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Elena Gorman

HipChat for Mac 3.1 – Meet the New chat button

By Elena Gorman | 2 days ago | 10 Comments

Adios, lobby

In this Mac release you’ll get a new design for finding your teammates and public rooms from our New chat popover button.

New HipChat chat button

Meet the new chat button on HipChat

New form, more function

The New chat popover allows us to consolidate the entire lobby experience into smaller, more visually efficient solution so your teammates and rooms are front and center. It also sets the stage for us to add more functionality within the popover – like the ability to invite new users and create new rooms more easily.

Begin typing to find the right person in the New chat dialog

We started thinking about this after observing users depend on the lobby to start chats instead of using a keyboard shortcut (Command N). Some users complained that going to the lobby to find someone was cumbersome. We agreed.

Download the latest Mac app


What do you think? Let us know in the comments :)

Ian Monroe

HipChat 2.2.1287 released for Windows & Linux

By Ian Monroe | 3 days ago | 2 Comments

Today we have a new patch release for Windows and Linux – 2.2.1287.

  • Amnesia fix – HipChat now remembers correctly what channels you join and leave between sessions.
  • HipChat’s connection no longer resets when sending certain pasted characters.
  • Our graphical wizards have created new refined smilies. The era of squashed bug smilies is at an end.
  • HipChat would sometimes not give up the webcam when closing the Settings tab, so the webcam light would stay on. This has been fixed.

Happy Thanksgiving America, enjoy your (turkey). Everyone else have a nice last Thursday of November.

Ian Monroe

HipChat 2.2.1270 for Windows & Linux released

By Ian Monroe | 3 weeks ago | 7 Comments
We’ve made a new bug fix release for Windows and Linux: 2.2.1270.
  • It has improvements for the spellchecker which now indicates misspelled words only after the word has been completed, as well as an issue that prevented the client from going idle.
  • The system tray icon now opens the client on click or double click, and a problem some users had with copying urls or texts got solved. We made general stability improvements and the installer opens up HipChat after installation if desired.
  • Additionally we fixed a startup issue for users on new Linux distributions using Radeon drivers.
The Windows application will notify you of the option to update; on Linux perform a system update. Alternatively head on over to the Downloads page and pick up the new build yourself.
Edit: 2.2.1271 was just released for Linux. On Linux 2.2.1270 was installing some test-related files under /home/ian. (badpokerface). So be assured a mysterious Ian did not take up residence on your computer, just upgrade to 2.2.1271.
Chris Gibbs

iOS Update 3.0.1 Available

By Chris Gibbs | 3 weeks ago | 1 Comment

Over the weekend the HipChat iOS app version 3.0.1 hit the App Store, here’s what’s new.

We listened to your feedback on version 3.0 and have implemented a way for you to browse all the rooms and people in your organization. People with smaller organizations should find this particularly helpful, and large room/people lists can still be filtered down using the search bar.

This version also includes increased fault tolerance when fetching new messages as well as various enhancements and bug fixes. Check out the full release notes below.

Find rooms and people

Release Notes

  • New: View all the people and rooms in your organization from the home screen
  • Improved: Sharing to HipChat now works from more apps
  • Improved: Better fallback for fetching messages when you enter a room
  • Improved: Links can now be opened in Safari
  • Improved: In-app notification layout on iPad
  • Fixed: Connect to servers with self-signed certs
  • Fixed: Unread counts incrementing for an open room
Ian Monroe

HipChat 2.2.1221 for Linux and Windows released

By Ian Monroe | 1 month ago | 3 Comments

A new week, a new build from Bamboo to release. This patch release for both Linux and Windows has all the fixes from last week’s release for Linux, plus the ability to click on @-mentions to open up a new chat.

Feature – click on @-mentions to start a chat with that person
Feature – XHTML-IM messages now supported in 1-1 chats
Fixed – Various issues with large log file creation
Fixed – show only offline presence icons for others when offline