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Wesley Faulkner

Have No Fear… Mac Version 3.2 is Here!

By Wesley Faulkner | 2 days ago | 10 Comments
Image of in-app invite

HipChat Mac Client Version 3.2


New In-App Invites

Say hello to our new and improved invitations system. This now gives you a very easy way to add members of your team to your HipChat group. Just type in their email address, hit send, then bing bang boom, they get an invite. If your admin is a kill joy, they can disable this feature via the admin panel if they want.

This feature basically works the same as the old join URL scheme, just easier to find. So when the invites go out they still need to go through the sign-up process. If you’re on our annual Plus plan we’ll make sure that you won’t go over your license cap, so no worries there.

With any new feature, we are open to feedback. Let us know in the comment any feedback you have.


Connection Fixes

You know that thing when you open your laptop and HipChat needs to reconnect, but can’t? Yeah, we fixed that.

We are really focusing on connection stability, so we will be optimizing and improving this over the next few releases to make it as robust as possible.


Check out the other stuff we added and fixed by reading the full release notes here.


HipChat Mac Client

Jonathan Nolen

HipChat Server reporting for duty!

By Jonathan Nolen | 5 days ago | 17 Comments

HipChat exists for one reason: to improve communication for every team (and we mean every team). We’ve heard from many of you that while your team would love to use HipChat, you’re unable to use a cloud service. That’s why we’re excited to announce HipChat Server. You can now bring everything you love about HipChat behind your firewall.

HipChat Server has arrived

What’s special about HipChat Server?

Deployment is simple

HipChat Server is virtualized and supports VMWare and Amazon Web Services. What’s more, HipChat Server is able to update itself with the push of a button, so you can use the latest features as soon as they’re released.

HipChat Server connects to your directory

Want to connect your user directories with HipChat? You can. Use your local Active Directory, LDAP, or Crowd Server to manage users and authentication for HipChat Server–it’s that easy.

Compliance needs? We’ve got you covered

While designing HipChat Server, we worked with teams in some highly regulated industries, and the top request was always the same: teams want the ability to store and export their data. So, we added a new capability, exclusively for HipChat Server, enabling admins to export all chat history and file attachments. This allows teams to use HipChat while meeting their specific legal requirements.

Download HipChat Server now!

HipChat Server brings us another step closer to improving communication for every team no matter what kind of team you’re on, what industry you’re in, or where you live. HipChat Server is ready to help your team work better, together.

HipChat Server is available for purchase today. Get started by downloading your free, 30-day evaluation now.

Wesley Faulkner

Rejoice Mac HipChat users!

By Wesley Faulkner | 1 month ago | 15 Comments

With the New Year come new improvements to sweeten your HipChat experience. We’ve made some adjustments; we’ve tweaked some knobs and written some code. The team is hard at work to answer all of the questions, solve all of your quandaries, and make your geek dreams come true.

Many of you fine folks have brought up improvement topics in the blogs or reached out to us via social media – so we listened to you. We broke out the user manuals, poured some Jolt Cola and fixed some stuff.

So, what exactly did the brilliant minds up in the Atlassian labs come up with? They put on their thinking caps and concocted some rad improvements to make your lives way better:

  • We improved reconnection logic. No more drop offs when the network gets sketchy. You go out of the realm of connection; the network will automatically reconnect, and you won’t miss a beat. OH SNAP.
  • Closing a tab is no longer a thing. Go ahead, close a tab and your focused tabs won’t change.
  • Forget your password? No biggie. The forgotten password link points at the correct place. Thank you, HipChat Server.
  • API stuff: Blank images inserted no longer cause empty history for rooms.
  • When someone creates a new room, it’ll show up and is properly added to the app even when you don’t invite someone.

There you have it, the first of many improvements for 2015. Strap in folks, we’re working on time travel next. We hope you brought your moon boots.


Download the latest Mac appFull release notes here.

Chris Gibbs

Emoticon autocomplete has landed on iOS

By Chris Gibbs | 1 month ago | 0 Comments

Ho Ho Ho! What does Santa have in his bag for the holidays? How about HipChat iOS version 3.0.2! Talk about the gift that keeps on giving.

Packed with new features, improvements, and straight-up fixes, the iOS 8 update rules.

Communicating via HipChat has never been better.

But what did we update you ask? Let us share some Christmas magic with you and bestow our HipChat secrets. Prepare your mind to be blown.

As for the most important piece of awesome, we’ve brought autocomplete to iOS. Why? Because emoticons.

Let’s face it, who remembers how to spell (daenerys)? iPhone users rejoice; no more (rageguy), just plenty of (yey)!


Emoticon autocomplete on HipChat for iOS 3.0.2

What about that Chat input field thing?

We shared your pain, (some of us use iPhones, too) so we made some changes. We started from scratch and completely rebuilt this control for a smoother and less buggy experience.

Pasting text now correctly sizes the input.

The attach file & Send Buttons stay at the bottom – within reach of your fingers.

Chat input on HipChat for iOS 3.0.2

Other improvements:

Finding rooms and people has just gotten a lot easier. Exact matches show above the fuzzy search matches.

For example, searching the term “Marketing” will put rooms starting with Marketing above rooms with the word Marketing in the middle of the name.

Some folks have experienced problems when sharing files from Dropbox – this is no longer an issue, share away.

We’ve also made many other fixes and improvements under the hood as well. Things move faster, there’s no lag and zero clutter. The movements are seamless and natural. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, HipChat for iPhone will rock your world. So, yeah – Happy Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza or whatever holiday you choose to dance to.


Get version 3.0.2 on the App Store.

Ian Monroe

Windows & Linux 2.2.1309 released

By Ian Monroe | 1 month ago | 3 Comments

2014 is almost over – but we’ve been busy racing to the finish line.

Patch release HipChat 2.2.1309 for Windows & Linux will both be released today.  A variety of bug fixes are also on board with this update:

  • Various settings did not save correctly, while pending notifications lined up. We corrected this so, notifications don’t overlap one another.  Fans of the old Air client notification behavior should rejoice.
  • Sometimes, if an invite to a room was ignored, HipChat would disconnect from the server. Totally fixed.
  • Video chat test sounds will now play correctly.
  •  Search view right click menu opens links externally – no more using HipChat as a web browser!
  • Video and audio calls were not working over proxies. They now work with some proxies; unfortunately authenticated proxies are still not supported.
  • No more crashes on a right click in status menu.