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Looking for a Skype alternative? We got you.

HipChat as a Skype alternative

On the HipChat team, we often get approached at conferences by people looking for alternatives to Skype. Attendees want to know, “What is HipChat?” and “Why should I use HipChat instead of Skype?”

So here it is – the full enchilada. We’re breaking down the differences between Skype and HipChat so you can find the communication solution that best fits your team.

What is HipChat?

As a Skype alternative, HipChat does everything that you would expect. We have video calls, audio calls, screen sharing, one-to-one private messaging, group chat rooms, and file sharing. Integrations connect HipChat with external services so that notifications come straight into chat rooms.

Most importantly, HipChat was designed specifically for teams and businesses. Team productivity is central to every design decision we make and every new feature we introduce.

HipChat vs. Skype: The breakdown

From the outside, it’s easy to clump all messaging apps together. But they’re really quite different. From feature sets to user experience, see how HipChat compares.

Integrations bring all your services together

Integrations are a huge differentiator between the Skype and HipChat. With integrations, HipChat becomes more than chat for your team. It’s also your communication hub where all your notifications come to you.

Integrations work seamlessly with your chat rooms, so they can become part of the conversation. You’ll know the moment there are changes in your services, which eliminates the constant tab and app switching we all know so well.

Some integration options include:

  • Task & project management: Asana, JIRA, Pivotal Tracker, Trello, Wunderlist
  • Continuous integration servers: Bamboo, CircleCI, Codeship, Jenkins
  • Code management: Bitbucket, Github, Heroku, Stash
  • Error monitoring: Airbrake, Bugsnag, Crashlytics, Opsview, Pagerduty, Pingdom, UserSnap
  • Customer service:, Freshdesk, HelpScout, Intercom, Uservoice, Zendesk
  • Team collaboration: Confluence, Google Hangouts

When new notifications come in, your team can immediately discuss next steps and focus on the tasks at handSee some examples below.


HipChat JIRA integration

Facebook, Twitter & RSS:

HipChat as a Skype alternative

By bringing your team apps right into HipChat, every member of the team is a part of the process – aware, engaged, and ready to take action.

Learn more about integrations.

Chat rooms keep your team connected

Rooms in HipChat help your team stay organized. Create rooms for projects, teams, or even work activities. While you can chat with multiple people in Skype, you can’t create room titles and topics that keep teams and projects separated.

In HipChat, once a project is completed, you can archive the room. If you need to revisit a decision that was made or a contract that was shared, you can always access it from your account history.

Start chatting for free.

Little delights make your job easier

HipChat was made for teams and businesses. That means that every feature we create is made with the intention of helping you work better, like keyboard shortcuts, topic-specific rooms, code formatting, and more.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts let you create new chats, navigate between rooms, and search your chat history – all without touching your mouse. See options below for keyboard shortcuts in both Mac and Windows.

HipChat keyboard shortcuts    HipChat keyboard shortcuts

Learn more about keyboard shortcuts.

Slash Commands & Code Formatting

Unlike Skype, HipChat has simple slash commands that let you take important actions in HipChat without lifting your hand. Using slash commands, you can manipulate and format your text in all sorts of ways, such as code formatting and spelling corrections.

For developers, code formatting is a must. In order to keep the integrity of your code when sharing with teammates, simply add “/code” before any code snippet.

HipChat code formatting syntax highlighting

And for anyone who is…well…human, the ability to fix spelling mistakes can feel like a life-saver.

HipChat edit message, fix spelling

Learn more about slash commands.

Stay focused on your team and business

HipChat is the business and team alternative to Skype. While Skype was built for consumers, HipChat was built just for teams. HipChat provides teams chat, file-sharing, and integration for free, so that no matter your budget, your team can stay connected and productive.

HipChat as a Skype alternative

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at or comment below. Clearly we love to chat.

Do more good: 6 reasons HipChat is a great tool for non-profits

Atlassian believes in supporting teams who are doing great things around the world. Over the past 13 years we’ve donated 30,000 community licenses to non-profit organizations, a total value of $58 million. And we want to give more.

We know that communication is key to high-powered teams. To make sure all non-profits have the best tools for success, we offer HipChat Plus for free, with enhanced features like group chat, video chat, and integrations with other services you use. This way, no matter how distributed or active your team, you’ll always be connected.

