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HipChat for the Holidays: 7 Ways to share and celebrate with your team

| November 30, 2015


Can you feel it? The holiday season is upon us, and things are getting a bit more festive all around us. It’s a season for giving and new beginnings, so we wanted to share with you seven reasons why HipChat is perfect for the holidays and how it can help your team (whether in the office or not) stay cheerful.

1. Turn your work team into family with warm, human, and fun communication.

Teams are built on relationships. The stronger the culture of a team, the more effective it can be. HipChat sits at the very heart of a team – connecting people together. It can form relationships and bridge the gaps of time and distance.

Try organizing Secret Santa through HipChat this year, and see how HipChat helps build your team culture. Or just send your coworkers some holiday cheer with fun gifs.

2. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Teams need to be in constant contact, but they are rarely in the same place or on the same schedule, especially around the holidays. So take advantage of HipChat mobile apps on both iOS and Android this season. And this gift costs nothing – all our apps are completely free.

Or, if it’s time to spend quality time with family and friends, just turn off your notifications and enjoy the peace and quiet. Worry not, all your messages will be neatly waiting for you upon your return.

3. Sharing is caring.

It’s the season of sharing! While we can’t always send everyone a holiday card (or maybe just…eh hem…forgot), you can always share through HipChat. Create an e-card, and send it to coworkers through HipChat.

And while you’re out of the office, maybe send an image of your holiday meal or a video of your kids opening presents. The list of possibilities are endless.

Easily share files and links from another app on your phone, cloud file services, or web applications. Or, if you’re looking for something specific, just use the filterable search to find exactly what you need – perfect for catching up on conversations when you get back from the holidays

4. Empower your team with integrations.

Don’t spend your precious holiday season switching between apps and services. Simply let it all come to you with HipChat integrations.

HipChat integrates with the services your team uses to do their work effectively. By bringing important notifications in front of your team, HipChat empowers your team to be more informed and take action confidently.

HipChat integrations have the added bonus of taking those annoying email notifications out of your inbox. Ho, ho, ho!

5. HipChat Connect makes integrations even more powerful.

HipChat takes integrations a step further by letting you completely embed other apps, like software performance monitoring service New Relic, right into a chat channel.

Maybe set up the Convergely add-on, so you can poll your team on what to get your boss for the holidays right from your HipChat rooms. Learn more at

6. Get your whole team on board!

HipChat Server is built for teams of all sizes, and with Active Directory and LDAP integration, you can easily give the gift of HipChat to everyone on your team.

HipChat Server is especially important for companies that are more comfortable hosting their communications data behind their own firewalls. Your security teams will feel safe and secure. Read more about why we offer HipChat Server.

7. Join the HipChat family.

Last but certainly not least, we’d just like to extend a warm thank you to our awesome HipChat community. Thousands of teams, including those at Expedia, Salesforce, New Relic, and Squarespace, love using HipChat every day to connect with one another, and we’d love you to join us.

Check out this awesome video to see how teams at Gilt are using HipChat to work better together.

So there you have it! We build HipChat to unleash the potential of every team with faster, more transparent, and more human communication. If you want to give your team the gift of open communication, try HipChat today. Happy holidays!


Engage your community with new HipChat Connect add-ons

| November 18, 2015

HipChat Connect add-ons

HipChat Connect add-ons for business teams just got a whole lot cooler.

Traditionally HipChat has been used to communicate with teammates internally, but with the dawn of HipChat Connect, HipChat lets you bring the outside world in. The new class of add-ons let you do some pretty incredible things, including engage with your community in a way that makes sense for your business.


Meekan and Convergely will elevate your chat game

| November 11, 2015

HipChat add-ons Meekan and Convergely

Last week we announced our all-new integrations framework, HipChat Connect. Integrations powered by HipChat Connect are the most sophisticated on the market with abilities far beyond the “normal” integration experience.



Boost work productivity with keyboard shortcuts

| September 29, 2015

HipChat keyboard shortcuts for productivity

If you’ve been using HipChat, you already know how much faster work gets done when using chat. But let’s amp up your work productivity another notch.

If you’re not using all of HipChat’s productivity-enhancing features like keyboard shortcuts, you’re wasting precious time. And that just drives us crazy!


Looking for a Skype alternative? We got you.

| September 17, 2015

HipChat as a Skype alternative

On the HipChat team, we often get approached at conferences by people looking for alternatives to Skype. Attendees want to know, “What is HipChat?” and “Why should I use HipChat instead of Skype?”

So here it is – the full enchilada. We’re breaking down the differences between Skype and HipChat so you can find the communication solution that best fits your team.


Do more good: 6 reasons HipChat is a great tool for non-profits

| September 15, 2015

HipChat for nonprofits

Atlassian believes in supporting teams who are doing great things around the world. Over the past 13 years we’ve donated 30,000 community licenses to non-profit organizations, a total value of $58 million. And we want to give more.


Add the Alias bot to HipChat in under 2 minutes

| September 09, 2015

HipChat Alias Bot

HipChat integrations will change the way you work. They aren’t just for developers, either. Our bots are a special breed of integration that any room administrator can deploy. Alias is a great one for agile teams.


Bring all the news to you with RSS, Facebook & Twitter integrations

| September 01, 2015

HipChat integrations with RSS, Facebook, Twitter

You work hard enough, so be lazy for a hot minute and let the news come straight to you. You can now pipe your favorite RSS feeds, Facebook pages, and Twitter handles and hashtags into any HipChat room. And since rooms are a disposable asset, you can use this integration to keep up with Cat Fancy news, if that’s your thing.


The complete guide to using HipChat as an agile team

| August 25, 2015

HipChat resources for agile teams

Taking root in the Agile Manifesto, the agile methodology emphasizes a fast, iterative process. A divergence from traditional project management, agile teams work in “sprints” (usually between 1-2 weeks) and rely on rapid delivery and continuous testing.


Meet Standup Bot

| August 20, 2015

HipChat standup bot

Standup Bot is the friend of remote, agile teams everywhere.

Out of the office? Working from home? Taking a “sick” day? No worries. Standup Bot records everyone’s standup and reports it on command.