Get your Groove on in HipChat with new integration

| February 20, 2014

Groove is a simple customer support platform that just announced a free integration with HipChat.  This integration with Groove means a lot to us because you asked for it.

Connect Groove's customer support tool into your favorite real time collaboration tool - HipChat

A few months back, our friends at Groove surveyed their customers to find out which integrations were most important. Sixty-five percent of Groove’s users wanted a HipChat integration. HipChat was the first-place winner by a factor of three.

“Integrating our Groove account with HipChat helps us respond to support requests almost immediately. This was an easy win for us in the Customer Happiness department.”
-Steve at

Simple Setup

By enabling the free HipChat integration from the Groove App Store, you’ll be able to get notified in a HipChat room whenever there’s activity you need to know about on Groove. It’s totally customizable, and you can pick which mailboxes and events you want to get notifications for.

Groove's integration lets you configure alerts to any HipChat room

Create room-specific alerts for any customer support activity


“The biggest benefit for us is that we’ve already got our whole team huddled in HipChat, so we can collaborate on incoming support requests in real-time without having to leave the app. That means that for a lot of quick fixes and responses that require some collaboration, we have a resolution for the customer before we even open the Groove app.”

–  Nick,

The whole process is faster and easier, for you and for your customers.

And of course, social channels are integrated too. If you’ve got Groove set up with your Twitter account, you’ll see new Tweets right in your HipChat window:
Twitter mentions to feed into HipChat from Groove

You can also configure Twitter mentions to feed into HipChat from Groove

About Groove

Groove gives you everything you need to deliver personal, awesome support to every customer. Easily assign support emails to the right people, know that customers are being followed up with and stay on top of customer communication across your whole team. Sign up for a free 14-day trial here.