More robust than Skype or Google Chat, HipChat provides non-profits with enhanced messaging that is designed specifically for your work day. Check out the positive impact HipChat has on non-profits like

Why use HipChat for your non-profit? Let’s listicle it.

1. Free is good. Quick is great. Easy is awesome.

HipChat Plus is and always will be free for non-profits. It’s also quick to set up and easy to use (yes, really!). We love the work you do, and we want to make it as simple as possible for you to keep it up.

To get your team started on HipChat for free, head over to and choose “create a new team.”

HipChat free for nonprofits

You’ll immediately get a free 30-day trial of HipChat Plus, so no need to do anything just yet. Before your trial expires, contact us to let us know why you qualify as a non-profit. Make sure to include a scanned copy of your income tax exemption letter or other proof of your non-profit status. Check here to see if you meet the community license criteria.

If you are in a sector with increased security and privacy needs or regulations or a country with strict privacy laws, host HipChat yourself with HipChat server.

2. Your team will dig it

HipChat is an easy and useful tool for everyone in your organization. Even the least tech-savvy of the bunch will be chatting away within minutes.

When you first sign up, add teammates’ email addresses so they can join the party. If you want to get fancy and invite users programmatically, go here.

HipChat free software tool for nonprofits

It’s also easy to add teammates on the fly:

If you’re using the web app (using HipChat in your browser), just click “Invite your team” at the top. If you’re on the Mac, Windows, or Linux desktop app, click “New chat” at the top, then “Invite a teammate.”

Don’t want to add the whole company at once? Try starting out with your immediate team, become HipChat ninjas, and then spread the love when you’re ready to expand.

Note: Any user can invite teammates unless an Admin has turned this function off.

HipChat free software tool for nonprofits

3. Always stay connected, worldwide

Communication is the key to a successful team. HipChat enables open and easy communication with all teams across your organization. Whether your team is in an office or distributed globally, HipChat keeps everyone connected.

Multiple projects, teams, initiatives, and meetings can be a lot to organize. HipChat rooms bring order to that chaos and make even the most distributed teams feel closer together.

HipChat free software tool for nonprofits Invite unlimited teammates to rooms to chat in real-time, share files and images, and integrate with other services you use. You can also search chat history by room or globally.

HipChat rooms are awesome, let us count the ways (Listicle within a listicle?! Yes, we went there.)

  1. Rooms can be as permanent or as expendable as you want. They are super easy to create, delete, rename, and search.
  2. When a 1-on-1 convo turns into a group discussion, you can create a room and start collaborating on the fly.
  3. You can “@ mention” anyone to pull them into a conversation: ad hoc virtual team meetings for the win!
  4. Everyone has the opportunity to join in a team discussion, regardless of physical location.
  5. Persistent chat means when you’re at lunch (or sleeping in an opposite time zone), you can pop in a room, scroll up, and catch up on the conversation you missed.
  6. Rooms are the ultimate solution for those pesky reply-all email chains you find yourself lost in. Be gone, email chains!

Try starting out by creating the following rooms:

  • Watercooler (for the whole company)
  • “Team” (for specific teams, i.e. Marketing Team or Executive Team)
  • “Project” (for specific projects, i.e. Volunteer Planning or Fundraising)
  • Lunch (for all the nom noms)

4. Chat with all your teams and organizations

Most of us have teammates outside of our main organization (think donors, volunteers, and board members).

Don’t leave ’em out; create multiple accounts.

HipChat free software tool for nonprofits

HipChat lets you create and log in to as many accounts as you want and chat with all of them at the same time. Simply sign up for each account with a unique email address. Learn more here.

5. Connect to other services your non-profit uses

If you are an admin for a HipChat room, you can easily install any integration you want. (What is an integration, you ask? An integration means that you can connect other services and apps you use to HipChat. This way, you can receive notifications and alerts right in your HipChat rooms and quickly discuss with teammates. Voilà!)

Try out some of our non-profit customers’ favorite integrations: 

  • Google Drive + HipChat: Create Google docs, spreadsheets, and presentations inside any HipChat room; Copy and paste google drive links for rich file previews.
  • Twitter + HipChat: Send tweets from handles, hashtags, or searches to your HipChat rooms; Great for in-context discussions with your team.
  • Facebook + HipChat: Follow activity of the Facebook pages you manage, and public pages, in HipChat rooms.
  • Wunderlist + HipChat: Create and manage tasks in HipChat with Wunderlist.
  • MailChimp + HipChat: Stay up to date with your MailChimp list notifications.

