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Jeff Park

Windows and Linux Users — Join the Video and Screen Sharing Conversation

By Jeff Park | 21 hours ago | 4 Comments

A month ago, we announced that our Video and Screen Sharing features were available for beta testing on our HipChat for Mac, Android, iOS, and Web apps. As of today, HipChatters on Windows and Linux can also hold 1-to-1 video chats and screen shares.

HipChat for Windows and Linux

Go ahead and start a call with your developer in Europe or your APAC manager in Singapore. Whether your team is in the office or across the globe, they’ll feel right next to you with HipChat 1-to-1 Video and Screen Share. HipChat also supports audio calls. To start one, simply press the phone icon in a 1-to-1 chat or turn off the video feed in a video chat.

HipChat 1-to-1 Video and Screen Sharing will be available to use for free as long as the beta period is in effect. After the beta period is over, these features will only be available on paid accounts.

If you are using Windows, HipChat will prompt you to update to this latest version. On Linux, simply run a system update to try these features today. If you run into any bugs or have any feedback, let us know!

Jeff Park

HipChat 1-to-1 Video and Screen Sharing – Now in Beta

By Jeff Park | 1 month ago | 55 Comments

HipChat 1-to-1 video and screen sharing are now available as beta features. Try it out and let us know what you think.

Communicating easily is key to any team’s success. You already have HipChat open to chat with your team, whenever and wherever you want. Now, with 1-to-1 video and screen sharing on HipChat, you’ll no longer need to switch apps or wait for your colleagues to log on in order to talk to them face-to-face. Everything is ready within HipChat.

This beta feature is available on the native Mac, iOS and Android apps as well as the web app. Support for Windows and Linux will be coming soon.

Lastly, HipChat 1-to-1 video and screen sharing are free to use while in beta, but these features will only be available to paying customers once the beta session is over.

To try it out, make sure to update to the latest version of your native app or download the app at

As always, we’d love to hear what you think. Thanks!

Elena Gorman

What’s new in Windows/Linux 2.1 release

By Elena Gorman | 4 months ago | 0 Comments

We couldn’t close out 2013 without showing a little more love to our Windows and Linux users. The 2.1 release squashes a lot of bugs in both operating systems. We also have some new features not yet available in all apps.


If you’re part of a remote team, which many of us are, the @here feature behaves like @all…for only the team members currently logged in to the room.

Use @here to alert only people about information relevant to them

For example, the HipChat team room includes 25 employees across multiple offices. In the SF office, we sign up for amazing catered lunch courtesy of EatClub. Lunch orders are due by 10:30am and inevitably someone forgets to order. We use @here so that only the employees presently active in the chat room (and likely in our office) are notified. (chompy)

This function is available in Mac 2.4, iOS 2.1 and Windows/Linux 2.1. We plan to release it in the web and Android apps soon.

In-app search

Most notably, in-app search is now possible on Windows and Linux apps. It’s a time-saver that we plan to roll-out across all apps soon.

HipChat in-app search now available in Windows and Linux 2.1

Search chat history without leaving your chat room

And the fixes…

Thanks for reporting many of these.

  • Issue fixed in Windows displaying some international characters
  • @mentions no longer case-sensitive
  • Reload 1:1 chats properly on reconnection
  • App automatically reconnects when Internet is spotty
  • Visual fixes of profiles, avatars and room names
  • Now activates from Unity system tray

Download the latest native app from HipChat

Did we miss something?

We really appreciate your bug reports. Please post any feedback on the Windows/Linux 2.1 release on the appropriate suggestion forum  on

Elena Gorman

HipChat for iOS 2.1 released

By Elena Gorman | 4 months ago | 7 Comments

It’s our first app exclusively designed for iOS 7

Over the summer we released an all-new version of our iOS and Mac apps. We felt good about the speed and grace with which our native apps supported group chat. But then we noticed that our shiny new app wasn’t behaving the way we expected on iOS 7.

Throughout the fall we’ve been iterating to support Apple’s new iOS 7 operating system. And with good reason. Our friends at Mixpanel cite 80% of iOS web traffic is on iOS 7.

We strive for parity across our native apps. So the change shouldn’t feel too drastic.

Stay Connected on the go with HipChat 2.1 for iOS 7HipChat for iOS 2.1 offers persistent group chat rooms

Download HipChat 2.1 for iOS7

Now, after lots of internal dog-fooding (we’re big iOS7 fans), we’re ready to share our first-ever dedicated iOS 7 app.

In addition to the basic visual fixes we made, you’ll notice:

  • Room topics now properly updated in real-time
  • Support for @here notifications
  • Persistence of message drafts across sessions
  • Automatically sets your status to “idle” when HipChat runs in the background

Note: 2.1 only supports iOS 7. If you are still running on iOS6 then (sadpanda) the app store will not give you the option to upgrade.

Jeff Park

Here’s what’s new in HipChat for Mac 2.4

By Jeff Park | 5 months ago | 4 Comments

Just before we broke for Thanksgivukkah, our team released the 2.4 version of HipChat for Mac. In addition to stability and bug fixes, we’ve changed a few things to support the Mavericks update, including fixing the upload file message. You can check out the full release notes for this update, but we’d also like to highlight three changes that come with this update.

Improved Guest Access

A couple changes to Guest Access in 2.4. Firstly, we’ve replaced the Guest access check box with a toggle to provide a clearer UI for our users. We’ve also added display mention names for guest users so you can go ahead and @mention guests just like any other users. Lastly, HipChat now properly removes guests from the People roster once they leave the room.

Guest Access

/clear command

We’ve added the /clear command to the list of slash commands that HipChat supports. This slash command clears out chat history in the current tab, useful when displaying your screen for a presentation (or if you just want to hide an inappropriate chat shared by coworkers). The chat stays persistent though, as you can restore chat history by simply reopening that tab.

@here mention

@here is a new feature available in 2.4. This @mention option will trigger an @mention notification only for people currently active in the room. So save the @all’s for only the urgent important messages, and leave the away or offline people in peace.

@here mention

The @here command is only available in the HipChat for Mac client as for now. It will be rolling out to the other clients very soon.

So there you have it. Let us know about any feedback you might have with this new release. If you haven’t automatically updated already, go ahead and click the Check for Update option under the HipChat menu in the file bar.