Jeff Park

Meet the new iPhone and iPad apps: faster, better, iOS 8ier

By Jeff Park | 1 week ago | 2 Comments

Hot on the heels of our newly redesigned HipChat for Mac, the brand new HipChat for iPhone and iPad is out today. The new HipChat is more responsive, more beautiful and more connected, so you can get work done faster, wherever you are.

The first thing you’ll notice is the new design, which is lighter, cleaner, and easier to navigate. It’s also faster; responding more quickly to get you directly to the right conversation. And HipChat uses some of the great new features of iOS 8 to connect with the other apps on your phone.

So what’s new?

Beautiful and efficient new design

We’ve redesigned HipChat to make it easier to read information and faster to navigate between conversations. The main chat window has been simplified and the chat windows have been improved to fit more context on your mobile screen.

We’ve also brought HipChat more in tune with iOS aesthetics, all while fitting beautifully within Atlassian’s Design Guidelines.

A fresh new chat view makes it easy to read your messages.A new home screen makes it easy to find your conversations.

Share to (and from) HipChat

The new HipChat makes it even easier to share with your team. 

You can now select any file from any other app and post them straight into HipChat, and vice versa. Let’s say there’s a photo you want to share with your team on HipChat. Simply click the share icon button, select HipChat, and choose which chat you want to share the photo with. Likewise, if you have a file in HipChat you want to share, just click the share icon inside HipChat and select where you want it to go.

Share on HipChat easily.

Interactive notifications

Now you can be even more efficient in HipChat thanks to our new interactive notifications. When you get a notification from another teammate or chatroom, you can pull down to read the whole message.

You can also respond directly from the notification. Click the pencil icon to type a reply. Or ‘quick reply’ with a thumbs up, thumbs down, OK or question mark. Interactive notifications let you carry on multiple conversations without constantly switching tabs. Get your point across without leaving your current chat.

Stay on top of your messages with rebuilt notifications.Quick reply to messages with our interactive notifications.

There’s a lot of other cool stuff in this update, so grab the new version on your iPhone or iPad. If you don’t have the app yet, you can download it for free at the App Store.

As always, we want to hear your feedback. Let us know what you think!

Ian Monroe

HipChat 2.2.1215 for Linux released

By Ian Monroe | 2 weeks ago | 0 Comments

1215 was a momentous year: the Mongols torched Beijing and the first Magna Carta was written. And now 1215 is also the Bamboo build number and the patch version of a rather small Linux-only update for HipChat!

Fixed – Various issues with large log file creation
Fixed – dependency problems for RPM

Josh Devenny

HipBots are here to work for you!

By Josh Devenny | 2 weeks ago | 0 Comments

At our recent annual conference, Atlassian Summit 2014, we talked a LOT about robots…

We’re adding them to many of the Atlassian products, and HipChat has had them for a long time. We thought you might like to see some of the Bots we’ve been playing around with in our Atlassian HipChat rooms!

Introducing HipChat Bot Lab

Bot Lab is a place where we will add HipChat Bots that are ready to be put to work, but aren’t ready for primetime. We’re going to be taking lots of diagnostics on the Bots, and making sure that they’re performing their duties correctly. They’ll be put through some rigorous tests, and those that prevail will be promoted to primetime – a listing on the HipChat Integrations page on!

We’d love for you to meet the very first class of Bots – Sassy, Karma, Standup, Mailroom, Hearsay, Untappd and Alias! If you have a Bot Building Degree (some Javascript knowledge), you can even build your own! While the Bots are in the Bot Lab, they are not officially supported. If you find that they need any tweaks, maintenance or new parts, get in touch with us via the Bitbucket repositories (links on the page), or email us.

Let’s see how many of them can pass the tests and graduate!

Take me to the bots!

Jeff Park

Bring your code into the conversation with the HipChat Bitbucket integration

By Jeff Park | 2 weeks ago | 3 Comments

If you’re a Bitbucket user, we’ve got some great news for you. We’ve worked with the Bitbucket team to create a new integration to provide more useful information about your repositories within your HipChat rooms. 

The new integration includes notifications for the following actions:

  • Commits – when a new commit is pushed, or commented on
  • Pull requests – when a pull request is created, commented on, merged, or declined
  • Issues – when an issue is created, updated, or commented on

By piping notifications into your chat room, you can hold a conversation about latest commits, pull requests, and issues with your developers right away. HipChat lets you host lightweight code reviews right within your chat room and ship code faster.

Bitbucket notifications in HipChat

This integration is pre-installed on all HipChat groups. You can find instructions on how to configure the new integration in our documentation.

If you’re new to Bitbucket, be sure to check it out – unlimited private Git or Mercurial repositories. Host your code in the cloud, for free.

Ian Monroe

Windows and Linux version 2.2.1209 is out

By Ian Monroe | 3 weeks ago | 9 Comments

This release of HipChat for Windows and Linux includes improvements to the spellchecker, including better performance and handling of contraction words.

More improvements were made to reconnecting and handling offline states.  Now, when you reconnect, you’ll stay in the same room or 1-1 chat that you were in prior to the reconnection.  Also, if you send a message when you’ve lost a connection, the client will accurately indicate that the message cannot be sent.

If you are using Windows or the application notification on Linux you can now choose to have notifications persistent until HipChat comes to the foreground or they are dismissed. This improvement was requested by our community.

You can download this latest release of HipChat at Please visit our Help Center if you see any issues.