A Whole New HipChat for Android

2 months ago Seth Gholson 6 Comments

HipChat is all about connecting teams in the office, but we also have you covered when you’re on the go. We have a new  update for serious Android fans (and for not so serious fans). On the surface, you’ll notice we’ve pulled in material design. But we didn’t just slap on a new coat of paint, we re-architected the whole darn thing to be entirely native, and while we were at it, added stream compression (because we’re going for extra credit on this assignment).

Good-bye Web View, Hello Native

Being native provides benefits that you are going to notice right away. The app is now a lot smarter about your messages. We can let you know if your message failed and inform you if you’re still connecting. You’ll know if you’re looking at the latest set of messages or if some more need to load. Added bonus, the app respects your system preferences for fonts.

It also makes HipChat faster than ever. Your messages load with great haste and switching between rooms is nice and smooth. Back when we used webview the app spent time loading the initial HTML/javascript/CSS, then building javascript calls, and then executing them on the main thread. We’re not doing that anymore so we can get you chatting faster. If you want to geek out about testing, well, we improved that too. This means squashed bugs will stay squashed, we’ll have better edge case handling and be able to speed up our delivery of new features that you want to use. That feels good.

HipChat Android Material Design


Now about that Material design

Of course, you’ll notice the bright colors, animations, and transitions you’ve come to expect from material design. We’ve moved a few things around to make it quicker and easier to get chatting. When you open the app, the new homescreen lists all your active rooms and 1-1 conversations. Notice the green button in the lower right? Tap that to easily find rooms or start new conversations with your teammates. If you’re done with a room or a chat, all you have to do is swipe it away to close it. The left drawer now contains your beautiful face (or your avatar of choice), account info and access to your preferences. Once you’re in a chat, the redesigned chat view now makes your files, links, and messages easier to read and more consistent. What else? Thanks to Lollipop’s heads-up notifications, it’s now easier to see when someone mentions you in a room or you have an incoming call.

HipChat Android Material Design 2

Save that data for a rainy day

We’ve added two features that will help us play nice with your data plan. First, we will stop loading all images in the entire chat log. Phew. Second, we rolled out XEP-0138: Stream Compression support on our XMPP servers (that’s our fav flavor of compression). The new Android app takes full advantage of this new server feature. In our experiments, we’ve seen compression ratios from 3:1 to over 9:1 (awyeah). Keep an eye on your data usage from HipChat; we’d love to know if you see a reduction after this update.

We’re proud of our new Android upgrades, and this is only the beginning. We’ve got lots more planned for the rest of the year. Stay tuned.

Ready for it? Get the latest app here

HipChat helps Code.org turn an Hour of Code into a lifetime of know-how

2 months ago Shannon Winter 0 Comments


Code.org is a nonprofit dedicated to expanding computer science in schools in over 180 countries around the world.

We started out making a simple one-hour tutorial called the Hour of Code to get every single student in the whole world to try for at least one hour. – Hadi Partovi, Code.org CEO.

With Code.org‘s success, courses now reach over 100 million students, and HipChat is how they stay connected with employees and volunteers.

We’re reaching millions of kids…and we’re making a huge impact. Atlassian and HipChat have really helped us get there. – Tanya Parker, International Program Manager

Here’s their story:

Is your nonprofit doing awesome things like Code.org? HipChat provides free licenses to organizations changing our world for the better. Find out how to get HipChat for your nonprofit team.

If you are a nonprofit already using HipChat, we would love to hear your story! Please reach out to us at customerstories@atlassian.com.

Award Winner Phil Simon talks jargon, email and how to change offices forever

Around here at HipChat HQ, we love discovering and sharing the newest and the coolest stuff on the Internet. We love pop culture randomness, hilarious YouTube videos, funny Tweets, and of course, news about what’s happening in tech.

Sometimes, we feel the need to share with our users. Award winning Phil Simon’s new book Message Not Received is one of those Must Share topics.

