release:

  • Start and receive 1-to-1 video or audio calls
  • Share your screen with co-workers
  • A sweet new logo

Please note: If you’re currently using HipChat under our Free for 5 plan, you’ll be able to try video and screen sharing free for 30 days. After that, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid account to keep using the new features.

If you’re already on a paid account, HipChat video and screen sharing will be available at no extra cost.

Voice or video – it’s your call

Sometimes video is worth a thousand words. To start a video chat, open up a 1-to-1 chat with a co-worker and click the video icon. Want to start an audio call instead? Just click the phone icon. Easy.

Sync up with screen sharing

Get on the same page (literally) by sharing your screen so you can work together on any project. Just click the screen share button in any video chat and build genuine consensus to get your work done quicker.
HipChat Screen Sharing

Upgrade your app

HipChat video and screen sharing run natively on all our apps. Make sure you update your HipChat to the latest version. Check here to find which app versions support video.


Lastly, thanks for being dedicated HipChat users, and enjoy! We could not do this without you guys. awthanks

If you run into any issues or have feedback, don’t hesitate to let us know.

  • Jan Deelstra

    That you guys got this working on linux is awesome! Would be even better when I could select a display from my multi monitor setup.

    • Dave

      Yep, and the codec was better for screens. My main screen is 2560×1440 and the Hipchat screensharing implementation is nearly worthless at this level.

      • http://jnolen.com/ Jonathan Nolen

        Hi, Dave. We’re looking into reports of poor screenshare quality. We’re collecting info here (http://tinyurl.com/kxqdylh). Anything you can share with us would be helpful. Thanks!

  • David

    It would be much appreciated if you could screen share without initializing a video call.

    • neehouse


    • Stephen

      Absolutely, this part makes me reach for other screen share tools 🙁

    • uulearn


    • http://www.hipchat.com/ Elena Gorman

      Hi David, we did consider this but decided against it. If you feel strongly please vote on our forum (http://help.hipchat.com/forums/245238-hipchat-video-beta/suggestions/5723819-ability-to-screen-share-without-connecting-to-a-vi)

      • Jordan

        Why decide against it? What is the reasoning?

        • Bob

          It adds useful functionality. The hipchat team are decidedly against usefulness.

          • Jim Su

            Relax Bob, they’re not against usefulness, that’s a bit extreme. Usefulness is simply not a top priority for them. I’m sure they have their hands full redesigning the icon, adding a new set of emoticons, or rearranging the menus.

        • http://powdahound.com/ Garret Heaton

          We didn’t include it initially since it adds UI complexity, but clearly a lot of people want it so we’ll reconsider. It’s not a top priority for us at the moment though.

          • Ron Smith

            Bad decision on both counts. It is an inaccessible feature for a lot of people who don’t have cameras and really puts you behind competitors who have not coupled these two completely separate features.

          • Ian T. Small

            It should be noted, that you CAN access the screen sharing even if you start an “audio only” chat session.

        • Ronnie

          I agree, a complete deal breaker for us… we’d re-test if this feature gets implemented and likely signup 250 users within 30 days.

          • Jonathan Le

            Agree. No one at my company uses screensharing because we have to kick up a video call too.

    • Luc Herlitz


    • Ryan


  • ValueAddQuestioner

    Sooo, essentially pay for what is FaceTime / Skype for video/audio and join.me for screen sharing, all of which are free…

    • Sameer

      Whatever. if you don’t like it, don’t use it or buy it. It’s value added to those of us already using hipchat

    • http://breitbart.com/ Breitbart Zombie

      As a zombie, if I can eat your brains without switching applications or working between two undead rolodexes, life is good.

    • Mitch

      Don’t be obtuse. The video calls are just part of what hipchat does, this is just another feature. Guess you want to see hipchat not add any features to it?

  • opt out

    How about screencasting so I can show my screen to my whole team at once?

  • turbotad

    Are there plans in the works to make this 1:many for screen shares? It would be quite excellent to be able to do away with the million random Join.me accounts that get used in favor of just joining a Hipchat room and then being able to see a screenshare for a meeting in progress for that room.

    • http://www.raseley.com/ Richard Raseley

      This +100.

      I would *love* an excuse to kick join.me to the curb.

  • Marco

    Group video / broadcast? How can you claim Team Video on a 1-1 video. Please be more accurate on your marketing ads. You could say. Video and screen share for teams of 2 people. I hope you’ll be able to take that 2 out of the phrase soon.

    • http://www.hipchat.com/ Elena Gorman

      Hi Marco, we never suggest that HipChat offers group video. We try to be very clear that this is 1-to-1 video for teams.

