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Emoticons: saying nothing, but also everything

HipChat Emoticons

Let’s just be honest, emoticons are awesome. They’re probably one of the best parts about working with a variety of personalities.

Emoticons say so much without a word, but convey attitude, emotion, or frame of mind with a photo. Around here at HipChat HQ, we’re guilty of having entire conversations with emoticons. If aliens discovered how the HipChat team messaged one another, they’d think we use modern day hieroglyphics.

Our emoticon shrink ray resizes almost any image you find on the web into that 30 x 30 image you love. Because of this, we have so many inside jokes. It’s bananas how fast what’s trending in our social room can become an emoticon in minutes due to people thinking it’s hilarious or poignant.

From Left Shark, to one of our recruiter’s dogs looking like the cutest Ewok ever, we’re addicted to emoticons. It’s not just us, teams everywhere love them some Rage Comic faces, or the Sad Panda. Best part? They’re all predictive – so just type in the first letter and each one of these emoticons will pop up alphabetically.

Want to create your own? Team admins can add up to 100 custom emoticons. (Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.)

Check out some of our favorites below.


Sometimes it’s easier to drop an emoticon in when someone’s being hilarious. It works better than trying to put into words. We rely so much on internet humor around here. HipChat emoticon yey

HipChat Emoticons      ALL THE THINGS (allthethings)

HipChat Custom Emoticons          AWW YISS (awwyiss)

HipChat Custom Emoticons       DISAPPEAR (disappear)

HipChat Custom Emoticons       HUGE FAN  (hugefan)

HipChat Custom Emoticons       YO DAWG (yodawg)


Need to bust some chops? These emoticons are great for calling someone out, letting them know you’re very much paying attention to what they’re doing and saying. Cause sometimes, when someone says something dumb, you need to drop a  HipChat emoticon troll on them.

HipChat Custom Emoticon Troll        TROLL (troll)

HipChat emoticon dumb        DUMB (dumb)

HipChat Emoticon downvote       DOWNVOTE (downvote)

HipChat emoticon lolwhut         LOL WUT (lolwut)

HipChat emoticon orly        ORLY (orly)

HipChat emoticon unacceptable         UNACCEPTABLE (unacceptable)

HipChat emoticon youdontsay       YOU DON’T SAY (youdontsay)

Congrats/good job/nice work/thanks

Is someone crushing it at work? It’s always cool to give them a nod of approval, a wink that people notice their work. If your girl in marketing is dominating or your dude in sales is closing the deals, drop them an (awyeah) , they’ll appreciate it.

HipChat emoticon notbad          NOT BAD (notbad)

HipChat emoticon you got it dude   YOU GOT IT DUDE (yougotitdude)

HipChat emoticon true story        TRUE STORY (truestory)

HipChat emoticon me gusta         ME GUSTA (megusta)

HipChat emoticon indeed       INDEED (indeed)

HipChat emoticon aw yeah       AW YEAH (awyeah)


Need a little something different? Try one of the animated gifs to add some flavor to your conversation.

HipChat emoticon fireworks         FIREWORKS (fireworks)

HipChat emoticon boom       BOOM (boom)

HipChat emoticon mind blown        MIND BLOWN (mindblown)

HipChat emoticon rock on       ROCK ON (rockon)

HipChat emoticon why not both     WHY NOT BOTH (whynotboth)


What happens when stuff gets weird? Or the conversation takes a turn south? An emoticon is a great way to lessen the tension, or let someone know that it might be time to switch lanes of thought. Best part? You never said a word.

HipChat emoticon do not want       DO NOT WANT (donotwant)

HipChat emoticon Sad Panda        SAD PANDA (sadpanda)

HipChat emoticon sad indeed       SAD INDEED (sadindeed)

HipChat emoticon sad cowboy        SAD COWBOY (sadcowboy)

HipChat emoticon sad apple         SAD APPLE (sadapple)

HipChat emoticon oh god why        OH GOD WHY (ohgodwhy)


What about those times when you really have nothing to add to a conversation, but figure why not drop in a kudos or a simple, “sure, that’s cool.” These are perfect.

