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You know you wanna: HipChat + Asana

HipChat Asana Integration

There are a handful of killer project management tools for teams and HipChat aims to integrate with the best of them. HipChat’s integrations with JIRA, Trello, and Confluence are just a few of the heavy hitters we play well with.

Today, we’re sharing a new integration with Asana. The Asana integration is incredible for teams. It sends critical updates in HipChat as projects progress in Asana. Instead of clicking back and forth for task lists and making sure you didn’t miss an important email, the HipChat + Asana integration keeps you informed without leaving HipChat.

Changing work habits for real, tho

The Asana integration is more than skin-deep; it’s a serious game changer for your team. When you connect a task list in Asana to your HipChat team room, every update is logged as part of room history, making all shared content searchable and accessible.

Get’r done

We’ve worked hard to make setting up this integration crazy simple. Just go here and pick the rooms you want to install it in.

HipChat Asana Integration

Pick your HipChat organization and the project in Asana.

Then watch the magic.

integrate now

HipChat Integrates with Telzio, Business VoIP Provider

Telzio integrates with HipChat

VoIP technology connects small business teams with the outside world. By integrating with HipChat, Telzio brings the outside world into HipChat. No need to check your emails from Telzio throughout the day for new voicemails or worry about missing an important text.

The new Telzio integration alerts you in HipChat rooms when you’ve missed a phone call, SMS message, or voicemail. Customer support teams can use this to assign customer responses among the team in minutes. Now, more than ever, your various forms of work communication fit snuggly within HipChat, keeping your team in sync across all your apps.

Integrate Telzio with HipChat

Setting up your Telzio integration is easy and takes just minutes:

Room admins can set up the Telzio integration by going to any HipChat room and clicking Settings (button with three dots in the top right corner), then click Integrations. From here, simply authorize with Telzio, and you’re good to go!

Telzio Integration in HipChat, chat for teams.

Now, when new voicemails, text messages, or missed calls come into Telzio, your team will know immediately in the selected HipChat rooms.  Also, you can elect to set up transcription on your voicemails, so now you can quickly read messages wherever you happen to be, and they are completely searchable in HipChat.


HipChat integrations help your team stay focused on work by receiving all your notifications one place. Check out HipChat integrations here. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Request a new integration!

Even More File Power: Google Drive + HipChat

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 1.35.29 PM

We are always looking to bring more of the tools your team relies on into your HipChat world. A Google Drive integration is our newest addition to the tool belt, making HipChat file storing/sharing capabilities even more awesome.

Now your team can work faster with speedy doc creation that is as easy as typing a slash command. Just type /drive for the list of available commands. You can also type “/drive doc Document Name” to label it on the spot:


Additionally, paste a Drive document url to the room and you can view a richer preview with info about the file.


Whether you’re sharing Google slides with your team for an upcoming presentation, or you’re creating a Google sheet of your department budget, everything can now live in one centralized place on HipChat. Increased file sharing power plus the HipChat you already know and love equals a more collaborative and efficient team!

Ready to try it out? Just go to the Atlassian Marketplace, install the Google Drive integration in any room you have admin access to, sign into your Google account, and start drivin’.

Get it now

Send Loggly alerts into HipChat rooms

2 months ago Elena Gorman 0 Comments

In awesome HipChat news, we’ve got another great integration to share.

Our good friends over at Loggly have built a new integration that’s a lifesaver, especially for DevOps teams. Loggly is cloud-based, log management solution, supporting sources like MySQL, Linux, Rails, Python, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, Docker, S3, and Heroku among others.

Built around Loggly’s alert endpoint framework, their integration leverages HipChat’s webhooks to notify rooms about specific events or trends.

Keeping track of critical info

Loggly + HipChat users can create alerts that monitor:

  • Specific errors that have occurred
  • Spikes in the frequency of a particular type of event, such as 400 or 500 status codes
  • Average or maximum numeric values, such as response times exceeding set thresholds

In addition to posting an alert, the Loggly integration also forwards key context, including samples of the actual log events and a direct link to all the events within the Loggly console.

Context is everything

By providing context and links, the Loggly integration slashes response time because critical information is right there and easy to read. More importantly, teams can mitigate and even prevent technical issues that could affect transaction completion rates, user satisfaction, and revenue.

Install Loggly’s HipChat integration from the Alert tab on your Loggly dashboard. Check out the docs to learn more.

Assign. Discuss. Done: A Revamped HipChat & JIRA Integration

2 months ago Tanguy Crusson 3 Comments

Your team encounters a critical bug; how quickly can you gather the right people to resolve the issue?

We’ve built deeper integrations with JIRA to make it even easier to stay coordinated on tasks, projects, and bugs. Get more done faster with JIRA and HipChat.