      • Tao

        Your tagline, on hipchat.com, states “Group and 1:1 chat with audio, video, and screen sharing”. Any normal English speaker interprets this as having audio, video, and screen sharing apply to both Group and 1:1 chat. Saying that you “try to be very clear” implies that you’re either just not very good at it, or as a company you have internal communication troubles.

  • Paul Davidson

    Awesome update! We can use this!

  • André Thénot

    Awesome! This is great!
    BTW: nice new logo. I liked the old one but since Apple… um… stole it, I’m glad you made an even better one to prevent confusion.

    • http://tewha.net/ Steven Fisher

      I think Apple didn’t just (probably accidentally) steal it, they bettered it. This new icon is better still. 🙂

  • neehouse

    You can’t do a screen share without video chat?

  • http://card.sfdogecoin.com SF Dogecoin

    When will you have group chat support?

  • http://twenty20.com Todd Emaus

    Really great new update guys. Bravo! Group and screen share w/ video call would be great as others mention, but want to say thanks more than anything 🙂

  • Spanky Quigman

    As other commenters have noted, being able to do screen share without first going into video chat would be great.

    The other issue is the quality or lack thereof of the screen share itself. It’s basically unusable for our purposes. As long as your presentation is in 46-point Arial with bold primary colors, it might be OK, but we deal with code and bioinformatics data, so the lack of detail in the screen share hides precisely the level of information we need to convey. One of the main incentives for moving to HipChat over Google Hangouts is precisely because of the lack of detail on the screen share feature, but this is probably not even as good as that.

    What we really need is the level of detail in TeamViewer or WebEx. For our needs (and I know your primary business plan is not oriented to fulfilling the needs of small open-source university development labs, but still I’ll go ahead and tell you anyway :), screen share is one of the primary uses of a communications tool like HipChat (outside of standard text-based IM’ing). I hope there are plans for improvements in this area!

    • http://www.hipchat.com/ Elena Gorman

      Our screen sharing offers 720p resolution at the moment. Please suggest the quality you require on our forum. (http://help.hipchat.com/forums/138883-suggestions-issues)

      • kingdango

        ^ really?

      • Spanky Quigman

        I posted up there with screenshots from TeamViewer, Google Hangout, and HipChat: http://bit.ly/1l1GygB. The difference in quality is very noticeable in the screen shots and in actual use.

    • http://jnolen.com/ Jonathan Nolen

      We’re looking into the reports of poor screenshare quality. We’re collecting info here (http://tinyurl.com/kxqdylh). Anything you can share with us would be helpful. Thanks!

      • kingdango

        I’ll add our screenshots to the mix.

  • http://www.sixdayprogrammer.com Christopher Bier

    Thanks for the new logo, I’ve gotten the old one confused with the Mac Messages logo a couple of times.

  • kingdango

    It would be nice if the following bugs were fixed before you started making this a paid-account-only feature…
    – Calling a user using the phone turns on my camera, as does answer a non-video call
    – Ending the call does not always turn off the camera, are you guys watching me?
    – Ending the call does not change my status from DND back to active
    – Screen sharing quality is an abomination, the most common way this will be used is to show code and that is difficult with blurry text
    – Sometimes (1 out of 3) the share screen does not work and instead just shares a black screen

    I just got a friendly marketing email from you cheekily letting me know that this new 1×1 video and screen share is not going to be a free feature going forward. THX but please finish it first. 🙂

    * So far the voice quality is very good, kudos.

    • http://jnolen.com/ Jonathan Nolen

      Thanks for the feedback. #2 was fixed in the version we released today. Thanks for the reports on those others! We’re on it.

      • kingdango

        We’d love to ditch Skype completely and we will when this feature is Quiched.

    • http://jnolen.com/ Jonathan Nolen

      Hi again. We’re looking into the reports of poor screenshare quality. We’re collecting info here (http://tinyurl.com/kxqdylh). Anything you can share with us would be helpful. Thanks!

  • Kaan Yuksel

    Are there plans to enable the video/voice call and screensharing for more than two people? That’d be super useful for ad-hoc small team meetings.

  • Brad

    I still don’t understand – how can I get on a paid plan if we only have two users? In the admin payment screen, the only option I have is “2 user accounts @ $0/user/month”

    • http://jnolen.com/ Jonathan Nolen

      Not to worry, Brad. We will add a way to upgrade to a paid plan with video before the end of the 30-day free period.

  • kas

    hi, for larger organisations that have a more rigurous risk framework, can we leave the video and screen sharing turned off? our use of hipchat was approved only for IM not for video and screen share.