HipChat emoticon clarence       CLARENCE (clarence)

HipChat emoticon face palm        FACE PALM (facepalm)

HipChat emoticon nice       NICE (nice)

HipChat emoticon no idea         NO IDEA (noidea)

HipChat emoticon salute       SALUTE (salute)

HipChat emoticon scumbag        SCUMBAG (scumbag)

HipChat emoticon wat        WAT (wat)

HipChat emoticon whoa       WHOA (whoa)

Most Used

A few of these were mentioned above, but some of them are too good not to repeat. Here are just a few of the emotions we overuse every single day.

HipChat emoticon lol         LOL (lol)

HipChat emoticon do not want       DO NOT WANT (donotwant)

HipChat emoticon disappear       DISAPPEAR (disappear)

HipChat emoticon true story       TRUE STORY (truestory)

HipChat emoticon waiting       WAITING (waiting)

HipChat emoticon not bad         NOT BAD (notbad)

Learn more about emoticons here.

Coming soon to every team: The emoticon shrink ray – create and upload custom emoticons with a simple click. Trust us, it’s awesome.

Work Faster with Slash Commands

We built HipChat for instant communication. HipChat slash commands are a set of time-saving tricks to get the most out of HipChat without reaching for your mouse.

All HipChat slash commands take the form: /Command + Text

  • Command is the action you want to take
  • Text is the new message you want to appear

Slash Commands for Room Actions

Slash Commands on HipChat

Slash Commands for Status Control

You can enter these commands in any chat window to change your availability.

HipChat Slash Commands

Slash Commands for Message Formatting

Keep your team members on their toes by rendering your messages in style. Or, fix mistakes you made in your last message by replacing words (ah, the relief!).

HipChat Slash Commands

Code Syntax Highlighting (/code):

Code formatting and syntax highlighting on HipChat

Quote Command (/quote):

HipChat Slash Commands

Fix Spelling Mistakes (s/):

HipChat Slash Commands

Emote Command (/me):

HipChat Slash Commands

Note: If you try typing an unknown slash command, it will just send like a normal message. Otherwise, no message gets sent and the slash command is executed.

Android Users: The following do not work on the Android app: /join, /topic, /part, /available, /away, /dnd, /clear, and s/.

Slash commands help make work communication simpler and less stressful. With these tools, you can get to your chats faster, style your text, and fix spelling mistakes. Afterall, it’s your chat, and it should work the way you want it to.

HipChat and GoToMeeting Free Integration

3 months ago Josh Devenny 1 Comment


HipChat + GoToMeeting free, you say?

Do you know who is on your team? Yeah, there’s developer Donna and designer Don. You’ve got Luke and Lucille in marketing, and then Margot and Margeaux (that one gets confusing) but your team isn’t just anchored by people – there’s also the software you depend on.

That’s why HipChat plays nicely with the software you use every day. We know many HipChat users depend on Citrix’s GoToMeeting, so we’re excited to announce a brand new integration with GoToMeeting Free. Now, you can easily start a meeting with Margot and Margeaux with the click of a button.

It’s a communication match made in heaven:


1) Follow this link and set up the GoToMeeting integration in your room
2) Invite your team by typing /gotomeeting or /g2m in your team room
3) Check your teeth for kale, and click the link
4) See those smiling faces!

That’s it. You don’t even need to sign up for GoToMeeting – it just works.

Give it a whirl and let us know what you think.

Join us for a DevOps webinar with our friends at Datadog

Join us on March 10th at 2pm est for a webinar dedicated to ‘Conversation-Driven DevOps’.

At its heart, the goal of DevOps is better communication between the dev and operations teams at an organization. Some of the tools that help achieve this include version control, chat, and monitoring. By moving the conversations around development and operations out of email and into chat, everyone can see exactly what is going on at every step of the way.

In this session you will learn about the tools and strategies available to:

  • Automate system notifications
  • Convert conversations to documentation
  • Sync teams within organizations
  • Collaborate using operational metrics and events

Seating is limited!

Register Here


HipChat for iPhone – Now with more File Power

Get those iPhones ready, HipChat has an update is here and we have some updates to share – This one is all about the files!

File viewing and sharing are two of the most used features on both the desktop and mobile clients. We’ve made some updates you’re going to love.

With HipChat’s new file viewing capabilities, you can now view over 35+ file types (and counting) — all within the app! This gives the HipChat app the ability to handle more file types than the mobile web browser can handle.

