We’ve been acquired by Atlassian!

| March 07, 2012

Today, after weeks of secret-keeping, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re becoming a part of Atlassian!

Who is Atlassian?

Atlassian builds collaboration software for product teams, and is used by over 18,000 organizations (both big and small). They’re the folks behind killer development products like JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, and SourceTree. They’ve been in the business of building software for companies for 10 years (5 times as long as us) and we can’t wait to join forces and make HipChat even better than it is today.

What’s going to happen to HipChat?

You’re probably thinking “Great, I finally find an app my team loves and now it’s going to get gobbled up and destroyed.” (this is what we normally think when we see a small team get acquired). Well, we can stop you right there. A huge reason we decided to join up with Atlassian is that they’re just as pumped as us to see HipChat turn into the instant messaging powerhouse we all dream of (the swanky new San Francisco office with free beer on tap doesn’t hurt). With their help and infrastructure, we can get some help with servers and providing great support to customers while we keep building kickass features.

What about my account? Are the prices changing?

HipChat is going to remain everything you’ve come to expect. Our pricing will stay the same, and the product will continue to get better. You’ll also be covered by Atlassian’s terms of service, including their legendary service promise and awesome support team. We’re excited to integrate with the products that Atlassian has already built, and continue to integrate with the other services our customers already use.

A very heartfelt thank you.

We wouldn’t be here without you, our customers. Your referrals, reviews, and feedback has brought HipChat to over 1,200 companies in just 2 years. We can’t thank you enough, and we can’t wait to show you some of the new stuff we’re working on.

– Chris, Garret, Pete, and Rose

Read more about it on the Atlassian blog.