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Terrence Caldwell

Connect HipChat and Confluence to take team collaboration to the next level

By Terrence Caldwell | 4 days ago | 4 Comments

We love using Confluence and HipChat together. Confluence is the place where teams document their projects, product requirements, meeting agendas, and new ideas. HipChat is where we can discuss these plans and ideas, and contribute file and links on the fly. Over the past few months we’ve been working on making it easier to connect the two and use them together.

Connect Confluence to HipChat in less than 2 minutes

Now you can, in less than 2 minutes. If you’re a Confluence admin, all you have to do is press a button in the admin console to set up the integration between the two products.

Once your HipChat account is recognized, it’s just one more click before your integration is all set up.

Connect your Confluence spaces to HipChat rooms

With the two integrated you can connect your spaces in Confluence to rooms in HipChat to get push notifications. You can receive notifications when pages are created, blogs are published, or updates are made to pages in your Confluence space.

When your space is linked to your HipChat room, your team will get automatic updates in HipChat, making it easier than ever to stay on top of what everyone is working on, and discuss work in real-time.

Start using HipChat and Confluence today to keep your team connected!

Using Confluence Cloud?

You’ve been auto-upgraded and can start using this integration today if you have a HipChat account!

Own Confluence Server ?

Sit tight, we are shipping the new, faster Confluence to HipChat integration in our upcoming Confluence 5.7 release.

Not using Confluence?

Get started with a free hosted trial and give your team a place to create, share, and document all your important work.


Elena Gorman

Integrate Opsmatic to HipChat for configuration monitoring notifications

By Elena Gorman | 1 month ago | 0 Comments

Opsmatic is a configuration monitoring service designed for agile technical teams. The service provides complete visibility of the state of your entire infrastructure so you can easily monitor and resolve issues before they become major problems.

Opsmatic also integrates with other tools like PuppetChefNagios, and PagerDuty to give you a complete picture of the events that affect your systems.

By integrating Opsmatic to HipChat, important Opsmatic notifications such as Chef or Puppet automation run failures are posted into the HipChat room of your choice. Determining the cause and impact on your infrastructure configuration is then just a click away.

Connecting two accounts is simple, and it takes less than a minute to complete. Install it directly into the rooms you manage.

With this insight and the ease of communicating in a HipChat room, your entire team has immediate visibility into what’s happening and can easily jump in and collaborate on how best to resolve the problem.

If you need more information about getting started with Opsmatic and HipChat integration, read the documentation here.

Elena Gorman

Guest Post: Introducing GIF keyboard in HipChat

By Elena Gorman | 1 month ago | 0 Comments

Introducing GIF Keyboard in HipChat

You share GIFs all the time on HipChat because why use words when you can use GIFs? GIFs play automatically and inline inside HipChat so it’s easy to express an emotion, reaction, or just how excited you are about a new cat GIF you found.

But sharing GIFs to HipChat on mobile can be painful. You have to exit HipChat, Open Safari, go to google, perform a search for a GIF, copy the link, open HipChat, then paste the link – 10 taps later your GIF is in HipChat. Who wants to do that?

Introducing the GIF Keyboard. Share GIFs to HipChat with just one tap. It’s as easy as sharing emojis.

Share GIFs in HipChat!

Just navigate to the GIF Keyboard, then hold down on a GIF and select HipChat. The link to the gif gets pasted automatically inside HipChat, and when you hit submit, it turns into an autoplay GIF.

GIF Keyboard lets you collect your favorite GIFs from across the web, as well as collect what your colleagues are sharing on HipChat, so your team’s favorite replies are always one tap away.

The GIF Keyboard is available as a free download in the app-store. How long can you have a conversation in GIFs without typing any words?

Introducing GIF Keyboard

About Riffsy

Riffsy is the maker of the GIF Keyboard. Founded by Frank Nawabi, David McIntosh and Erick Hachenburg, Riffsy believes that motion is a huge opportunity for self expression, sharing and community on the iPhone and iPad, and that mobile will create entirely new opportunities in the video marketplace.

