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Be gone, browser! Welcome Cloudo in HipChat

| February 11, 2016

HipChat for Cloudo add-on

The cloud’s ability to store infinite amounts of information has given us so much – but it also creates “cloud clutter.” At first you used just a few cloud services, say Gmail, Dropbox, and Trello. But fast forward a few years, and you’re probably using tens of services in the cloud to get your work done. And that means all the files that are most important to you are scattered and difficult to find.

Cloudo changes that.


Inside Atlassian: How IT & SRE use ChatOps to run incident management

| February 08, 2016

HipChat for ChatOps incident management

Any team that slings code for a living deals with service issues. They know all too well the hated red alert… the dreaded text in the middle of the night… the loathsome ping from a coworker telling them that $#!π just hit the fan. But what separates good services from great services is the ability to recover swiftly with minimal affect on users. And a big factor in swift recovery is ChatOps.


What is ChatOps? A guide to its evolution, adoption & significance

| February 05, 2016

HipChat for ChatOpsI am the product of AIM. I can hear that door swinging open and closed in my mind with absolute fidelity. I know that ding like I know the sound of my own babies crying.

At 15, as I typed away into AOL IM, I never imagined that chat could turn into a tool powering some of the greatest innovation in business, technology, science, and beyond. There’s even a name for this phenomenon: ChatOps.


HipChat keeps Zignal Labs’ teams moving at the speed of agile

| January 12, 2016

HipChat and Zignal Labs

Zignal Labs is a real-time, cross media analytics company. Its platform allows customers to customize dashboards to analyze data across both social and traditional media sources. With nearly 100 employees in several locations collaborating closely to discuss platform issues and operations, Zignal Labs needed to find a desktop and mobile chat tool that could deliver frictionless communication.


Zendesk for HipChat add-on now powered by Connect

| December 15, 2015

As a customer service team, you need to have your finger on the pulse of your community. That means having a great customer service platform that funnels all that information to your team and helps you respond swiftly. That, my friends, is Zendesk.

HipChat Connect Zendesk add-on


It’s time to Connect, HipChat style

| December 09, 2015

Since its introduction a month ago, HipChat Connect has produced over a dozen add-ons from our friends at services like Zendesk, Meekan, and StatusPage, with more coming from New Relic, PagerDuty, and Zephyr. And this is just beginning.

Since so much has happened, we’re giving you a quick summary of our new add-ons and their capabilities. Whether you’re a part of an engineering, marketing, or customer service team, these add-ons will make your work life better.


NPS for HipChat with SurveyMonkey puts customer experience front & center

| December 08, 2015

HipChat SurveyMonkey integration

As a JIRA engineer, I dreamed of a day when I could seamlessly bring customer feedback to my entire team. A weird dream, you think? For us, it’s not. Customer feedback is how we identify customer patterns, as well as product strengths and weaknesses. It’s how we make JIRA better all the time.

I envisioned a lightweight dashboard to tell me how customers felt about my team output in real-time. It felt like a pipe dream, until Atlassian open-sourced its HipChat Connect API in time for our quarterly hackathon we call ShipIt. I joined forces with three teammates and in 48-hours we scoped out and built the add-on of our dreams, NPS for HipChat, using SurveyMonkey.


Engage your community with new HipChat Connect add-ons

| November 18, 2015

HipChat Connect add-ons

HipChat Connect add-ons for business teams just got a whole lot cooler.

Traditionally HipChat has been used to communicate with teammates internally, but with the dawn of HipChat Connect, HipChat lets you bring the outside world in. The new class of add-ons let you do some pretty incredible things, including engage with your community in a way that makes sense for your business.


Meekan and Convergely will elevate your chat game

| November 11, 2015

HipChat add-ons Meekan and Convergely

Last week we announced our all-new integrations framework, HipChat Connect. Integrations powered by HipChat Connect are the most sophisticated on the market with abilities far beyond the “normal” integration experience.



Introducing HipChat Connect (beta) – the most powerful integration platform

| November 04, 2015

As we announced back in June, we put a team together to reimagine how teams can be more informed and productive. Today we’re inviting you to kick the tires of HipChat’s brand-new integrations experience powered by HipChat Connect, our new API now in public beta.