Wunderlist Integration in action:

HipChat free software tool for nonprofits

6. Have some fun with it

We all know what happens with all work and no play (let’s just say it doesn’t end well). Luckily, fun extras in HipChat like emoticons and bots allow you to work hard and play hard. Make your chat stay true to your tone and personality with these companions.

With HipChat shrink-ray it is easy to take any image and turn it into an emoticon. Emotify your company logo, your CEO’s head, a sleeping puppy…the possibilities are endless!

Some of our team’s personal favorites:

HipChat free software tool for nonprofits

HipBots allow you to do all sorts of neat stuff like give karma points to your teammate after he/she does something awesome or pull a specific group of people into a conversation by @mentioning a pre-set alias.

HipChat free software tool for nonprofits

Just go to our Bot Lab to check out and install these bad boys.


We’re thrilled to be able to help non-profits do more good. We know your time, money, and resources are extremely valuable. With HipChat Plus, you’ll expedite communication and bolster teamwork without breaking the bank. Enjoy HipChat Plus for free, forever.

HipChat free software tool for nonprofits


If you are a non-profit already using HipChat, we would love to hear your story! Please reach out to us at

The complete guide to using HipChat as an agile team

HipChat resources for agile teams

Taking root in the Agile Manifesto, the agile methodology emphasizes a fast, iterative process. A divergence from traditional project management, agile teams work in “sprints” (usually between 1-2 weeks) and rely on rapid delivery and continuous testing.

Many awesome tools have been created to help agile teams, like JIRA for sprint planning and Bitbucket for code review. While working through your sprints, it’s crucial to have communication pipelines set up that help your team share information and make decisions quickly.

That’s where HipChat comes in.

Whether you’re sitting together in one office or spread across the world, HipChat has features that help agile teams stay organized and get more done. See how your agile team can get more from HipChat:

1. Communicate at the speed of agile

Agile means moving fast, and the right communication techniques make all the difference. The Agile Manifesto recommends face-to-face interaction as the first line of team communication. However, if your team is distributed worldwide, use HipChat to chat, video conference, and share ideas and code as a team.

HipChat for agile teams

2. Integrate with your agile tools

HipChat integrations allow your team to stay updated with all your agile tools. You’ll get notifications and updates in your HipChat rooms when there are changes on your services, for instance, a new ticket in JIRA. Agile integrations include JIRA, JIRA Agile, Bitbucket, Github, Confluence, Pivotal Tracker, and many more.

HipChat for agile teams

3. Bridge the gaps of distance and time

Is your agile team remote? No problem – HipChat can bridge the gap of distance. Use techniques to structure your team, build team rapport, and create a united development culture.

HipChat for agile teams

4. Perform agile ceremonies…anywhere

Four “ceremonies” make up an the backbone of an agile team: sprint planning, daily standup, iteration reviews, and retrospectives. HipChat can help your team stay organized and cohesive while performing these ceremonies.

HipChat for agile teams

5. Make the robots work for you

First, robots are just awesome. But besides the joy they bring to our nerdy lives, they are also very helpful to agile teams. Try Standup Bot, which records everyone’s standup and will report it on command.

HipChat for agile teams

6. Make code review easy

When you’re a developer, being able to share snippets of code is imperative. With the slash command “/code”, you’ll get code formatting (syntax highlighting) that maintains the integrity of your beautiful work.

HipChat for agile teams

Meet Standup Bot

HipChat standup bot

Standup Bot is the friend of remote, agile teams everywhere.

Out of the office? Working from home? Taking a “sick” day? No worries. Standup Bot records everyone’s standup and reports it on command, like so:

HipChat standup bot

The commands are simple:

HipChat standup bot

And setting it up is just as easy. Click below to install it in any, or every, room on HipChat.

Install HipChat standup bot

Accelerate team communication to the speed of agile

2 months ago Jeff Park 0 Comments

When your team is moving at the speed of agile, communication is the force holding it all together. It’s one of the primary laws of physics. You know – gravity, relativity, communication.

Just as everything that goes up will come down, teams that communicate effectively will work faster and better together. Open and frequent communication creates a safe space for teammates to ask questions, share information, and make informed decisions.

