Elena Gorman

HipChat for Mac 3.1 – Meet the New chat button

By Elena Gorman | 4 weeks ago | 26 Comments

Adios, lobby

In this Mac release you’ll get a new design for finding your teammates and public rooms from our New chat popover button.

New HipChat chat button

Meet the new chat button on HipChat

New form, more function

The New chat popover allows us to consolidate the entire lobby experience into smaller, more visually efficient solution so your teammates and rooms are front and center. It also sets the stage for us to add more functionality within the popover – like the ability to invite new users and create new rooms more easily.

Begin typing to find the right person in the New chat dialog

We started thinking about this after observing users depend on the lobby to start chats instead of using a keyboard shortcut (Command N). Some users complained that going to the lobby to find someone was cumbersome. We agreed.

Download the latest Mac app


What do you think? Let us know in the comments :)

Ian Monroe

HipChat 2.2.1287 released for Windows & Linux

By Ian Monroe | 4 weeks ago | 4 Comments

Today we have a new patch release for Windows and Linux – 2.2.1287.

  • Amnesia fix – HipChat now remembers correctly what channels you join and leave between sessions.
  • HipChat’s connection no longer resets when sending certain pasted characters.
  • Our graphical wizards have created new refined smilies. The era of squashed bug smilies is at an end.
  • HipChat would sometimes not give up the webcam when closing the Settings tab, so the webcam light would stay on. This has been fixed.

Happy Thanksgiving America, enjoy your (turkey). Everyone else have a nice last Thursday of November.

Terrence Caldwell

Connect HipChat and Confluence to take team collaboration to the next level

By Terrence Caldwell | 4 weeks ago | 4 Comments

We love using Confluence and HipChat together. Confluence is the place where teams document their projects, product requirements, meeting agendas, and new ideas. HipChat is where we can discuss these plans and ideas, and contribute file and links on the fly. Over the past few months we’ve been working on making it easier to connect the two and use them together.

Connect Confluence to HipChat in less than 2 minutes

Now you can, in less than 2 minutes. If you’re a Confluence admin, all you have to do is press a button in the admin console to set up the integration between the two products.

Once your HipChat account is recognized, it’s just one more click before your integration is all set up.

Connect your Confluence spaces to HipChat rooms

With the two integrated you can connect your spaces in Confluence to rooms in HipChat to get push notifications. You can receive notifications when pages are created, blogs are published, or updates are made to pages in your Confluence space.

When your space is linked to your HipChat room, your team will get automatic updates in HipChat, making it easier than ever to stay on top of what everyone is working on, and discuss work in real-time.

Start using HipChat and Confluence today to keep your team connected!

Using Confluence Cloud?

You’ve been auto-upgraded and can start using this integration today if you have a HipChat account!

Own Confluence Server ?

Sit tight, we are shipping the new, faster Confluence to HipChat integration in our upcoming Confluence 5.7 release.

Not using Confluence?

Get started with a free hosted trial and give your team a place to create, share, and document all your important work.


Elena Gorman

How to use HipChat to collaborate and build culture

By Elena Gorman | 1 month ago | 0 Comments

Last October, Atlassian put on Summit 2014. Summit is our annual gathering where we announce big product news for the coming year and provide training and networking opportunities for our community. Summit brings together 3,000 customers and 180 speakers to share how Atlassians tools empower teams across the globe.

One such talk focused squarely on HipChat.

This is SO MUCH better than Skype! – Vector Media group engineer

Learn how Vector Media Group got 99% of team communication on HipChat.Getting work done with a healthy dose of fun has never been simpler.

Get the slide deck here and help convince your team to give HipChat a shot. It’s totally free.

Seth Gholson

HipChat 2.4.1 for Android released

By Seth Gholson | 1 month ago | 0 Comments

A maintenance update for HipChat on Android (2.4.1) is rolling out today on Google Play. This update will resolve a few errors that cropped up in our 2.4 release, namely:

  • Errors loading history for rooms with non-ASCII characters.
  • Crashes on a small number of international devices.
  • Crash fixes around emoticon autocomplete.
  • Misc stability improvements.

As always, please contact us at support@hipchat.com with any feedback or problems. Thanks for using HipChat!