HipChat + PagerDuty for real-time DevOps collaboration

| August 14, 2013

Like many agile development teams, we rely on PagerDuty to monitor and respond to DevOps incidents. We use each other’s tools every day, so we’re excited that they now support incident-based webhooks for all users. It’s only natural that we teamed up with them for their first webhook-based integration.

Web-hooks based notifications from PagerDuty in HipChat

PagerDuty now integrates with HipChat using webhooks for real-time DevOps collaboration

Thanks to this integration, our users receive notifications from PagerDuty (like triggers, acknowledgements, resolves, assigns and escalations) in a HipChat room.

Since HipChat launched with native Android and iOS clients, that means you can monitor PagerDuty alerts even when you aren’t near your desk.

Alex Solomon, CEO of PagerDuty, says “this integration is easy to set-up and highly customizable, allowing users to receive updates where they get their work done.” On our end, we like how fast it was to set up and we’re excited to see the added functionality it brings to our community.

Integrate PagerDuty into HipChat by following the guide here.