So what techniques do successful agile teams use to keep communication flowing like chocolate in Willy Wonka’s factory?

HipChat for agile team communication

Well, it all depends, and here’s why:

Face it: Focus on interactions and individuals

The Agile Manifesto emphasizes individuals and interactions. Agile teams should prioritize face-to-face conversations as they provides a bevy of cues, both verbal and nonverbal, that help teammates get on the same page.

HipChat for agile team communication

As the agile method has gained traction, teams of all sizes are now working within the agile framework. Teams are often spread across the globe, and in-person communication simply isn’t always possible. Once teams become distributed, space and time constraints begin to affect the quality of communication between teammates.

Fortunately, technology can help.

HipChat for agile team communication

Email: Friend or foe?

Today email is the most widely used form of electronic communication. It’s simple to use and straightforward in function. But is it an appropriate tool for agile communication? Usually not.

HipChat for agile team communication

Email is far from perfect. We’re all familiar with those annoying, endless email chains, which make it inflexible for anything other than a group announcement. But, probably its biggest downfall is the inbox. Since emails sit in your inbox, it’s rare to expect an immediate response.

While email is good for bulletins, announcements, and formal correspondences, agile teams require a more immediate form of communication. Working at the speed of agile means shipping often, learning fast, and continuously improving. To do this, agile teams need tools that work at their speed.

HipChat for agile team communication

Group chat: Work at the speed of agile, anywhere

Group chat brings your entire team to your fingertips. Regardless of whether you’re co-located in the same space or spread across the globe, group chat gives your team a channel to access other team members. (See also 4 handy HipChat tips for agile, remote teams.)

Special features like video conferencing allow for face-to-face conversation regardless of location, while guest access makes it easy to bring in specialists for specific work. Integrations with other agile tools like JIRA, Confluence, and Bitbucket help your team keep track of sprints, releases, and retrospectives. Chat bots even come equipped with built-in standup and planning poker features.

HipChat for agile team communication

All these features help your team save time, stay structured, and conduct agile ceremonies, no matter where teammates are.

Don’t be a tool: Use the right tools

Agile visionaries believe that teamwork is essential to delivering great software. Great agile teams embody “we” rather than “I.”. If you lead an agile team, finding the right tools will help bridge the gaps of distance and time to make sure your team, no matter how distributed, stays a cohesive unit.

Let’s chat: Are you a part of an agile team? How do you keep your team connected? Join the discussion by commenting below or tweeting us.

Four HipChat tips for agile ceremonies

3 months ago Andy Chang 3 Comments

“Agile” is defined in the dictionary as “able to move quickly and easily.” You can apply that to your ninja nunchuck skills, yoga moves, or, even, the way your team works.

The agile methodology is an alternative to traditional project management that uses an iterative approach to software delivery. Broken up into “sprints,” teams can tackle tasks in pieces and review along the way. This methodology encourages flexibility to change, focusing on adaptive planning, early delivery, and continuous improvement. 

Four “ceremonies” make up the agile process – sprint planning, daily standup, iteration review (demos), and retrospectives. Atlassian has an amazing resource, The Agile Coach, which gives detailed information about these ceremonies and how to implement them on your team.

Atlassian is home to many products that help teams adopt the agile methodology, specifically JIRA, JIRA Agile, Bitbucket, and Confluence. HipChat can also play a huge role in helping your agile team communicate. Use The Agile Coach to gain deeper knowledge on agile methodology, and read on below to get our best tips for using HipChat on an agile team.

1. Sprint Planning

Set up your team for success by defining what will be delivered in a sprint. 

HipChat for agile teams

HipChat tip: Set up your JIRA integration to monitor the progress of your team’s sprint

2. Daily Standup

Quickly inform everyone of what’s going on across the team.

HipChat for agile teams

HipChat tip: Use the Standup Bot to keep track of every teammate’s report.

3. Iteration Review

Showcase the work of the team and get feedback.

HipChat for Agile Teams

HipChat tip: Create a room specifically for iteration review, then use screen-sharing to show your work.

4. Retrospective

Help your team understand what worked well – and what didn’t.

HipChat for agile teams

HipChat tip: If you’re working with a remote team, use video chat to review work as a team.