    • http://jnolen.com/ Jonathan Nolen

      That’s not possible at the moment, but it’s a great suggestion. Thanks for the feedback.

  • truzhou


  • http://bikasv.com/blog Bikas

    I don’t know if it is the right place, but just since when the HipChat introduced the video calling facility in the update, my app is crashing.
    Fresh install, uninstalling other Atlassian products, etc. don’t work either.

  • jhovgaard

    Absolutely a useful feature. Unfortunately this is very poorly implemented and the amount of bugs is impressive. This release was too soon imho. Great development, bad management.

  • Aimee

    Will you be providing group chat or will you only provide 1:1?

  • sircrash

    Still no news about Windows Phone app?!

  • http://www.amazon.co.uk/Angels-Chic-Arjuna-Krishna-Das/dp/0955911206 Arjuna Krishna-Das

    First attempted call: Great video, my contact on PC could hear me but I (on OSX) couldn’t hear him. My control panel settings wouldn’t change hippychat to use the headset. Carried on with Skype, no problems. No, I didn’t try switching it off and on again.

  • http://holyarchers.com Jordan

    Will you ever be able to have a call with multiple team members involved?

    • http://jnolen.com/ Jonathan Nolen

      Definitely something that we’re thinking about. Stay tuned.

  • Rok

    What did the girl use to get the super-shallow DOF? Did you plug in a DSLR and if yes, how? Otherwise you cheated…

  • http://www.miscy.net/ Max Pen

    Very nice! Congratulations on launching this feature.

  • grobmeier

    This would be a nice feature, but at least in EU (Germany) Video and Voice are super-laggy. Unfortunately impossible to use here.

  • Liezett Dorado

    Hoping it will allow group call

    • imran khan


  • Martin Rio

    My company is evaluating hip chat to replace our IRC/Hangouts combination. Could someone from Atlasssian comment on whether group video calls and screenshare are
    in the product roadmap?

    • http://jnolen.com/ Jonathan Nolen

      Definitely something that we’re thinking about. Stay tuned.

  • http://wedologos.com.br Gustavo Mota

    Dosen´t the sreen share work for guest users?

  • Dylan

    our company is testing this out right now, seems cool! we need some better emojis though.. you know, for business

  • jhon

    hola no he podido utilizar este chat que me ayuda por favor ya lo instale en mi PC pero aun no funciona

  • Patrick Miller

    I don’t like the fact that HipChat is always “using” my webcam. I run HipChat all the time but now I have to unplug my webcam because I’m not convinced that I’m not going to randomly or accidentally appear on someone’s screen. I really don’t have any desire to use video chat in hipchat but I can’t turn it off with the level of confidence I would like. I don’t want anything to connect to my webcam unless I specifically start an app for that, and hipchat is not my choice for that.

    • http://powdahound.com/ Garret Heaton

      Can you email support@hipchat.com with more detail about your setup? We don’t start using the webcam until you make a call, so this sounds like a bug that needs fixing.

      • Patrick Miller

        You might be right about that. I’m traveling now and I just did a test of downloading HipChat and installing it on my laptop, and it is NOT using the webcam! That’s a good sign. When I’m back at my desktop computer I’ll see if I can figure it out. It’s an HP Z420 workstation with a USB Logitech camera, but I don’t know the details. Thanks — there’s hope!

  • Patrick Miller

    Now every time I wake my computer from sleep my webcam software launches and hipchat is the only thing using it. I’m going back to the Air version.

  • http://elaborateescape.com/ Ariana Thompson

    Do we have the ability to have multiple people view one screensharing or video session at a time? Similar to Google Hangouts?

  • patricia

    I need some help can you talk to more than 1 person on hipchat

  • Clark Shah-Nelson

    (queue Close Encounters of the Third Kind ring tone on piano) Mac to Mac – won’t… stop…. ringing – throughout the entire video call!

  • Tom Miller

    Like others, we want to make HipChat our primary / only tool. What we need.
    1. Choose the monitor I share (I have a 3k and 2k monitor) So I can’t use this feature at all. The quality on 3k is horrible.
    2. Improve sharing on 3k+ monitors
    3. Multi cast audio, video, screen sharing. Would like to use for our stand-up meetings.

    Please keep up the good work.

  • Bill Otto

    Hello! I recently upgraded to Plus but I’m not seeing the screen sharing feature in the windows client?

  • Nathan Lake

    Very bad decision. The implementation of screen sharing, and the apparent lack of support for this feature in v4 of the Windows app, forces me to consider other alternatives for our company. Too bad…our dev dept. lives and dies by Jira and integrating HipChat with Jira would have been nice.