At its core, Message Not Received is a guidebook on two things to avoid in the office: overusing email and jargon. Two things HipChat is all about.

We liked Phil’s book so much we invited him stop by our Austin offices to give a little talk. Phil makes a lot of fantastic points throughout his book, and hearing him live and in person; he’s definitely a kindred HipChat spirit.

From Sydney to Austin, New York to San Diego – office culture needs some TLC

Phil’s point is that email is great for one thing: screwing up your communication with teammates.

A cold email doesn’t cement bonding between people, it connects them in the most non-personal way possible, and that’s not great for culture. For too long, businesses have lived by the credo of interoffice email at all cost. In Message Not Received, Phil makes a good case against email:

Real-time conversation matters, organic friendships allow for a better working environment. By investing in your co-workers beyond a cold email, you become more than just a name with information: you’re a person with value. – Phil Simon

That resonates with us because HipChat gives people a place to get to know one another in an open environment, in ways they might have never connected. 1:1 chats allow for communication that’s fluid, organic and connects people because the conversation is live, not a series of messages awaiting a reply.

While Phil stresses stopping by co-workers desks for a chat, we’d like to think we’re the next best thing, considering a lot of our users have teams spread out across the globe.

Jargon is the enemy

Another major point in Message Not Received  is jargon is awful. We couldn’t agree more.

Many times when people read business communication anything, it’s laden with insider speak and no one gets it – even the people on the “inside”. No matter what industry you’re in, making sure you don’t sound like a robot should be at the top of your priority list.


HipChat salutes getting work done

If you’re looking to strengthen your team, get a few copies of Message Not Received and check out some of Phil’s insights. He shared so much with our team, and we loved all of his Breaking Bad references.

HipChat salutes Phil Simon’s points: easy communication and zero tolerance for lame business-speak. Phil’s like us, he’s on a mission to change how work gets done. We believe in the power of open communication and not relying on email to “collaborate”. We’re big fans of building relationships at work that go beyond “co-worker” and extend past friend.

HipChat is awesome for every business, every brand, and every industry – that’s why we don’t sell you a bunch of big words. Instead, we help shape office culture and make work fun. When we read Message Not Received, we saw a like mind and had to learn more.

We’re glad we did.

Learn more about Phil here

RunKeeper: “We’re heavy HipChat users”

2 months ago Shannon Winter 0 Comments

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 11.24.38 AMIn the world of exercise apps, RunKeeper is the undisputed champion. To date, more than 40 million people use RunKeeper to live more active lives by setting goals, creating training plans, and tracking workouts on their smartphones and wearables.

To keep their users motivated and fit, the RunKeeper team is constantly improving their core products, planning new features and releases, and gathering feedback from their customers.

“Runkeeper dramatically affects the way many people around the world stay healthy, and has plans to do a whole lot more.” – Mashable

“We don’t want being healthier to feel like a job, we want it to be fun,” said Rebecca O’Dette, Director of Program Management at RunKeeper. To keep such a large, global user base motivated and fit, RunKeeper launches major releases every two weeks, with minor fixes rolling out even more frequently— and they’re continually looking for new ways to shrink their release cycles, too.


In such a fast-paced environment, team communication is critical. As RunKeeper expanded from a handful of people in a single office to a team of 50+ across the country, keeping the team connected grew more and more difficult.

Emails weren’t great for handling group communication and quick questions. They tried using Google Chat, but it never took off. “It just didn’t meet our needs,” said O’Dette. So they scrapped it. They needed something built for business.

Then, RunKeeper discovered HipChat.

Bringing the RunKeeper team to life

With HipChat, the RunKeeper team can instantly launch group and private chats, share screens and files, and create persistent chat rooms for specific teams and projects. It also integrates easily with RunKeeper’s other collaboration and development tools like JIRA and Confluence.