HipChat for agile teams

Be your own boss and work how you want

Are you a boss? Maybe not technically, but you should always be living the boss life. And that means taking control of your work environment so you can pop that collar and win those dollars.

We’re always working to make HipChat a place that helps you not only communicate with your team, but also feel empowered to work the way you want.

We’ve gathered some ways to take the reins by customizing HipChat to fit your needs.

1. Use per-room notifications

Set the stage for success by focusing on important chats and silencing others. In HipChat, you can set notifications per room to moderate the noise level from each chat.

HipChat per-room notifications

This feature is currently in the HipChat web app as a beta. In any room, just click the three dots in the top right corner, and click Room Notifications.


2. Customize your HipChat appearance

One size does not fit all. And the same goes for HipChat. Now in HipChat web, you can select how you want HipChat to look.

Choose a dark or light theme, adjust text density, add or remove avatars, and show either names or mentions.

HipChat appearance theme settings

HipChat appearance theme settings

The power is yours. Use it wisely.


3. Change your @mention name

Lastly, let’s find your chat identity. In HipChat, you can customize your @mention name, meaning you can finally be called Superman (or, in my case, BawsLady).

HipChat appearance theme settings

HipChat change @mention name

Just go to your Account Settings to change your @mention name.


When it comes to your work life, you’re in charge. We’re simply here to give you the tools that help put you on boss status.

We’d love to hear your from you: leave your thoughts on the beta features, and let us know what else you want to see on HipChat.


HipChat & Confluence: Working together to make cool hoodies

3 months ago Elena Gorman 1 Comment

Last fall, the HipChat and Confluence marketing teams got together. We wanted show how when both teams and tools work side by side, we create amazing things. Like hoodies.

As Product Marketing Managers, it’s our job to build consensus, make informed decisions, and complete projects in a transparent way – from our smartphones or desktops from cities across the globe.

When we got our hands on Confluence 5.7, it came loaded with some phenomenal new capabilities.

These advancements, such as in-line comments and a seamless integration with HipChat, make it simple to move fast as a marketing team.

With this new Confluence + HipChat power, we designed a new HipChat hoodie to show off our skills.

Here’s (roughly) how it went down:

Emoticons: saying nothing, but also everything

HipChat Emoticons

Let’s just be honest, emoticons are awesome. They’re probably one of the best parts about working with a variety of personalities.

Emoticons say so much without a word, but convey attitude, emotion, or frame of mind with a photo. Around here at HipChat HQ, we’re guilty of having entire conversations with emoticons. If aliens discovered how the HipChat team messaged one another, they’d think we use modern day hieroglyphics.

Our emoticon shrink ray resizes almost any image you find on the web into that 30 x 30 image you love. Because of this, we have so many inside jokes. It’s bananas how fast what’s trending in our social room can become an emoticon in minutes due to people thinking it’s hilarious or poignant.

From Left Shark, to one of our recruiter’s dogs looking like the cutest Ewok ever, we’re addicted to emoticons. It’s not just us, teams everywhere love them some Rage Comic faces, or the Sad Panda. Best part? They’re all predictive – so just type in the first letter and each one of these emoticons will pop up alphabetically.

Want to create your own? Team admins can add up to 100 custom emoticons. (Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.)

Check out some of our favorites below.


Sometimes it’s easier to drop an emoticon in when someone’s being hilarious. It works better than trying to put into words. We rely so much on internet humor around here. HipChat emoticon yey

HipChat Emoticons      ALL THE THINGS (allthethings)

HipChat Custom Emoticons          AWW YISS (awwyiss)

HipChat Custom Emoticons       DISAPPEAR (disappear)

HipChat Custom Emoticons       HUGE FAN  (hugefan)

HipChat Custom Emoticons       YO DAWG (yodawg)


Need to bust some chops? These emoticons are great for calling someone out, letting them know you’re very much paying attention to what they’re doing and saying. Cause sometimes, when someone says something dumb, you need to drop a  HipChat emoticon troll on them.

HipChat Custom Emoticon Troll        TROLL (troll)

HipChat emoticon dumb        DUMB (dumb)

HipChat Emoticon downvote       DOWNVOTE (downvote)

HipChat emoticon lolwhut         LOL WUT (lolwut)

HipChat emoticon orly        ORLY (orly)

HipChat emoticon unacceptable         UNACCEPTABLE (unacceptable)

HipChat emoticon youdontsay       YOU DON’T SAY (youdontsay)

Congrats/good job/nice work/thanks

Is someone crushing it at work? It’s always cool to give them a nod of approval, a wink that people notice their work. If your girl in marketing is dominating or your dude in sales is closing the deals, drop them an (awyeah) , they’ll appreciate it.