Cool. What else? Now, you can also take a .PSD (Photoshop) file, and convert it to a .JPG right in the app (yep, no more file viewing compatibility issues).

Working on the go just got easier.

ios 3.1_file viewing

Shoot and share videos in HipChat

What if you’re out having lunch and you happen to meet Bill Nye, The Science Guy while waiting to get your tacos? Or you want your coworkers to know how much fun you’re having on vacation?

With HipChat’s new video shoot and share, you can capture that once in a lifetime experience and share from HipChat all from within the app. How does it work? It’s simple, just shoot a video from HipChat or choose from your camera roll, and drop it into your conversation. That’s it!

ios 3.1_video sharing


Ready to download this?  Get it HERE!

Oh, and this too

Opening the app from a push notification no longer causes in-app notifications to show the chat you’re currently in.

And if you haven’t checked out the all new web client, you should! We gave that some special treatment, too. You’ll be able to view your files just as easily there as you can with this app.

We want to hear your feedback! 

Blame Someone Else



Today is a special holiday for the office of the world: it’s Blame Someone Else Day. When working with other humans, messages get mixed or missed. All the time.

It’s easy to be the victim of miscommunication. Because of the innocent bystanders of the world office culture, we did something awesome: HipChat offers searchability.

How many times has this happened to you?

Coworker: so, you got my thing?

You: Uh, what?


You: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

And here’s where we come in.

If you have no idea what Mr. Angry Coworker is mad about, go back in your HipChat timeline and find out where and when this conversation happened. Things are so easy to find; it’s all there in blue and white.

Or on the flip side, if you want to work on a particular project and someone forgets or denies the green light, you’re covered. HipChat is like your personal receipt.

For our developer friends working in Bamboo, integrating HipChat is an excellent way to keep tabs on when a build breaks…. and who broke it.

Blame someone else, take the blame or just run out of the office yelling like a crazy person, it is Friday the 13th so anything can happen.

If you’ve got a story where you caught the unwarranted blame, or a time when you had egg on your face, we’d love to hear it.


If for any reason you did want to remove some incriminating info, you can do that too.

Build your own integration with HipChat!

Integrations supercharge HipChat and turn it into your control centre. Failing build? New support ticket? Your app is down? Notifications keep you up to date on what your team is working on and how you can help. Discuss… Agree on next steps… Now take action: slash commands let you do that directly from HipChat – /build this-project, /raise a-bug, /remindme to-do-something.

HipChat supports integrations with more than 60 tools and funky bots. Do you want to know…

What your competitors say about you? Use our new Twitter integration.
When a feature request is raised? Try our Asana or our new JIRA integration
When someone in your team creates a pull request? We integrate with Github, Stash and Bitbucket
When a new blog is posted? Don’t forget our WordPress or our new Confluence integration

Now, there are a few services out there for which we don’t support an integration yet. And that includes your custom built app or scripts. That shouldn’t stop you: you’ve been able to use HipChat’s powerful V2 API for a while, and today we’ve made this even simpler by giving you a way to build your own integrations… directly in HipChat’s Web UI! With a couple of clicks you can:

Send messages to a HipChat room

Did you write a custom script to build, test and deploy code for a project you’re working on? Would you like to notify your colleagues when it completes? You can do this by posting a message to a URL HipChat gives you, from your script!


Configure your own slash command

How about going further and triggering the build directly from HipChat? Just write a REST endpoint, and let HipChat know it should invoke it when you send a particular message in a room.

Putting it all together

Using these two simple elements, you can build powerful integrations between HipChat and your custom applications, and write your own bots. You can add multiple custom integrations to a room, turning HipChat into your command center!


Y U so serious?

When we built this feature we had very serious use cases in mind. But yet again, this also meant we could now extend HipChat with… ANYTHING!

So now it’s your turn, have fun!

Try it now!

Log into, and go to Rooms > Integrations > Find New. From there, click on “Build Your Own”. This feature is currently only available on HipChat Cloud, but it is coming soon to HipChat Server users as well.

The Hidden HipChat: Our Secret Menu

secret menu

Photo by istolethetv

One of the coolest things about visiting a restaurant is learning about the secret menu. Lots of places have them, and many times, they’re hidden in plain sight. Instead of just a burger, you may be able to get yours with a unique cheese or with weird sauce. Maybe you can get your fries drenched in an exotic dressing. Feeling like you’re in an underground food club is cool; it’s exclusive, but open – so long as you know how to order.

