HipChat is all native. Introducing new Windows and Linux apps.

| October 24, 2013

Today we are excited to launch the 2.0 version of HipChat’s native clients for Windows and Linux. These new additions join our redesigned iOS, Mac, Android and web applications. HipChat is now the only group chat and IM platform for teams with native apps across the major operating systems used in the workplace. Boom.

HipChat for Windows 2.0

Why? Because today’s teams are distributed in a big way. We’re scaling to meet the demands of more than 5,000 paying companies with hundreds of thousands of end users who send more than 5 million messages each day. Native apps let us customize HipChat to give the best experience on each OS.

We’re all in on this front. In the last year alone we quadrupled our team size, surpassed one billion sent messages and rewrote all of our applications from scratch. And it’s not just our apps we’ve rewritten. We also re-architected our back-end to support exponential growth in messaging across our platform.

HipChat for Linux 2.0

Native Matters

Investing in the production of native applications for popular clients isn’t easy. That’s why few companies do it. But user experience really matters to us, and native clients run faster and more reliably. In fact, our 2.0 Windows and Linux apps sign in twice as fast and use 30 percent less memory.

But more importantly, native apps allow our engineering team to ship faster than ever. That’s important as we scale HipChat to larger teams. We’ve got our sights set on bringing you video, screen sharing and scaling to bring a kick-ass chat experience to the enterprise.

Download HipChat's Native Clients

Want more?

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