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Introducing HipChat Server 2.0: faster, more secure & more reliable

, Engineer | June 22, 2016

HipChat Server 2.0

We’re excited to announce the official arrival of HipChat Server 2.0! We worked out some kinks in the 2.0 beta and this new release ships with some key upgrades in security, controls, and flexibility.

Updated infrastructure

We overhauled HipChat Server to run on Ubuntu 14.04. This update gives customers a more stable, performant, and secure OS.

We’ve also improved how upgrades occur, including a new offline upgrade capability.

Please make sure you take a backup before upgrading and are on a supported virtualization platform.

HipChat Connect on Server

The all-new HipChat integrations platform (HipChat Connect) is now available on HipChat Server.

HipChat Connect enables developers to build custom apps within chat, extending HipChat in very powerful ways. Not only will you be able to receive important information from the apps you use but also take action straight from your chat window.

See an example of HipChat Connect in action with the new StatusPage integration:

HipChat Connect

To try out a HipChat Connect-powered integration, check out this page. Note that in most cases, your HipChat Server will need inbound and outbound connectivity to the internet for these apps and integrations to work. Check out our integration guidelines for further help.

If you want to write custom apps or integrations with your own systems, follow our developer guide. A number of customers are already using HipChat Connect to build custom apps that help them with their DevOps processes, expenses approval, sales opportunities, and more.

New client features

HipChat Server customers will now enjoy all of the new features we’ve added to our latest HipChat desktop apps, including per-room notification settings, appearance customizations like dark mode, and quick search to find rooms and people with ease.

Robust admin controls

Admins delight! We’ve added role-based access controls to HipChat Server. Administrators no longer need to be overwhelmed by requests to execute simple account management tasks. They can now delegate admins who’ll be able to manage users and public rooms.

Moderators will only be able to moderate private rooms they have explicit access to, and they won’t be able to access 1-to-1 private chats. Learn more.

Get HipChat Server 2.0

If you’re an existing customer, just upgrade now!

For new users:

  1. Check out our installation guide for system requirements
  2. Download the OVA or deploy it from AWS

If you have questions or run into any problems, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Server Support team.

Puppet Enterprise integration: monitor & collaborate on operations in HipChat

, Product Marketing | May 23, 2016

If you’re a systems administrators or application admin, you probably spend much of your day in the command line interfacing with version control systems, initiating infrastructure jobs, and monitoring (allthethings). You probably also spend your day in HipChat communicating with your team. The new Puppet Enterprise for HipChat integration bridges the gap between conversation and action so you can run operations within chat, initiating a ChatOps collaboration model.

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HipChat Server 2.0 is now in beta!

| April 26, 2016

HipChat Server 2.0

We’re happy to announce the release of HipChat Server 2.0 in beta! Improvements to HipChat Server make it faster, more secure, and more reliable than ever.

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HipChat for Windows improvements 💪 & crushed bugs 🐛

| March 12, 2016

In December, we launched HipChat for Windows 4.0, a completely rebuilt app. Since then, you’ve given us tons of valuable feedback—thank you! With that feedback, we’ve made many improvements and fixes.

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The all-new HipChat for Linux is here!

| March 10, 2016

HipChat for Linux app

We’re thrilled to unveil our newest HipChat for Linux app filled with new features and a fresh look.

Right away you’ll notice the visual makeover. We’ve added clean lines, more white space, a better search box location, the “new chat” button, and other important action features.

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New HipChat for Mac: Cleaner, faster, and snazzier

| March 01, 2016

HipChat for Mac

As your primary team work space, we’re always looking for ways to make HipChat cleaner and more organized. In the new HipChat for Mac app, we did some serious cleaning therapy, and wow, did it feel good.

We’ve stripped away the unnecessary and highlighted the features most important to you, including some new goodies. We’ve also added decor that you can switch up as your work moods and preferences change.

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HipChat Bots: A guide for the humans

, Product Marketing | February 24, 2016

HipChat bots, HipBotsHipChat bots, or “HipBots” as we call them, have long been a HipChatter’s best friend: loyal, dutiful, and, if we do say so ourselves, adorable. Each bot is gifted with its own unique skill, helping your team stay organized and do its best work. Better yet, they’re easy to install and happy to work 24/7. Explore all our bots here. Learn about four of our favorites below.

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Be gone, browser! Welcome Cloudo in HipChat

, Product Marketing | February 11, 2016

HipChat for Cloudo add-on

The cloud’s ability to store infinite amounts of information has given us so much – but it also creates “cloud clutter.” At first you used just a few cloud services, say Gmail, Dropbox, and Trello. But fast forward a few years, and you’re probably using tens of services in the cloud to get your work done. And that means all the files that are most important to you are scattered and difficult to find.

Cloudo changes that.

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Welcome to the New HipChat for Windows – rebuilt from the ground up and ready to fly

| December 07, 2015

You deserve the best apps to get your work done. And that is exactly why we completely revamped our Windows app to give you the best HipChat desktop experience yet. Not only will you see visual differences in the interface and design, but you’ll feel a smoother, faster experience.

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Yesterday’s message latency issues & what we’re doing about it

| December 03, 2015

Yesterday, we woke up filled with excitement as we prepared to unveil the new Windows 4.0 app to you, our users. However our excitement faded quickly away when the rapid adoption of Windows 4.0 overloaded our platform.

As we watched the East Coast of the U.S. wake up, demand for the new app exceeded our expectations and caused message delays across our platform – reducing normal message volume by 7%. This interrupted your team’s ability to collaborate and build incredible things, and that’s not okay.

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