For our dedicated blog readers, we decided to bestow upon you our very own “HipChat Secret Menu” and show off some cool things you never knew you could do via HipChat.

We warn you, though: Some of these tricks will blow your mind and may cause you to melt the faces off your coworkers when you bust these out. You’ve been warned.

  1. Auto-hide GIFs

Everyone loves a good gif. A kickass gif can sum up everything you’re feeling, in one ironic place. So much that you can’t even. We all know HipChat is the world champion, master of sharing gifs. But, when everyone goes all bananas and sends, like a million, your computer can slow down to a crawl. That’s annoying.

To fix this, and preserve your sanity, we’ve added the option to auto-hide gifs. Click HipChat’s preferences and check the box to auto-hide .gif files and BAM! No one’s clogging up your channels with cats shooting lasers out of their eyes to celebrate getting pizza for lunch.

  1. Slash commands 

Using your slash button is the ultimate time cutter. It’s like the lazy man’s best friend, but actually helps fortify HipChat domination.

Just type in “/command<argument>” and you’ll be moving at lightning speed.

Let’s go over some examples so you’re not like “What do to they mean /command, blah blah?” – don’t worry; we’ll get you hip to what we’re talking about.

/join <room name> – Need to get in somewhere? Type this bad boy up and you’ll be hanging out where the cool kids are. Since HipChat rooms have loose naming conventions (you can use spaces and non-alphanumeric characters for room names), we suggest using the ctrl-j shortcut instead; but if you can’t give up your IRC navigation, we’ve got your back.

/part – type this in to bail on your current room.

/available | /back | /here <msg> – If you go dark because you were on a call or in a meeting and want everyone to know that you’re back, type in one of these variations. Your green bubble will reappear and everyone will know it’s cool to bug you. (The <msg> part is optional.)

/away <msg> – Need a yellow bubble? Set your status to away. It’s the same as going idle, but doesn’t automatically return to ‘available’ when you’re back.

/dnd <msg> DO NOT DISTURB. It’s like your own hotel door sign, but for HipChat. Red Bubble = not available for discussion about fantasy football.

/topic <msg> – Establish what the theme of the room is, or what topic everyone will be talking about. We suggest: The Secret Life of Honey Badgers

/code <msg> – If you need to flex some geekery, this slash code displays the message with code syntax highlighting (language is auto-detected). This one isn’t available in all apps just yet.

/quote <msg> – If you need to put some emphasis on a word, or phrase, this little cheater is your BFF. Type this slash code in and everything will be formatted with a monospace font, regardless of length or number of new lines.

/me | /em <msg> – The infamous “emote” command. If you want to say something, without actually saying it – this quick slash displays a line of gray text with your name at the beginning, like when you join and leave the room.

For example: if I typed “/me is ‘bout that life.” it would show “Wesley Faulkner is ‘bout that life.” in the chat. I think that pretty much says it all.

s/…/… – Everyone screws words up. But, we’ve got the secret fix to make you look like a spelling or grammar whiz.

Type in this command within a minute of sending and you can edit your message. Wait too long, and it’s there forever – misspelled and awkward – kinda like you in high school.


  1. Web colors – Here’s one for our designer homies: HipChat lets you show hexadecimal colors real-time, right in your chat. Type in #<color hex>, and HipChat will drop your color right there. This just makes so much sense and saves so much time.
  1. SO MANY emoticons – In case you didn’t know, there are over 200 emoticons. That’s a lot of ways to say something is awesome, or something is whack. From All The Things to You Got It Dude, your choices are endless to provide snark or drop a thumbs up when someone is killing it in your little workplace realm. Check out the ever-growing list:

So, these are just some items off The HipChat Secret Menu. We’ve got a few other tricks up our sleeves we’ll divulge soon enough. We can’t let everything out! Post in the comments below and let us know your favorite tricks/tips and we’ll pick a few and showcase them in the next round of The Secret Menu.

Guest Post: Introducing GIF keyboard in HipChat

9 months ago Elena Gorman 2 Comments

Introducing GIF Keyboard in HipChat

You share GIFs all the time on HipChat because why use words when you can use GIFs? GIFs play automatically and inline inside HipChat so it’s easy to express an emotion, reaction, or just how excited you are about a new cat GIF you found.