Jeff Park

Bring your code into the conversation with the HipChat Bitbucket integration

By Jeff Park | 2 months ago | 4 Comments

If you’re a Bitbucket user, we’ve got some great news for you. We’ve worked with the Bitbucket team to create a new integration to provide more useful information about your repositories within your HipChat rooms. 

The new integration includes notifications for the following actions:

  • Commits – when a new commit is pushed, or commented on
  • Pull requests – when a pull request is created, commented on, merged, or declined
  • Issues – when an issue is created, updated, or commented on

By piping notifications into your chat room, you can hold a conversation about latest commits, pull requests, and issues with your developers right away. HipChat lets you host lightweight code reviews right within your chat room and ship code faster.

Bitbucket notifications in HipChat

This integration is pre-installed on all HipChat groups. You can find instructions on how to configure the new integration in our documentation.

If you’re new to Bitbucket, be sure to check it out – unlimited private Git or Mercurial repositories. Host your code in the cloud, for free.

Elena Gorman

HipChat’s integrations are better than ever

By Elena Gorman | 2 months ago | 3 Comments

We’ve made finding and installing HipChat integrations easier than ever.

Now, every user who has created a room can explore and install per-room integrations from the web dashboard or within the Mac app.

This means anyone who has created a HipChat room can supercharge team communication – plugging in external notifications and playful additions to make your team more productive.

Easily find new integrations

Find all the integrations you want from within our Mac HipChat app or via the web dashboard.

Find integrations in-app or via the web dashboard

Find integrations from within our Mac app

Find new integrations from within our Mac 3.0 app

From any room you created, click on the ellipsis button in the top right corner.

From the drop-down, select Integrations and HipChat will open up the page in your web dashboard to find new integrations for that room.

If you don’t have the latest Mac app, you can still manage them from the web dashboard.

Or, via the web dashboard, sign into and navigate to Rooms/My Rooms/Integrations.

New web dashboard in HipChat for integrations

Manage per-room integrations from the web dashboard

Integrations for everyone on the team

The real benefit of our new integrations is that anyone on the team can find and install as many as they need to make their team more productive. HipChat doesn’t limit the number of integrations on our Basic accounts. 

I really like the Alias integration. Alias is a simple and easy way to incorporate group mentions into any room you manage.

In Atlassian, The HipChat marketing team falls under the larger Collaboration business group. We have a chat room for all marketing activity, but sometimes I want a shorthand way to @-mention marketers just on the HipChat team.

With a single-click, I installed the Alias integration to our room, set the group for @hc with our 3 marketers and now I have a simple way to get everyone’s attention. I didn’t need permission from my group administrator or special API keys to make it so.

Alias integration in HipChat

This integration isn’t new. It’s just much easier to find and install with a single click. Oh, and it’s totally free.

Of course, we’ve got all our Atlassian integrations as well.

Get to know our 1-click integration partners

The days of retrieving API keys and copy/pasting obscure urls are on the way out. Now, many of our integrations can be installed with a single-click.

Special thanks to those partners for offering the first 1-click integrations.

Hipmob HipMob offers hosted live chat for mobile applications. When integrated with HipChat, our users can monitor and respond to online help requests. Read more about the integration on our blog.
screenhero Screenhero provides screen sharing and voice connectivity from within HipChat. With simple slash commands, HipChat users can instantly collaborate. Learn more about the integration here. HipChat uses to manage our own status page, and we receive notifications in our devops rooms anytime performance of our web services changes.
reamaze Reamaze is a lightweight help desk tool. Integrating it with HipChat can bring every interaction with your customers, via email, Facebook or Twitter, into a central HipChat room. Learn more about this integration on their blog. We’ve blogged about Raygun’s integration in the past. This updated version works with our new API v2 making it easier than ever to install and monitor app performance via HipChat.

Manage integrations in your rooms

Write your own integration

Have a great idea for a HipChat integration? Cool. Check out the HipChat API docs here to get started.

Want to get your integration listed?

We’re happy to list any integration that incorporates our API v2. If you’ve got one ready for the big leagues, reach out to