For the RunKeeper team, HipChat was an overnight success. “Everyone uses HipChat – even our CEO,” said O’Dette. Team members run HipChat all day long, and use it to connect with peers, talk about projects, and even organize group activities like weekly runs and team sporting events.

“We’re very heavy HipChat users.”

For Ben Bates, RunKeeper’s Director of Quality Assurance, HipChat is an essential part of how his team ensures they are delivering the highest level of quality to such a passionate user base. “HipChat keeps everybody on the same page,” said Bates. “We have multiple teams all contributing to multiple projects, and HipChat lets us have rooms where everybody can see what’s going on in real time. It makes a big difference.”

RunKeeper’s IT systems team even uses HipChat to respond to emergency outages. When an alert is triggered, the team rallies in a HipChat room to work through the issue. They can pull summaries of events into HipChat rooms directly from JIRA, and work through whatever the problems are in a highly collaborative environment. “If there is an issue,” said O’Dette, “everyone knows HipChat is the place we’re going to work together to fix it.”

The teams also use Confluence extensively, as a single system for capturing and sharing knowledge across the entire company. Confluence replaced Google Docs, and is used for everything from sharing company benefits information to brainstorming, planning work, and documenting processes. “The products work really well together. All our information is in one place, and we can pull information easily into HipChat from JIRA and Confluence,” said O’Dette.

Having some serious fun

RunKeeper’s culture is very mission-driven, and fitness carries over into their professional lives, too. In HipChat, they’ve created rooms dedicated to chatting about running and sports.

Team members talk about the races they are entering, or find peers to take lunchtime jogs with. Even non-runners get in on the action, posting articles about nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

“HipChat really helps foster connection among individuals and teams.”

Beyond fitness, RunKeeper encourages a culture of friendships and fun. “We plan different ‘nights of awesome’ every month, and get as many people involved as we can,” said Mike Oliver, Director of Engineering at RunKeeper. Events like karaoke and even a company-wide pinewood derby are even planned over HipChat.

Crossing the finish line

For RunKeeper, the fast-paced growth seems far from over. As their applications reach new platforms like smart watches and other wearables, they continue to reach new users — and HipChat, combined with Confluence and JIRA, is giving them the foundation they need to scale with confidence.

“We’ve got a great system in place. As our teams grow, Atlassian tools are making sure we’re able to integrate and collaborate with each other successfully,” said O’Dette.

Bates puts it more bluntly: “I can’t remember a day when I haven’t used HipChat. To which Oliver adds, “I shudder to think of a day without Atlassian.”

We feel the same about RunKeeper.

Hall joins HipChat

2 months ago Jonathan Nolen 1 Comment

blog-headerWe’re excited to announce that Atlassian has acquired Hall – a group chat service for business teams.

In Hall, we found a fiercely talented team that shares HipChat’s passion for improving the way teams communicate. We both believe that real-time, group chat transforms the way teams collaborate, builds stronger culture, and helps teams get work done faster.

Hall has spent the last four years building a product that helps teams do exactly that – right down the road from our San Francisco office. As we watched Hall grow, we became convinced that we should tackle this mission together.

Starting today, the Hall team is part of the HipChat family.

The HipChat team has been pouring our hearts, energy, and a more than a few sleepless nights into a building a product that transforms the way you work. And this has made HipChat into an industry leader in team communication.

In the last three months, we’ve introduced a brand new web experience for HipChat. We brought HipChat behind the firewall. We launched integrations with JIRA, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting Free, Appear, Twitter, and more. We’ve made dramatic improvements to HipChat’s stability. We’ve shipped updates for iOS and Mac and launched a new Android beta. And we brought HipChat to the Apple Watch. As you read this we are furiously working on updates to Windows and Linux as well as multi-account support.

In the past month we also acquired BlueJimp, who will take our video chat capabilities to the next level. And now we’ve added the Hall team. We have ambitious plans for the coming year, and our new teammates will help us deliver.

