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Elena Gorman

Hang with us at TechCrunch Disrupt and TwilioCon

By Elena Gorman | 1 year ago | 0 Comments

September is a big month for everyone. Students head back to the classroom, leaves begin to fall and San Francisco hosts two of the biggest conferences for the start-up tech community – TechCrunch Disrupt and TwilioCon.

We’re proud to sponsor both events  taking place at the San Francisco Design Concourse. And we want you to join us.

Stop by our booth to get your coveted HipChat t-shirt. We call this one “el HipChat” and it’s pretty popular. Swing by early to grab new sticker sheets with HipChat’s most popular emoticons — a sure-fire conversation starters at your next hackathon.

la camiseta del HipChat

Co-founder Chris Rivers models la camiseta del HipChat

Event Details

TechCrunch Disrupt

TechCrunch Disrupt

TechCrunch Disrupt is one of the most anticipated technology conferences of the year. At least that’s what they say on their website. We’re inclined to believe them. The agenda is filled with big names from technology and venture capital.

We’re bringing out our own big guns for the event. You can meet one of our founders, hear about our plans for an on-premise version of the HipChat you know and love and much more.


TwilioCon 2013

 TwilioCon 2013

Save 25% on your TwilioCon pass with the promo code Atlassian25

Who doesn’t love Twilio? We’re big time fans at HipChat and our friends at Zapier provide a simple integration for Twilio users who use HipChat. We’ll also have one of our customer advocates on-hand to answer questions you may have.

Conference: September 17-19

It’s not just the HipChat team at Atlassian that loves Twilio and their talented developer community. Our buddies on Atlassian’s Dev Tools team (Stash, BitBucket) are sponsoring the Hacker Olympics! Keep an eye out for sweet prize packages from them.

Hacker Olympics: September 18

See you there!

Pete Curley

Back from SXSW, deep in the heart of Texas

By Pete Curley | 5 years ago | 0 Comments

We just got back from the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive conference in Austin, TX. If you aren’t familiar with SXSW, it’s a jam packed weekend of panels, parties, great food, and a rare opportunity to hang out with fellow techies in real life. Here are some of the great people we met while giving out the very popular HipChat t-shirts.

Very cool UTexas HCI professor. "Even professor's like HipChat."

Very cool UTexas HCI professor. "Even professors like HipChat."

Makeshift t-shirt shop. Garret and Chris talking to Brett Cupta of Venmo.

Makeshift t-shirt shop. Garret and Chris talking to Brett Cupta of Venmo.

Brian Shaler with is genuine 1870's mustache, just like our t-shirt!

Brian Shaler with his genuine 1870's mustache, just like our t-shirt!

This is the third year I’ve been to SXSW. Over the years I’ve noticed an increasing presence of large companies. They’ve discovered that it’s THE place to see and be seen. This, of course, means that all of the actually interesting people will stop attending. If you’ve wanted to attend SXSW but haven’t yet, I’d do it soon. If you’re from a big company trying to be cool, SXSW is played out. Don’t go.

Garret Heaton

Find us at SXSW and get a free HipChat shirt

By Garret Heaton | 5 years ago | 3 Comments

We’re on our way to SXSW Interactive along with a bunch of free HipChat shirts.

Come find us and we’ll hook you up. If you won’t be at SXSW but want a shirt anyway, just leave a comment or retweet this. We’ll probably have some extras.

See you in Austin!