Subscribe to notifications in HipChat for your JIRA projects

JIRA notifications in HipChat provide clear details on your issues. Send notifications to HipChat whenever a JIRA issue is created and updated for the issues that matter to you. Now your entire team can easily grasp the status of their JIRA projects.

Tip: Notify your team’s HipChat room whenever a new blocker issue is created/resolved or whenever your customers raise a feature request.

Tell me more about an issue

Need more information on a specific issue? No need to jump into JIRA. Just mention the issue key (or paste the URL of the JIRA issue) into a chat room, and HipChat will give you the low down. This was one of the top voted feature requests!

Where did I discuss this again?

Discussions on issues happen in more places than in just JIRA’s comments section. If you can’t remember where/when you had these discussions in HipChat though, you can now view all mentions of an issue under the Discuss This in HipChat panel directly within that ticket.

Tip: If you’re already in HipChat, use our search feature to find the discussion in your chat history.

hipchat and jira

Refocus the conversation

Some JIRA issues are so critical that they trigger a bevy of discussion. These discussions often happen in many different HipChat rooms, so it becomes difficult to get everyone on the same page. Refocus the conversation by creating a dedicated HipChat room for a JIRA issue straight from JIRA. Use this room to get everyone on the same page. HipChat will automatically notify this room whenever the issue is updated or mentioned in another room.

Want to get started?

We’ve made it super easy to set up your JIRA and HipChat instances. JIRA administrators can find the HipChat integration in their admin settings under System. It takes just 30 seconds to configure!

We’re working hard every day to build deeper integrations like this for all of our Atlassian products. Try it out today and let us know how it goes.

This integration is automatically available on JIRA Cloud. If you have JIRA Server, you’ll need to install the plugin from the Atlassian Marketplace.

If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear from you!

Get yer video on – Introducing Hangouts, GoToMeeting and integrations!

3 months ago Josh Devenny 22 Comments

image2015-3-17 14-57-16

Video chat your entire team with our latest integrations

Hot on the heels of the Twitter and Trello integrations, we’re excited to announce three new, video-based integrations with HipChat.

Please welcome Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting Free and to the HipChat integrations family. These integrations will get your team chatting for standups, planning meetings and even ad-hoc video chats.

If your company uses Google Apps, then your team will be able use the Google Hangouts integration. If not, we’ve got you covered with and GoToMeeting Free.

Getting your video on

All three services provide group video up to a specific number of people* for free. The integrations are all really easy to use, it’s up to you which one you choose. Maybe you’ll even choose all three, as they can be installed globally or on a per room basis.

Once installed, starting a video conference is easy:

  • Hangouts – type /hangout
  • – type /appear
  • GoToMeeting – type /g2m

A message will be posted to the HipChat room, and you’re all set!

image2015-3-17 14-49-53

When is HipChat building native group video?

HipChat currently supports 1-1 video in our HipChat Plus and HipChat Server offerings, and whilst that’s awesome for many use cases, we know it’s more fun when multiple people can join the party. We’re working to deliver native group video functionality and we want to make sure we deliver a great experience. Group video needs to be stable, performant and most importantly, scale to your needs. We want to support teams of all shapes and sizes, all over the world.

So why integrate with other group video services?

We value what you do and the way you work, and supporting that is critically important to us. Whilst HipChat’s native group video functionality is baking, we decided to deliver integrations that you may already be using in your workflow. With Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting Free and we want to make sure that you and your team get the most out of HipChat.

Stay tuned for more updates, and in the meantime get your teams talking with our awesome new integrations below.

We hope you love them!

* Each app can support the following number of users for free: Hangouts – 15, – 8, GoToMeeting – 3

HipChat and GoToMeeting Free Integration

3 months ago Josh Devenny 1 Comment


HipChat + GoToMeeting free, you say?

Do you know who is on your team? Yeah, there’s developer Donna and designer Don. You’ve got Luke and Lucille in marketing, and then Margot and Margeaux (that one gets confusing) but your team isn’t just anchored by people – there’s also the software you depend on.

That’s why HipChat plays nicely with the software you use every day. We know many HipChat users depend on Citrix’s GoToMeeting, so we’re excited to announce a brand new integration with GoToMeeting Free. Now, you can easily start a meeting with Margot and Margeaux with the click of a button.

It’s a communication match made in heaven:


1) Follow this link and set up the GoToMeeting integration in your room
2) Invite your team by typing /gotomeeting or /g2m in your team room
3) Check your teeth for kale, and click the link
4) See those smiling faces!

That’s it. You don’t even need to sign up for GoToMeeting – it just works.

Give it a whirl and let us know what you think.

Need real time error notifications in HipChat? Use Raygun.

Need real time error notifications in HipChat? This is a guest blog by Nick Harley, marketer at Raygun.

