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Add the Alias bot to HipChat in under 2 minutes

4 weeks ago Elena Gorman 2 Comments

HipChat Alias Bot

HipChat integrations will change the way you work. They aren’t just for developers, either. Our bots are a special breed of integration that any room administrator can deploy.

HipChat Alias Bot
Alias is a bot that acts like a room mention. We use Alias in our HipChat team room everyday. Our team is spread out all over the world and some news is only relevant to specific locations. Alias lets us broadcast information to the @Austin handle without typing each person by name.

Get your Alias on

This two minute tutorial will get you group mentions in any room you administer.

Check out the full bot squad at our Bot Lab.

Bring all the news to you with RSS, Facebook & Twitter integrations

HipChat integrations with RSS, Facebook, Twitter

You work hard enough, so be lazy for a hot minute and let the news come straight to you. You can now pipe your favorite RSS feeds, Facebook pages, and Twitter handles and hashtags into any HipChat room. And since rooms are a disposable asset, you can use this integration to keep up with Cat Fancy news, if that’s your thing.

Really simple syndication in HipChat

HipChat integrations with RSS, Twitter, Facebook

Our newest additions to the HipChat integrations family, RSS Feed and Facebook, make sure your team is always in-the-know. Keep tabs on competitors, clients, and press. Or, just create your own room to get all the news and updates you want. (We all need a break from work.)

The integrations are simple to set up. RSS, Facebook, and Twitter can all be installed from your integrations page. If you are the admin of a room, just click the three dots in the upper right corner and click Integrations. From there, you can easily add the integrations you want.

Integrations with Facebook and Twitter allow you to get tweets and Facebook posts right in your HipChat rooms. You’ll know the second anything important happens on social media.

The RSS integration lets you enter any RSS feed and receive updates in your HipChat room. To get you started, we’ve gathered some popular RSS feeds that we thought you’d dig:

RSS integration on HipChat

Twitter integration on hipchat

Accelerate team communication to the speed of agile

2 months ago Jeff Park 0 Comments

When your team is moving at the speed of agile, communication is the force holding it all together. It’s one of the primary laws of physics. You know – gravity, relativity, communication.

Just as everything that goes up will come down, teams that communicate effectively will work faster and better together. Open and frequent communication creates a safe space for teammates to ask questions, share information, and make informed decisions.

So what techniques do successful agile teams use to keep communication flowing like chocolate in Willy Wonka’s factory?

HipChat for agile team communication

Well, it all depends, and here’s why:

Face it: Focus on interactions and individuals

The Agile Manifesto emphasizes individuals and interactions. Agile teams should prioritize face-to-face conversations as they provides a bevy of cues, both verbal and nonverbal, that help teammates get on the same page.

HipChat for agile team communication

As the agile method has gained traction, teams of all sizes are now working within the agile framework. Teams are often spread across the globe, and in-person communication simply isn’t always possible. Once teams become distributed, space and time constraints begin to affect the quality of communication between teammates.

Fortunately, technology can help.

HipChat for agile team communication

Email: Friend or foe?

Today email is the most widely used form of electronic communication. It’s simple to use and straightforward in function. But is it an appropriate tool for agile communication? Usually not.

HipChat for agile team communication

Email is far from perfect. We’re all familiar with those annoying, endless email chains, which make it inflexible for anything other than a group announcement. But, probably its biggest downfall is the inbox. Since emails sit in your inbox, it’s rare to expect an immediate response.

While email is good for bulletins, announcements, and formal correspondences, agile teams require a more immediate form of communication. Working at the speed of agile means shipping often, learning fast, and continuously improving. To do this, agile teams need tools that work at their speed.

HipChat for agile team communication

Group chat: Work at the speed of agile, anywhere

Group chat brings your entire team to your fingertips. Regardless of whether you’re co-located in the same space or spread across the globe, group chat gives your team a channel to access other team members. (See also 4 handy HipChat tips for agile, remote teams.)

Special features like video conferencing allow for face-to-face conversation regardless of location, while guest access makes it easy to bring in specialists for specific work. Integrations with other agile tools like JIRA, Confluence, and Bitbucket help your team keep track of sprints, releases, and retrospectives. Chat bots even come equipped with built-in standup and planning poker features.

HipChat for agile team communication

All these features help your team save time, stay structured, and conduct agile ceremonies, no matter where teammates are.

Don’t be a tool: Use the right tools

Agile visionaries believe that teamwork is essential to delivering great software. Great agile teams embody “we” rather than “I.”. If you lead an agile team, finding the right tools will help bridge the gaps of distance and time to make sure your team, no matter how distributed, stays a cohesive unit.