But sharing GIFs to HipChat on mobile can be painful. You have to exit HipChat, Open Safari, go to google, perform a search for a GIF, copy the link, open HipChat, then paste the link – 10 taps later your GIF is in HipChat. Who wants to do that?

Introducing the GIF Keyboard. Share GIFs to HipChat with just one tap. It’s as easy as sharing emojis.

Share GIFs in HipChat!

Just navigate to the GIF Keyboard, then hold down on a GIF and select HipChat. The link to the gif gets pasted automatically inside HipChat, and when you hit submit, it turns into an autoplay GIF.

GIF Keyboard lets you collect your favorite GIFs from across the web, as well as collect what your colleagues are sharing on HipChat, so your team’s favorite replies are always one tap away.

The GIF Keyboard is available as a free download in the app-store. How long can you have a conversation in GIFs without typing any words?

Introducing GIF Keyboard

About Riffsy

Riffsy is the maker of the GIF Keyboard. Founded by Frank Nawabi, David McIntosh and Erick Hachenburg, Riffsy believes that motion is a huge opportunity for self expression, sharing and community on the iPhone and iPad, and that mobile will create entirely new opportunities in the video marketplace.

HipChat’s integrations are better than ever

9 months ago Elena Gorman 5 Comments

We’ve made finding and installing HipChat integrations easier than ever.

Now, every user who has created a room can explore and install per-room integrations from the web dashboard or within the Mac app.

This means anyone who has created a HipChat room can supercharge team communication – plugging in external notifications and playful additions to make your team more productive.

Easily find new integrations

Find all the integrations you want from within our Mac HipChat app or via the web dashboard.

Find integrations in-app or via the web dashboard

Find integrations from within our Mac app

Find new integrations from within our Mac 3.0 app

From any room you created, click on the ellipsis button in the top right corner.

From the drop-down, select Integrations and HipChat will open up the page in your web dashboard to find new integrations for that room.

If you don’t have the latest Mac app, you can still manage them from the web dashboard.

Or, via the web dashboard, sign into and navigate to Rooms/My Rooms/Integrations.

New web dashboard in HipChat for integrations

Manage per-room integrations from the web dashboard

Integrations for everyone on the team

The real benefit of our new integrations is that anyone on the team can find and install as many as they need to make their team more productive. HipChat doesn’t limit the number of integrations on our Basic accounts. 

I really like the Alias integration. Alias is a simple and easy way to incorporate group mentions into any room you manage.

In Atlassian, The HipChat marketing team falls under the larger Collaboration business group. We have a chat room for all marketing activity, but sometimes I want a shorthand way to @-mention marketers just on the HipChat team.

With a single-click, I installed the Alias integration to our room, set the group for @hc with our 3 marketers and now I have a simple way to get everyone’s attention. I didn’t need permission from my group administrator or special API keys to make it so.

Alias integration in HipChat

This integration isn’t new. It’s just much easier to find and install with a single click. Oh, and it’s totally free.

Of course, we’ve got all our Atlassian integrations as well.

Get to know our 1-click integration partners

The days of retrieving API keys and copy/pasting obscure urls are on the way out. Now, many of our integrations can be installed with a single-click.

Special thanks to those partners for offering the first 1-click integrations.

Hipmob HipMob offers hosted live chat for mobile applications. When integrated with HipChat, our users can monitor and respond to online help requests. Read more about the integration on our blog.
screenhero Screenhero provides screen sharing and voice connectivity from within HipChat. With simple slash commands, HipChat users can instantly collaborate. Learn more about the integration here. HipChat uses to manage our own status page, and we receive notifications in our devops rooms anytime performance of our web services changes.
reamaze Reamaze is a lightweight help desk tool. Integrating it with HipChat can bring every interaction with your customers, via email, Facebook or Twitter, into a central HipChat room. Learn more about this integration on their blog. We’ve blogged about Raygun’s integration in the past. This updated version works with our new API v2 making it easier than ever to install and monitor app performance via HipChat.

Manage integrations in your rooms

Write your own integration

Have a great idea for a HipChat integration? Cool. Check out the HipChat API docs here to get started.

Want to get your integration listed?

We’re happy to list any integration that incorporates our API v2. If you’ve got one ready for the big leagues, reach out to