Amazon’s Alexa-powered bot brings ChatOps into the future

| October 31, 2016

VoiceMyBot Amazon Alexa

Here at HipChat, we love us some bots. Not only are they fun, but they also unleash a world of possibilities to solve different problems and make our lives easier. To unlock the full potential of automation in HipChat, we invested early on in a powerful integrations framework, HipChat Connect, that empowers developers to solve problems and build whatever they can imagine in HipChat.

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Game on! A guide to games & bots in HipChat

| October 26, 2016

HipChat games and botsAs a kid, I couldn’t get enough of games and science fiction. Yet as imaginative as I was, the idea of playing with games and robots in my professional life would have seemed like science fiction. But we live in the future now… and the future does indeed have games and robots where you work!

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HipChat’s new & improved features: another reason to fall in love with Fall

| October 20, 2016

The air is getting chilly here at HipChat headquarters…okay, we’re in San Francisco, so it’s getting chillier. But we’ve been keeping ourselves warm with pumpkin spice lattes, long sleeves, and a lot of hard work creating new and improved features like group video chat and screen sharing, as well as new integrations with your favorite tools.

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HipChat Server: group video chat & screen sharing now in beta

, Product Marketing | October 10, 2016

HipChat Server group video chat and screen sharingAs teams get larger and globally distributed, we often need to connect over video at the drop of a hat. You might think in today’s world, it would be easy. But we debate over which video service to use and get bogged down with plugins to download.

We’ve solved that problem, putting group video chat and screen sharing where your team is already collaborating – your rooms. Available recently to HipChat Plus users, today we’re thrilled to announce group video chat in beta for HipChat Server.

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“Feels good, man” emoticon will now feel better

, Product Marketing | October 05, 2016


HipChat is made for teams—teams powered by people of all sizes, shapes, colors, creeds, backgrounds, and domestic animal affiliations (cat people, dog people, iguana people, whatever). We believe that great teams thrive on inclusion, working together to achieve awesome things. That’s why we’ve made a small change in our product that has big significance: we updated our (feelsgoodman) and (feelsbadman) emoticons.

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A trifecta of work productivity: Google Calendar & Drive now in HipChat

| September 08, 2016

Google Drive and Calendar integrations for HipChatBid fairwell to the incessant tab hunting and context-switching. The new Google Calendar and Google Drive by TOPDOX integrations bring your files and calendars to where you’re already collaborating, HipChat. Stay focused on conversations with the ability to search, view, and share your files and calendars without ever leaving HipChat.

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JIRA and HipChat: Now, even better together

| August 29, 2016

JIRA for HipChat integration

If you use JIRA, you know that great technology makes all the difference. You thrive off of efficiency and organization, using rich JIRA features to stay on your game. That’s why you need an integration that matches your technological standards. Introducing the new JIRA for HipChat integration built on our powerful integrations platform.

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Group video chat & screen sharing arrive in HipChat

, Product Marketing | August 18, 2016

HipChat Video: Group Video Chat & Screen Sharing

So often the best ideas happen outside of the meeting room. Inspiration doesn’t care about your schedule—it strikes when you’re refilling your coffee, taking a lunch break, or chatting in a room. But as the workforce becomes more distributed, teams are losing these casual opportunities to connect.

The new HipChat Video platform solves this problem, putting group video chat and screen sharing right where your team is already collaborating – your rooms. Completely rebuilt, the new HipChat Video platform rivals the most stable, reliable services on the market.

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Run issue management with ChatOps (eBook)

| August 09, 2016

ChatOps for issue management ebook by Raygun & HipChat

It may sound foreign, but in practice, “ChatOps” is simple. At its core, ChatOps is the collaboration model that brings teams and tools together into a transparent workflow. By connecting important tools to HipChat, teams are able to run operations (thus the “Ops” in ChatOps) right in chat.

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Reduce “pager burnout” with HipChat’s BigPanda integration

, Product Marketing | August 03, 2016

BigPanda integration in HipChat

When there’s an incident, Service Reliability Engineers (SREs) are called on to quickly resolve issues. This can have a significant business impact. The speed at which they can tackle the problem depends on a prompt, accurate alert. No alert (or too many alerts, diverting attention away from the real issues) can mean a slower recovery and unhappy customers.

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