Let’s chat: Are you a part of an agile team? How do you keep your team connected? Join the discussion by commenting below or tweeting us.

Four HipChat secrets for remote teams using agile

2 months ago Andy Chang 4 Comments

HipChat for agile remote teams

Agile development was created with the idea that teams would work in close proximity with one another in order to operate faster as a team. But, let’s be honest, working remotely today is as ubiquitous as Elvis in Vegas.

Most businesses now have a few – or several – distributed teams. And for good reason. Strong talent can be found in less competitive markets, and teams can work around the clock.

Even so, being a remote agile team comes with challenges like coordinating across time zones, building team rapport, collaborating among different development cultures, and scheduling meetings. Luckily, communication tools like HipChat can bridge the gaps created by distance and time.

Below we’ve gathered four tips that will help your remote team go agile.

1. Structure your team

Develop a single piece of technology in each office to boost autonomy and get work done more efficiently.

HipChat for agile remote teams

HipChat Tip: When your team begins to work remotely, it’s the perfect time to use HipChat. Boost autonomy by providing an open room for your team to communicate and share information.

2. Build team rapport

Give remote teammates the opportunity to create personal connections. Doing so will build trust, minimize missed expectations, ease self-organization, and boost morale.

HipChat for agiler remote teams

HipChat Tip: HipChat lets you communicate via chat, voice, video, or text. Multiple options reduce obstacles preventing communication, giving your team the most opportunities to share business and get to know one another.

3. Create a united development culture

Keep your team in sync by laying down the framework for a united development culture. Helpful tips: over-communicate decisions, minimize the friction in setting up the development culture, clearly define the definition of “done,” and create guidelines for filing bugs.

HipChat for agile remote teams

HipChat Tip: Create a room for your devs to report, discuss, and announce news. Integrate the room with JIRA, so your entire team can stay updated on projects and tasks.

4.  Maximize the golden hour

Take advantage of the hours when the local and remote teams are both in the office by holding standups.

HipChat for agile remote teams

HipChat Tip: Encourage your team to set their timezones in their settings, so they can know everyone’s local time. That way, you can be sensitive when you call a standup and you’re not pinging people while they sleep! 


In a distributed organization, the reality is that every team is remote. All teams need to adapt and learn how to share work between offices, communicate effectively, and grow a consistent culture across geographies.

The most effective teams seek to find and share successful practices across all locations, with help from communication tools like HipChat.

HipChat for agile remote teams


Wunderlist integration: team communication & task management together as one

3 months ago Tanguy Crusson 3 Comments

HipChat Wunderlist integration

When Wunderlist announced their public API, we pounced on the opportunity to create a more cohesive work experience for teams. With our new Wunderlist integration, team communication and project management go hand in hand (they, too, like long walks on the beach).

The best part is that this integration sends information both ways – from HipChat to Wunderlist and vice versa.

Super simple /slash commands using “/wunderlist” let you add, list, and complete Wunderlist tasks from within HipChat. You’ll also get alerts in HipChat when tasks are added, completed, and modified in Wunderlist.

Working together, our APIs have created a wunderful fusion between team communication and task management that helps teams work faster and smarter.

As easy as 1, 2, 3

Setting up this integration takes just a minute.

In any HipChat room that you are an admin of, click the Settings tab, then Integrations. Choose Wunderlist and authenticate with your Wunderlist account. Then, you’ll simply have to select which Wunderlists to connect.

HipChat Wunderlist integration

And voilà! You’ll be able to add, list, and complete tasks right in your HipChat rooms. Type “/wunderlist” for a list of commands. You’ll also get notifications in HipChat when tasks change in Wunderlist. You can change any of these settings when you configure the integration.

HipChat Wunderlist integration

HipChat integrates with over 80 apps and services. Can’t find the one you want? Request it!

HipChat & Confluence: Working together to make cool hoodies

3 months ago Elena Gorman 1 Comment

Last fall, the HipChat and Confluence marketing teams got together. We wanted show how when both teams and tools work side by side, we create amazing things. Like hoodies.

As Product Marketing Managers, it’s our job to build consensus, make informed decisions, and complete projects in a transparent way – from our smartphones or desktops from cities across the globe.

When we got our hands on Confluence 5.7, it came loaded with some phenomenal new capabilities.

These advancements, such as in-line comments and a seamless integration with HipChat, make it simple to move fast as a marketing team.

With this new Confluence + HipChat power, we designed a new HipChat hoodie to show off our skills.