You are going to love what we’re building.

And in Windows & Linux news….

Rejoice Windows & Linux users – we’ve got an update to share.

We’ve read your comments and heard your suggestions. The production team is burning both ends of the candle to give you the best HipChat experience possible.

Hint hint: this update includes emoticon autocomplete.

Time for (allthethings)


Episode One: The Phantom Win/Lin Update:

What’s fixed?

  • Long URLs render without problems.
  • No more broken links and emoticons when a find/replace is performed. (yey)
  • Replace text emoticon with images setting now works. You pick your look.
  • The end user couldn’t edit settings if an admin installed HipChat. Now access can be granted to anyone.
    Remember what Uncle Ben said: With great power comes great responsibility.
  • Create a room with an existing name and the system will not swallow itself like a black hole. If you change your room’s name to something taken, we’ll send an alert. Sorry about that. All naming issues have been fixed.

What we made better:

  • Need to hide coworkers’ distracting .gifs? Well, say goodbye to funny cats clogging up your workspace. You can now turn all .gifs off.
  • Have you been dying to add HipChat integrations? Check out that cool Gears of War lookin’ icon and open the tab. Super easy.
  • Emoticon autocomplete is finally here. Get chatting. All of your sarcastic friends are waiting for you.



And yes, we’re actively working on the re-design. Wanna help? Come work for us.

Send Loggly alerts into HipChat rooms

2 months ago Elena Gorman 0 Comments

In awesome HipChat news, we’ve got another great integration to share.

Our good friends over at Loggly have built a new integration that’s a lifesaver, especially for DevOps teams. Loggly is cloud-based, log management solution, supporting sources like MySQL, Linux, Rails, Python, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, Docker, S3, and Heroku among others.

Built around Loggly’s alert endpoint framework, their integration leverages HipChat’s webhooks to notify rooms about specific events or trends.

Keeping track of critical info

Loggly + HipChat users can create alerts that monitor:

  • Specific errors that have occurred
  • Spikes in the frequency of a particular type of event, such as 400 or 500 status codes
  • Average or maximum numeric values, such as response times exceeding set thresholds

In addition to posting an alert, the Loggly integration also forwards key context, including samples of the actual log events and a direct link to all the events within the Loggly console.

Context is everything

By providing context and links, the Loggly integration slashes response time because critical information is right there and easy to read. More importantly, teams can mitigate and even prevent technical issues that could affect transaction completion rates, user satisfaction, and revenue.

Install Loggly’s HipChat integration from the Alert tab on your Loggly dashboard. Check out the docs to learn more.

Assign. Discuss. Done: A Revamped HipChat & JIRA Integration

2 months ago Tanguy Crusson 3 Comments

Your team encounters a critical bug; how quickly can you gather the right people to resolve the issue?

We’ve built deeper integrations with JIRA to make it even easier to stay coordinated on tasks, projects, and bugs. Get more done faster with JIRA and HipChat.

Subscribe to notifications in HipChat for your JIRA projects

JIRA notifications in HipChat provide clear details on your issues. Send notifications to HipChat whenever a JIRA issue is created and updated for the issues that matter to you. Now your entire team can easily grasp the status of their JIRA projects.

Tip: Notify your team’s HipChat room whenever a new blocker issue is created/resolved or whenever your customers raise a feature request.

Tell me more about an issue

Need more information on a specific issue? No need to jump into JIRA. Just mention the issue key (or paste the URL of the JIRA issue) into a chat room, and HipChat will give you the low down. This was one of the top voted feature requests!

Where did I discuss this again?

Discussions on issues happen in more places than in just JIRA’s comments section. If you can’t remember where/when you had these discussions in HipChat though, you can now view all mentions of an issue under the Discuss This in HipChat panel directly within that ticket.