With offices in San Francisco and Wellington, New Zealand, Raygun provides error tracking and crash reporting for software developers, and is one of the best HipChat integrations in the known world.

We all know HipChat is an awesome tool for developers, but while your team may be communicating, your applications and websites are out in the wild, being used by customers encountering problems you aren’t aware of.

Many developers think that if they’re not hearing about errors, everything is hunky dory. This is definitely not the case.

From our experience, only 1% of users report problems. Many times when users report an issue, you’re likely to receive a tiny screenshot, pasted into a Word document. There needed to be an easier way to solve problems.

Introducing a better way to work

What if your software could talk to you?

What if your team could get real-time error notifications, right within HipChat?

Looking for intelligently grouped notifications, visible to the right people or the whole team?

We’d like you to meet Raygun

Raygun is available in the Atlassian Marketplace and was one of the first integrations available on the new HipChat API.

We’ll show you how to set Raygun up in a few easy steps and in no time you’ll revolutionize workflow and be connected like never before.

Getting Started

Just register a Raygun account, it’ll take a few minutes to integrate it into your application, and that’s it. You can authenticate Raygun with your team’s HipChat account and even select the room and message color you’d like to see notifications appear in.

Once you’ve hooked Raygun up, error notifications appear like magic in your team chat. Clicking on the error link will take you directly to the error, allowing you to see any diagnostic information.

This includes stack traces, environments, browsers, etc. You’ll be able to locate and fix errors in record time, way before users would have experienced an issue. Pretty Sweet, huh?

Killer tools working together

Raygun is HipChat’s best friend, while integrating nicely with JIRA and Bitbucket – thus giving you awesome error tracking that works with the tools you use every day.

Find Raygun in the Atlassian Marketplace, hook it up to HipChat and start blasting away software errors. You might be surprised at what you find!

HipChat integrates with Trello!

4 months ago Josh Devenny 13 Comments


See your team’s Trello updates in your HipChat rooms

Hot on the heels of our recent Twitter integration, we’re excited to introduce HipChat’s brand new integration with Trello!

The best thing about HipChat is that it brings every conversation into one place – even the ones you have with the software tools you use. The Trello integration will let you see updates to cards and lists, which are sent through as notifications to your HipChat rooms. These messages are added to your room’s history, which means they’re easily searchable and will appear on all of your devices.

Trello tracks everything

We decided to integrate together to allow you to quickly track items for any kind of small project that you or your team is working on. Great, what are some ways you can use it? (if you’re not using JIRA, of course (wink)):

  • Managing development projects
  • Coordinating on marketing campaigns and launches
  • Personal todo lists – create a private room to remember what you did yesterday!

Getting Started

First, get the integration here. The HipChat-Trello integration can be installed on a per-room basis, and you can use a different Trello account per room. Create different configurations for multiple boards in the same room and then choose when specific actions are performed on cards or lists – this integration’s got it all.



Trello updates that match your configuration will show up in your room

As you update your Trello boards, you’ll instantly see messages in your HipChat rooms. This informs the team what’s going on, plus news is always a great conversation starter.


Let’s talk

How do you use the Trello integration? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to know what features you’d like to see in the future.

And don’t forget, HipChat has dozens of other integrations. Check ’em out here.

Install now!

Get Mardi Gras in Your HipChat

Break out the beignets and the beads; cause Mardi Gras is upon us! Thousands of folks will crowd the streets of New Orleans to party in the French Quarter while beautiful parades stream down St. Charles Avenue. Mardi Gras is the Gulf Coast’s most exciting time of the year (as long as the Saints don’t make the Super Bowl again).

Mardi Gras isn’t just the madness you’ve seen on television, but an incredible time to reconnect with friends and family, all while yelling the ubiquitous “throw me something good, mister!” as the parades pass by. The colorful beads hang from the branches of the ancient live oak trees while there’s yellow, green and purple everywhere.

But, for many getting down to Louisiana just isn’t possible this year. Have no worry; HipChat’s got your back. If you want to stay on top of the action down in Crescent City, install a Twitter Integration and wham – you’ll feel like you’re at a neighborhood crawfish boil.

Here’s how it works:

You’ll be able to pull relevant information based on @’s – #’s or just type in Mardi Gras in the search field. If you make a special “Mardi Gras” room, all of the accounts you follow or have added to the room will populate as they happen. Plus, like all things HipChat, they’ll be searchable.

Sound cool? Check this blog post here to learn how to install HipChat’s Twitter Integration now.


Here’s a list of a few awesome New Orleans Twitter junkies we suggest checking out to get that New Orleans fix.

Stay connected, and put on your dancing shoes, even if you’re at your desk. There’s never not a reason to “laissez les bons temps rouler” or Let the good times roll!