Here’s (roughly) how it went down:

You know you wanna: HipChat + Asana

3 months ago Tanguy Crusson 4 Comments

HipChat Asana Integration

There are a handful of killer project management tools for teams and HipChat aims to integrate with the best of them. HipChat’s integrations with JIRA, Trello, and Confluence are just a few of the heavy hitters we play well with.

Today, we’re sharing a new integration with Asana. The Asana integration is incredible for teams. It sends critical updates in HipChat as projects progress in Asana. Instead of clicking back and forth for task lists and making sure you didn’t miss an important email, the HipChat + Asana integration keeps you informed without leaving HipChat.

Changing work habits for real, tho

The Asana integration is more than skin-deep; it’s a serious game changer for your team. When you connect a task list in Asana to your HipChat team room, every update is logged as part of room history, making all shared content searchable and accessible.

Get’r done

We’ve worked hard to make setting up this integration crazy simple. Just go here and pick the rooms you want to install it in.

HipChat Asana Integration

Pick your HipChat organization and the project in Asana.

Then watch the magic.

integrate now

HipChat Integrates with Telzio, Business VoIP Provider

Telzio integrates with HipChat

VoIP technology connects small business teams with the outside world. By integrating with HipChat, Telzio brings the outside world into HipChat. No need to check your emails from Telzio throughout the day for new voicemails or worry about missing an important text.

The new Telzio integration alerts you in HipChat rooms when you’ve missed a phone call, SMS message, or voicemail. Customer support teams can use this to assign customer responses among the team in minutes. Now, more than ever, your various forms of work communication fit snuggly within HipChat, keeping your team in sync across all your apps.

Integrate Telzio with HipChat

Setting up your Telzio integration is easy and takes just minutes:

Room admins can set up the Telzio integration by going to any HipChat room and clicking Settings (button with three dots in the top right corner), then click Integrations. From here, simply authorize with Telzio, and you’re good to go!

Telzio Integration in HipChat, chat for teams.

Now, when new voicemails, text messages, or missed calls come into Telzio, your team will know immediately in the selected HipChat rooms.  Also, you can elect to set up transcription on your voicemails, so now you can quickly read messages wherever you happen to be, and they are completely searchable in HipChat.


HipChat integrations help your team stay focused on work by receiving all your notifications one place. Check out HipChat integrations here. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Request a new integration!

Even More File Power: Google Drive + HipChat

4 months ago Tanguy Crusson 8 Comments

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 1.35.29 PM

We are always looking to bring more of the tools your team relies on into your HipChat world. A Google Drive integration is our newest addition to the tool belt, making HipChat file storing/sharing capabilities even more awesome.

Now your team can work faster with speedy doc creation that is as easy as typing a slash command. Just type /drive for the list of available commands. You can also type “/drive doc Document Name” to label it on the spot:


Additionally, paste a Drive document url to the room and you can view a richer preview with info about the file.


Whether you’re sharing Google slides with your team for an upcoming presentation, or you’re creating a Google sheet of your department budget, everything can now live in one centralized place on HipChat. Increased file sharing power plus the HipChat you already know and love equals a more collaborative and efficient team!

Ready to try it out? Just go to the Atlassian Marketplace, install the Google Drive integration in any room you have admin access to, sign into your Google account, and start drivin’.

Get it now

Send Loggly alerts into HipChat rooms

5 months ago Elena Gorman 0 Comments

In awesome HipChat news, we’ve got another great integration to share.

Our good friends over at Loggly have built a new integration that’s a lifesaver, especially for DevOps teams. Loggly is cloud-based, log management solution, supporting sources like MySQL, Linux, Rails, Python, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, Docker, S3, and Heroku among others.

Built around Loggly’s alert endpoint framework, their integration leverages HipChat’s webhooks to notify rooms about specific events or trends.

Keeping track of critical info

Loggly + HipChat users can create alerts that monitor:

  • Specific errors that have occurred
  • Spikes in the frequency of a particular type of event, such as 400 or 500 status codes
  • Average or maximum numeric values, such as response times exceeding set thresholds

In addition to posting an alert, the Loggly integration also forwards key context, including samples of the actual log events and a direct link to all the events within the Loggly console.

Context is everything

By providing context and links, the Loggly integration slashes response time because critical information is right there and easy to read. More importantly, teams can mitigate and even prevent technical issues that could affect transaction completion rates, user satisfaction, and revenue.

Install Loggly’s HipChat integration from the Alert tab on your Loggly dashboard. Check out the docs to learn more.