Tip: If you’re already in HipChat, use our search feature to find the discussion in your chat history.

hipchat and jira

Refocus the conversation

Some JIRA issues are so critical that they trigger a bevy of discussion. These discussions often happen in many different HipChat rooms, so it becomes difficult to get everyone on the same page. Refocus the conversation by creating a dedicated HipChat room for a JIRA issue straight from JIRA. Use this room to get everyone on the same page. HipChat will automatically notify this room whenever the issue is updated or mentioned in another room.

Want to get started?

We’ve made it super easy to set up your JIRA and HipChat instances. JIRA administrators can find the HipChat integration in their admin settings under System. It takes just 30 seconds to configure!

We’re working hard every day to build deeper integrations like this for all of our Atlassian products. Try it out today and let us know how it goes.

This integration is automatically available on JIRA Cloud. If you have JIRA Server, you’ll need to install the plugin from the Atlassian Marketplace.

If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear from you!

HipChat acquires Blue Jimp & Jitsi.org

3 months ago Joe Lopez 5 Comments

Blue Jimp + Atlassian


HipChat’s got news:

We’ve acquired Blue Jimp, the mastermind team behind the Jitsi Community.

Jitsi is an open source project that includes the WebRTC Jitsi Videobridge, among other technologies. The Jitsi Videobridge relays video rather than mixing it which provides improved scale with higher quality and lower latency. These are very good things.

HipChat currently supports 1:1 video in our HipChat Plus and HipChat Server offerings. Blue Jimp brings a strong team of developers doing incredible things with group video chat, and we’re excited to welcome them into the Atlassian family. Blue Jimp’s technology and expertise will make HipChat stronger and enable us to expand our video capabilities, all while improving your experience.

More folks than ever are using HipChat. Teams around the world are connecting, co-workers share billions of messages, and we’ve helped re-invent how work gets done. But, with all of our rapid growth, we have to continue strengthening the overall HipChat experience; we cannot rest on our laurels.

HipChat is moving faster than we ever anticipated – it’s absolutely incredible.

Investing in the Jitsi open source community

Partnering with Blue Jimp allows us to improve HipChat’s experience, head to toe – but it also gives us options for the future. Jitsi now has the resources to challenge just how good video can look in 1:1 chat, and in a group setting.

The best way to keep Jitsi innovative is keeping it open and in the hands of those who created it in the first place: the open source community.

In order to maintain the spirit of Jitsi’s open source community, Atlassian and HipChat will continue to support and invest in the project. We’ve got real love and appreciation for the work Blue Jimp and Jitsi community have done.

This is only the beginning. Can you tell we’re excited?

Presenting HipChat 3.2 for iOS Now with Apple Watch app, 64-bit support, and more…

3 months ago Chris Gibbs 3 Comments

Our new HipChat for iOS is out today with a bunch of tasty new bits.

Apple Watch app

HipChat is now available for the Apple Watch. It’s a match made in team communication heaven. If you stayed up late preordering your Apple Watch (like we did), you’ll love getting quick notifications and responding to chats straight from your wrist. Keep that iPhone in your pocket. HC-Watch-DevTeam


64-bit support

Our latest release adds support for 64-bit processors with a performance boost, so HipChat now takes full advantage of your device’s processing power.  Here’s a list of supported devices:

  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Mini 2
  • iPad Mini 3

Don’t see your device? No worries. HipChat for iOS will still run just fine on 32-bit devices.

Chat menu re-architecture

We’ve completely re-architected how we sort and present your chats. Opening the app now animates any changes you may have made on another client, like closing that chat with your boss. It also highlights your selected chat in case you forgot where you came from—it happens to the best of us. It’s the little things in life like having a smooth chat navigation, ya know?

Bug fixes

Lastly, we’ve gone bug squashing in this release. The big ones:

  • Replies you make from in-app notifications now show up in your chats.
  • The status bar displays in portrait after rotating your iPad’s screen from landscape.

We’re constantly working to improve our iOS experience, let us know your feedback.

Get the latest version of HipChat on iOS here