HipChat emoticon notbad          NOT BAD (notbad)

HipChat emoticon you got it dude   YOU GOT IT DUDE (yougotitdude)

HipChat emoticon true story        TRUE STORY (truestory)

HipChat emoticon me gusta         ME GUSTA (megusta)

HipChat emoticon indeed       INDEED (indeed)

HipChat emoticon aw yeah       AW YEAH (awyeah)


Need a little something different? Try one of the animated gifs to add some flavor to your conversation.

HipChat emoticon fireworks         FIREWORKS (fireworks)

HipChat emoticon boom       BOOM (boom)

HipChat emoticon mind blown        MIND BLOWN (mindblown)

HipChat emoticon rock on       ROCK ON (rockon)

HipChat emoticon why not both     WHY NOT BOTH (whynotboth)


What happens when stuff gets weird? Or the conversation takes a turn south? An emoticon is a great way to lessen the tension, or let someone know that it might be time to switch lanes of thought. Best part? You never said a word.

HipChat emoticon do not want       DO NOT WANT (donotwant)

HipChat emoticon Sad Panda        SAD PANDA (sadpanda)

HipChat emoticon sad indeed       SAD INDEED (sadindeed)

HipChat emoticon sad cowboy        SAD COWBOY (sadcowboy)

HipChat emoticon sad apple         SAD APPLE (sadapple)

HipChat emoticon oh god why        OH GOD WHY (ohgodwhy)


What about those times when you really have nothing to add to a conversation, but figure why not drop in a kudos or a simple, “sure, that’s cool.” These are perfect.

HipChat emoticon clarence       CLARENCE (clarence)

HipChat emoticon face palm        FACE PALM (facepalm)

HipChat emoticon nice       NICE (nice)

HipChat emoticon no idea         NO IDEA (noidea)

HipChat emoticon salute       SALUTE (salute)

HipChat emoticon scumbag        SCUMBAG (scumbag)

HipChat emoticon wat        WAT (wat)

HipChat emoticon whoa       WHOA (whoa)

Most Used

A few of these were mentioned above, but some of them are too good not to repeat. Here are just a few of the emotions we overuse every single day.

HipChat emoticon lol         LOL (lol)

HipChat emoticon do not want       DO NOT WANT (donotwant)

HipChat emoticon disappear       DISAPPEAR (disappear)

HipChat emoticon true story       TRUE STORY (truestory)

HipChat emoticon waiting       WAITING (waiting)

HipChat emoticon not bad         NOT BAD (notbad)

Learn more about emoticons here.

Coming soon to every team: The emoticon shrink ray – create and upload custom emoticons with a simple click. Trust us, it’s awesome.

Work Faster with Slash Commands

We built HipChat for instant communication. HipChat slash commands are a set of time-saving tricks to get the most out of HipChat without reaching for your mouse.

All HipChat slash commands take the form: /Command + Text

  • Command is the action you want to take
  • Text is the new message you want to appear

Slash Commands for Room Actions

Slash Commands on HipChat

Slash Commands for Status Control

You can enter these commands in any chat window to change your availability.

HipChat Slash Commands

Slash Commands for Message Formatting

Keep your team members on their toes by rendering your messages in style. Or, fix mistakes you made in your last message by replacing words (ah, the relief!).

HipChat Slash Commands

Code Syntax Highlighting (/code):

Code formatting and syntax highlighting on HipChat

Quote Command (/quote):

HipChat Slash Commands

Fix Spelling Mistakes (s/):

HipChat Slash Commands

Emote Command (/me):

HipChat Slash Commands

Note: If you try typing an unknown slash command, it will just send like a normal message. Otherwise, no message gets sent and the slash command is executed.

Android Users: The following do not work on the Android app: /join, /topic, /part, /available, /away, /dnd, /clear, and s/.

Slash commands help make work communication simpler and less stressful. With these tools, you can get to your chats faster, style your text, and fix spelling mistakes. Afterall, it’s your chat, and it should work the way you want it to.